06 March 2002
The Reds are conspicuous by their absence, although the imperial issues are certainly extant. Some media wags joked, "Where have all the singers gone?" in regard to the absence of protests like the Vietnam War era's. Peter, Paul & Mary plus Pete Seeger were still around, but they had lost their jew-commie voices, inexplicably. Funny how the hebes don't object to 'fascism' if it serves Israel!

Ah, yes, the beatnik era! I arrived in San Francisco's North Beach district in 1958, a year too late to experience the 'real' beatniks. Frisco hired some characters to appear in the district in weird garb, to be photographed by busloads of tourists. There were tourists asking other tourists if they were beatniks. My reason for being there was that I was enrolling as an undergraduate at Berkeley, from which I graduated in 1960, having spent my freshman & sophomore years at Occidental, down in L.A. Later, when I was out of school and working in S.F., I frequented The City Lights Bookstore for book-browsing and chitchat. I think I got my quota of b.s. in my quest for knowledge, for I knew I was ignorant, but did not know the extent of my ignorance. After reading "The Dharma Bums", I realized that I'd ridden freight trains like Jack Kerouac. I never thought of writing about it. To me, they were cheap and interesting transportation when I went home for spring breaks. The train slowed for a long upgrade in Newhall, so I could swing off easily and walk the few blocks to my parents' house, which was more convenient than taking the Greyhound bus.

What distinguished me from Burroughs, Cassady, Kerouac et al. was the fact that they were anti-social bohemians. I was a bohemian, but I was not anti-social. I guess I was a socially responsible bohemian, although I won't go so far as to compare myself with Hitler, who was also a bohemian. Had he not been socially responsible, he could have remained a bohemian, and done 'his own thing', while his people went to hebrew hades. The beatnik, hipster et al. is usually a groupie who conforms to the kosher prejudices of his jew 'dementors'. One must prate certain beliefs in order to be a member of the 'club'. Real nonconformists have no need to be 'accepted' by others. Most people I knew who knew real beatniks spoke of the beatnik-wannabes who invaded North Beach and aped the beatnik lifestyle, while the real beats, the creative, self-motivated bohemians, fled to the Potrero district and kept low profiles. I saw the same process with the hippies: first, real hippies, then the flood of hippie-style groupies, who were as conformist in their way as the button-down collar types.

Jews jumped on the beatnik bandwagon to 'explain' this 'new wave' to us dumb Goyim, jews like Ginsberg and Rexroth come to mind. They claimed that "beat" was short for "beatified", &c. Paul Goodman, the New York jew whom I mentioned in regard to "Communitas", wrote a critique of Kerouac as the proponent of this new wave, which was quite perceptive. Goodman had read "On the Road", and he noted that the characters would travel back and forth across the country only to meet each other all over again. When the group met in New York, they'd spend their time reminiscing about their previous meeting in Frisco or Oakland. Then, they'd travel back to the Bay Area of California, where they'd meet and reminisce about their previous meeting in New York. Goodman wondered if they were capable of addressing the present, and he questioned the touted validity of the beatnik experience for young people. Of course, Goodman was Red, & very community-oriented. The glorification of rootless, goal-less individualism made him uneasy much as it did me, for I saw their drifting aimlessly as a sign of decay and social disintegration, a poor foundation for building stable personal relationships, a community and a society. I still hold that opinion of the beats, while my opinion of the hippies is that they were the effluence of the affluent society, rather than a viable alternative to 'uptight, materialist bourgeois society', without which, hippies could not exist, for someone had to earn the money they needed for their beads and drugs! As you know, the kikes promote all forms of consumerism and kosher conformity, the same old sheeny shit with new wrapping and new promotional gimmicks, to gull a new generation of Goyim. Been there, seen that.

Of course, cell phones are tacky. The real status symbol, the true sign of a member of the upper-class, is FREEDOM from incessant interruptions of one's conversation, one's meal, one's work and one's leisure. That's why important people have secretaries! People with cell phones glued to their ears are desperation personified. I agree with you that cell phones are impolite in the company of real, face-to-face people, and they are disturbing to others who do not want to participate in the sudden interruptions. I would shut my phone off when appropriate, and switch it on when it was convenient for me to receive calls. I am so well-organized that I do not need a cell phone! I dislike the cell phone slobs who sit at the lunch counter where I eat, for I resent their incessant beeping, ringing, &c. and their loud conversations. Indeed, they are useful, and they are an important lifesaving device when one is stuck out in the boonies, and is in need of help. If I were traveling well off the beaten path, I would take a cell phone with me as a precaution. Otherwise, no thanks!

"The Church (sic) of Scientology" is a mind-control extortion racket which rakes in the gullible. It's a power & profit cult which exploits its members by getting them to reveal lots of personal information, which may be used to blackmail them into compliance. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, was a certified nut case. All these cults dominate the minds of the members and exploit their money and labor. Sokko gakai, the Moonies, Om Shin Rikkio et al. use the same sort of mind manipulation techniques. LaRouchies are secular, but they practice similar high-pressure tactics on their members. The ZOG fears infiltration by such groups, and I don't blame them. I stay clear of such cults. If they think they've got a potential sucker, they will not leave him alone. .

You are right on target when you describe government as the only real growth industry. One minor zogling told me that years ago: "We'll be the last to lose our jobs and incomes!" Juan Peron tried to stimulate Argentina by creating employment in government. Bloating the bureaucracy inflated the currency and damaged the Argentine economy, proving that merchants and administrators do not make up a viable economy. Only producers can make real wealth, without which, the symbolic wealth of money is worthless. Like the Jew-Ess-Eh, Argentina exported its productive jobs in exchange for 'cheap' imports, and now Argentina's economy is wrecked and sinking.

In regard to 'failure', which is in the eye of the beholder, I take Kipling's advice to view 'success' and 'failure' as impostors, and treat them just the same. I used to worry that I had no career to list on my resume, but now I find just surviving from day to day sufficiently absorbing to banish my concern over the non-descriptive nature of my career. The best course is to maintain a state of watchful relaxation or "alert passivity", ever ready to take advantage of opportunities. There is no trouble in recognizing real opportunity, when one knows who he is. Those with muddled identities usually endure muddled lives. Wisdom is inherent in knowing what part of our lives can be accelerated, and what part should not be forced.

No revolution before its time! All the best and DOWZ!      Eric Thomson.