21 FEB 02. 
The report on Victor Posner reveals him to be a real jewish hero, for he dutifully fleeced lots of Goy sheeple. Your description of capitalism as "arrested anarchy" is apt. If I use a bomber to destroy a building, I am an enemy of the state in which the building is located, but if I insure the building first, then destroy it by arson, and collect the insurance money, I am a capitalist, for I am not deemed a criminal, unless I get caught. Were I merely an 'enemy of the state', I would not be able to profit from my act of destruction. Blowing up my building from the air would be considered "an act of war". Same damage; different definitions; different results. The ZOG says the destruction of the Trade Towers was "an act of war". El presidente says "we are at war", but Congress has not declared war, so all "acts of war" clauses in insurance policies don't apply. This allows the jew owners of the Trade Towers (the Reichmanns, I believe) to collect their insurance along with all other policy holders affected by the 9-11 incidents. When is a war not a war? ZOG only knows! "Ours not to reason why..." Baah! Baah! say the White sheeple.

Under judeo-capitalism (which is redundant, according to economist Werner Sombart), we've long been at war. Sun Tzu and Clausewitz would define war as invasion and occupation by aliens with the consequent dispossession of the host population, including the destruction of jobs, factories and productive infrastructure. Another factor of war is the saturation of the host population with genocidal psywar propaganda. The fact that it is 'our' government which inflicts this war upon us does not make it any less a war. On the contrary! Our Zionist enemies wage war upon us more effectively, because most of us do not see their hostile, destructive, anti-American imperialism as war. As long as we continue to identify ourselves and our interests with our Zionist enemies and their interests, we shall continue to suffer as Judeo-American sheeple, with no hope of salvation.

In some respects, my own observations are continuations of the observations of the pro- Southern diarist, Glenn, who cannot be blamed for any lack of 2G-20 foresight. Most of us tend to view the unseen future as extensions of the present, which are extensions of the past. In our attempts to gaze into the future, we can overlook or misjudge the importance of current trends and events which may loom large in the future.

In regard to race-mixing, there is no good in 'limiting' this anti-social, genocidal vice to lower class Whites. Earnest Sevier Cox correctly observed in "White America" that a White civilization cannot survive without a White workingclass, and this can only be achieved by providing the White workers with sufficient income to maintain themselves and their families. The reliance we have on infinite supplies of non-White 'cheap labor' at home and overseas is already destroying White civilization. Most immediately, we feel the impact of 'cheap labor' in our growing tax burden, and our worsening job market. The capitalist, for now, profits
from the 'cheap labor', while the tax-payers must pay for the peons' and coolies' dependents, as they lose their jobs to them.

In regard to the British (sic) "royal family", I have read biographical material alleging a jewish taint in Prince Albert and the consequent spawn of Queen Victoria. The most recent adulteration with jew-genes came via "the Queen Mother" , whose maiden name was Bowes-Lyons, of the famous Lyons Company, a jewish family and firm. Since jewishness is derived from the female ancestors, in jewish law, both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles are jews. The Canadian Jewish News reported Charles' circumcision by a mohel, rather than by a regular doctor. The article also reported that Charles carries a sheenie-beany with him, in case he just happens to drop by a synagogue to visit his jewish subjects. Does he also carry a turban, if he wants to visit his Sikh subjects? Not likely.

In regard to my 7-day work week, taxes aren't much of a problem, since all my hours are minimum-wage. High wages or low, few wage-slaves have much free time in the Judeo-American rat-race. Those who do have free time are unemployed and are 'free' to starve and live in the street. As you observe, it is becoming more and more difficult for White men to exist in Judeo-America.

In regard to the proles and social classes, one can find leaders in any society, from top to bottom, and they are quite scarce. Potential leaders do things without prompting. They can observe the status quo, and offer valid questions and improvements. When others heed such men or women, they become leaders in fact. Hitler knew that leaders or "personalities", as he called them, were few and precious. He expressed a certain admiration even for "Stalin", but not for FDR or Churchill, as I gathered, for the latter two enjoyed social status before they came to power, and they served as frontmen for their jewish masters, whereas Djugashvili, alias Stalin had achieved power in his own right and kept it.

Hitler protected many of those "personalities", such as Adenauer, who disagreed with him, as long as they did not actively work against him, like Schleicher, Röhm and the Strasser brothers. National Socialism sought out and cultivated leaders from all social classes, a much wiser policy than the 'class warfare' concept of socialists and communists. As you say, we get the leaders we deserve.

I knew Col. Curtis B. Dahl, FDR's son-in-law, who concurred with Dr. Austin App that FDR hated Hitler, partly for his success in pulling the wreck of Germany out of the Big Jew Depression, while richly-endowed America wallowed in the bankster-created slump. Dr. Oliver opined that FDR wanted to become an American "Lenin", and he needed the continuing Depression to sovietize the U.S.A., but Hitler spoiled his timing!

Schellenberg, Heydrich's successor, wrote in his diary that the British demanded two things of Germany, in order to stop the war: (1) Get rid of Hitler and (2) Return to the gold standard (so the Depression could resume, and the world communization process along with it).

DOWZ! Eric Thomson