23 February 2002
Yakima is quiet, for a change: no sirens, boomboxes, screeching tires, gunshots, &c. The temperature has risen, so I suspect the mestizos are busily miscegenating more of themselves, otherwise it would be too quiet. I note that I omitted replying to your query about the local zoglings whom I know. They dare to be seen speaking with me in public places only because they are nearing retirement. Their motto is, "after me, the deluge." Well, it may be that they will be inundated before they can retire to spend their zog-pensions. It happened to such types in Rhodesia, and the pro-sellout snivel-servants, who thought they'd receive pensions from London were quickly disillusioned, and they were the wrong color to receive Zimbabwean pensions. I can spit in their memory, but I find no tears for them. In my sojourns in Africa and Latin America, I have learned the basics about the politics of banana republics and the disasters accrued from self-delusionment. That's why I can recognize the same things here in Judeo-America. Oh yes, Latin America and Africa had their jews, so I never felt as if I'd left my California birthplace. Yes, I experienced jews galore in Southern California.

Coverage of 'national' issues is quite spotty from coast to coast, although the jewsmedia all subscribe to the same wire services. It's what they don't publish which is even more interesting than what they do choose to publish. When the nigger cremation scandal broke out, only one jewspaper published the revealing photo of the defaulting proprietor. Had he been an Ostensible White, his picture would have appeared with the first story, in all jewspapers. This editorial policy is so consistent that a knowledgeable reader can accurately assume: no photo = non-White suspect.

The article on the need for US-ZOG troops for Iraq was conspicuously absent from all the jewspapers I read routinely. I don't believe that the ZOG will risk a draft. Hebrewood can pretend all it wants with its fictional World War II heroes, but the rubes who fought against their interests in 1941 are long gone, and there are too many angry rubes left over from Vietnam. ZOG-prop depicts "Americans" as "everybody", complete with turbans. I try to put myself in the sneakers of a youth of military age. Do such ZOG-prop targets think that they should fight for "everyone" who happens to stand, sit or lie upon U.S. territory? Will he wish to risk his own life for the safety of Moslem Americana, or White Americana? Will he sign up for a 'free' U.S. Army T-shirt? The Judeo-American Empire must learn the lesson of eons, that it takes grunts to achieve ground-control, and those soldiers must be willing to take casualties in the process. Pentagonian zoglings need to learn the difference between demolition and domination. Afghanistan is absolutely the worst place that I know of for the insertion of any occupation forces, with Colombia potentially as bad or worse, if we send in hispano-mestizos. Meanwhile, U.S. territory continues to fill with Moslems, many of whom come from the places US-ZOG is victimizing. Such a demographic policy is neither sane nor healthy, as will become evident in due course.

My impression from the jewsmedia is summed up thusly: Zionist Israel-firsters intend to use Judeo-America for their purposes, until the U.S.A. is destroyed by ZOG policies. On a lighter note, I read that some weird economists declare "the recession is over and inflation is 'under control'." Perhaps on Mars! The ZOG-puppet-in-place, Karzai, declared that his government is "extremely united". Is this because they are likely to shoot each other on sight, and/or call down U.S. air-strikes upon one another? Is tribal warfare a form of unity? Stay tuned. A jewspaper report attributed to CIA sources reveals that Afghanistan is ready to disintegrate into such warring factions, which is really the Afghans' national sport, as Winston Churchill inferred in his autobiography: when there are no foreigners to fight, they fight amongst themselves. Sometimes, I wonder if I've gone back in time, when the Balkan Crisis and the Afghan War were current and gentlemen would discuss 'our policy, east of Suez', in their drawing rooms, accompanied by brandy and cigars. I await The Mad Mahdi and the charge of the Fuzzy-wuzzies. I'm reassured by the noise of a jet plane flying overhead, to prevent me from feeling as if I've fallen into some infernal time-warp.

I think I recognized a building in Bulawayo, a corner of which appeared in the photo accompanying the article on Zimbabwe and Mugabe. The Zulus and their renegade fellow tribesmen, the Matabele, traditionally called their capitals "Bulawayo", "The Place of the Killing." The young bucks could not acquire wives until they had "washed their spears" in battle. That is plenty of incentive and their premature attacks gave the Whites sufficient warning to defend themselves during The Matabele Rebellion. Traditionally, the Matabele invaded Mashona territory to wash spears and grab women and cattle, but now, the Mashona invade their territory. Another of my predictions come true: tribal warfare would resume at the end of White Rule.

The Smithsonian article on the mechanics of the spy business impressed me as little as it did you. Obviously, the most effective spies are traitors who violate their trust. Another aspect of the 'spook' business is that one really never knows for whom he is working nor does the employer really know for whom the spy is working. Khruschev joked, with good reason, that the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. could save big bucks if they were to use the same set of spies. Often, they were! I tried to learn what I needed to know about the world without being a spy. I believed, erroneously, as it turned out, that if I were to examine aspects of The Big Picture, and avoid the minor details, which are the stuff of espionage (how many tanks of what types, in what sector, &c.) that I could inform myself about reality, in order to make personal career decisions on a solid basis of fact. Funny how I began to encounter jews on both sides of The Iron Curtain (for Goyim, as it turned out). They must have known that I could "see",
for I was absolutely barred from entering all Soviet Bloc countries, even as a tourist, with hard currency!

It seems very much that the employment situation is the same, no matter where one is in The Land of ZOG. One either earns big bucks with the few, or small bucks with the many, with muds taking the jobs 0! the hindmost. The middleclass is fast disappearing, so one is either a capitalist or a coolie, unless one becomes a homeless member of the lumpenproletariat, alias a bum. The flood of mud which is inundating North America will make Henry Miller's dream come true: he wrote how he wished that America would become just like Calcutta! Thanks for the report on the southern Indian reservations being access routes for alien invaders. That is logical, for the northern reservations also serve that purpose. If the ZOG is serious about controlling access into the country, then it will have to sort out the "Indian" mess.

You are naturally oppressed by mud-rule. So am I. Yakima is really an appendage of the reservation, which can literally shut our water off, using the zogbucks out of our taxes. It's like buying a mugger a club so he can hit you more effectively. Leaving the big cities is one thing, but earning a living anywhere else is quite another matter. When I arrived here, in "the Bulawayo of Central Washington", the job situation was already bad, and it has become rapidly worse. "Downtown", such as it was, is looking more like a real ghost town, and the surrounding barrios resemble those of Mexico. I reflected that it was odd how a society that worships the automobile has let its streets deteriorate so badly!

The depletion of the fisheries sounds like something right out of "Soylent Green", which was a fun movie. I especially enjoyed the hero's visits to the busy biscuit factory and the nifty euthanasia center. Now, that's something one can look forward to!

I agree that the ZOG wants "total power", but I also think that is quite insane, and it will be the ZOG's destruction. If that's what they want, then they really are nuts. Imagine attempting to run a high-tech tyranny with a corrupt and degenerate population! The ZOG will collapse from its own crazy, corrupt character, and these proliferating military adventures will accelerate the ZOG's destruction, as well as that of North America's living standards.

In its rabid anti-White policy, the ZOG has let in the muds. They don't need to be smart, or imaginative to destroy Judeo-America. All they need do is enter and breed here. "To govern is to populate", as one Mexican president declared. Obviously, he was not referring to Mexico!

ORION!    Eric Thomson