03 March 2002
Poor Argentina! They followed pretty much the economic folly being put into practice by Uszogland: export manufacturing jobs and import manufactured goods. As we see, that policy produces unemployment and a retail merchant economy with I.O.U.s as 'money' and soaring debts. The main difference between the Argentine economy and that of the U.S.A. is (1) the U.S. economy is much bigger and (2) the U.S. military can blackmail and extort its imperial satraps by forcing them to supply their goods, in exchange for Federal Reserve I.O.U.s. Of course, the export of jobs and the importation of jobless will inflate U.S. currency even further, as Yggdrasil describes in the supermarket. Poor U.S.A.! As you say, there can be no wealth without community based on work and trust.

Argentineans have told me that they believe only suckers and stupid gringos work. The Argentineans admire the "vivo" ("live one") who lives off scams and who does no productive work. That is a major reason for Argentina's chronic economic illness, for no productive work equals no value for the money. No political solution is possible when productive output approaches zero, for dividing zero is zero; multiplying zero is zero, along with adding or subtracting it. Similarly, a large part of U.S. economic woes is due to what H.L. Mencken observed: "Every American lives for the day he can steal something!" The desire of 'something for nothing' fuels our usury-based economy and its stock market speculation and swindles. To add to the socio-economic decay, we also have the "buy cheap, sell dear" syndrome, which is the cause for the exportation of jobs and the importation of "cheap" labor. By defying Saye's Law, that workers must be paid sufficient to buy their products, the U.S.A. has turned itself into a third world country, divided into the very rich minority and a rapidly-growing poor majority, which is being momentarily sustained by tax-payers' money and inflated currency. As the tax base diminishes from low wages and growing unemployment, the currency will inflate much more rapidly, which means that only those who form communities will survive the coming crises.

I cannot shed a tear for the jewsmedia's lack of "star" newscasters. Letterman and Rather are both sheenies, to my knowledge. Egad! Are we running out of jews? I think we should have only majority members in our media: Chinese! Then there'd be no danger we'd run out of cue card readers. I remember Rather starring in a "view of things to come", around the time of NAFTA, if I recall correctly. The program was entitled "One River, Two Countries", as if there was something 'wrong' with that. Using the Rio Grande as a border was not the issue. The existence of a border between Mexico and the U.S.A. was the 'bad' thing, in the programmers' view. The scenes of poverty south of the border, and the creeping poverty just north of the border were depicted as evidence of 'injustice' which would be 'corrected', just by erasing the border! That was the 'solution' touted by the program. After Rather had prattled such nonsense in English, he finished his propaganda spiel with one word in Spanish: "Coraje!" which I took to mean "courage", directed at his hispano-mestizo audience. Yes, mestizos, just hang in there, and the U.S.A. will be yours to do with as you did to Mexico! Such a deal!

I certainly agree that niggers are the symptom and jews are the disease. That's what I saw 1n Rhodesia. That's what I see here. I cannot afford to ignore the unpleasant reality of  Judeo-America, for I must try to dodge them to the best of my ability, as a matter of survival. I think this is the normal rule of life, and that our lack of hunting and being hunted is abnormal. Look at the sparrows, mice, snakes et al. who are constantly on the lookout for something to eat, while being simultaneously on the lookout to avoid being eaten. This is what humanoid society is becoming. Back to Nature, eh?

If I were a kike, I would no longer view Southern California as 'the promised land', I would expect to see a sheenie exodus from SoCal, as the spics move in. As you say, Aztlan Nazis don't put up with hebes. A few years ago, a jew high school principal in L.A. was punched up by a couple of spic thugs who told him to leave, because he didn't belong there, in Southern L.A. He should make way for a spic principal. The jewsmedia broadcast the event, but no particular action was taken to mount a hue and cry over this "hate-crime".

As you suspect, Yakima County is heavily dependent upon the ZOG's largesse. County commissioners and city government must obey orders. Their job is pretty much relaying the orders of ZOG H.Q. to the voters, tax-payers and welfare denizens of their respective jurisdictions. By voting, one obtains a change of delivery style, but no change in content dictated from state
and federal levels. The problem for most counties and towns is how they will cope with reduced funding.!

I agree with the Blacks and other non-Whites: we are irrelevant amongst them, for we should be living in our own White communities. Tesla in an African kraal would certainly be irrelevant, as well as Beethoven. So far, the abundance of primitive fauna around us does not appear to cause sufficient alarm amongst the silly, vapid Ostensible Whites. Some even choose to ape the apes. They won't be able to survive as Whites or as niggers, if the lights went out and stay out, as one day they surely will.

I believe Mark Twain noted that in one essay in which he reported the anticipated avalanche of literary creativity which the invention of the typewriter would unleash. We are still waiting.. Computers sure speed things up, but they do not make up for the writer's lack of ability. I use a dictionary, for I have no "spell-checker" attachment on my 1939 model typewriter. I often see the comical or confusing; results of a spell-checker, whenever the wrong, but correctly spelt word pops out of the text. I still remember the stirring; phrase "...and if mankind does not change its ways, we shall go down to degradation and DISTINCTION!" I guess that means we'll be so degraded that we will be listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as 'most distinguished degenerates'.

In regard to the institution of marriage, many people, women in particular, are apt to marry the institution, without being very choosy about the husband who will fill the vacancy. In marriage, the person comes first, otherwise one runs the very real danger of living someone else's life, rather than one's own. Then such people wonder why they are unhappy. Live at your own pace. That is reward in itself. I figured that I would find my life's work in some sort of career which would pay me enough to marry and have children. No such luck, but I did find my life's work, specifically, my avocation, rather than my remunerative occupation. I had no wish to invest more of myself on behalf of more zogbucks, for my observations coincided with Thoreau, who noted that people worked themselves sick to save money for hospital.

Like you, I shun yuppie establishments. There is one in Yakima, a bar-restaurant located in one of the disused railroad stations. The conversation opportunities are deadly. The patrons remind me of the Playboy-reading pseudo-sophisticates one would encounter in bachelor bars back in the early sixties. Some of them had even purchased the blazers advertised in Playboy, to show that they were 'individualists' .Their conversations revolved around consumerism, female fantasies and spectator sports. They weren't even honest drunks. The Yakima yuppie bar also makes me uncomfortable, for my years at Rhodesia Railways Bulawayo H.Q., above the railroad station, make me think I should be making up schedules, whenever the trains rumble by! It's as if a fireman were to frequent a pub in an old firehouse, with a telegraph going on and off every so often. Amy Lou's has a better atmosphere: honest, down & out drunks and tattered whores, with an ancient hippy bartender.

our observations reveal the extent of Marxist doctrine in practice: "From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need." With this doctrine, the underclass can only grow and overwhelm society. Wasn't the Pill supposed to solve that problem? Not when welfare is based OB the number of mouths to feed. The natural birthrate of the underclass, plus the flood of underclass immigrants will insure the speedy culmination of the demographic economic crisis. The export of jobs also contributes to the growth of the underclass. The first sign of this collapse into chaos will be increased inflation, in my opinion.

DOWZ!      Eric Thomson