07 March 2002
As you observe, warfare begins in the mind. Clausewitz & Sun Tzu teach us that we live in a state of war, although the jewsmedia don't call it that. War is merely competition for territory, natural resources, breeding-space and/or conquest of populations capable of being en-slaved. This latter objective is unwise, for imperialism inevitably consumes its creators. In this regard, our Judeo-American rulers are making all the mistakes of Rome, at triple-time. Where will they skedaddle, with their ill-gotten gain? Do they steal from us in order to start up a new base of operations? Are they so stupid and so insane that they intend to abscond with symbols of wealth, such as gold, diamonds, stocks & bonds, currency? This would be as dumb as stealing the Confederacy's paper money around the time of Appomatox. I suspect their real motive is destruction of the host populations, wherever these vampires go.

In regard to psywarfare, I behave much as you do when a Black buck approaches. Yes, we do have niggers here, and they are also fleeing the hispano-mestizo invaders. I don't view this fauna with hostility, but I'm not afraid of them, either. They sense that, and my appearance reflects my economic status, so I have nothing they want. My worn, unfashionable gar is always clean, and I like to shave, but my work schedule permits me only rare visits to the barber, so I'm either a skinhead or pretty shagg. I no longer have a suit. After trying it on, I discovered that the jacket was much too tight in the shoulders and the trousers were too tight in the thigh area. Either the suit had shrunk, which is doubtful, since it was 50% polyester, or I had grown because of my physical labor. That's one plus factor in my coolie jobs which pay so little: I don't need to pay gym fees! Such a deal!

I have practiced 'guerrilla economics' for decades, out of practical necessity. In order to do this, one must have a support community. When I came to Yakima, on the prospect of a railroad job, I had no community. It took me almost 10 years to find one and/or create one, by befriending a few real White people. Without my little community, I'd be broke, homeless and unemployed. That's why I stay here.

I never met Nesta Webster, for my brief time in the U.K. was a great job-hunting expedition, which got me from London to Salisbury (now Harare). I arrived in Rhodesia with insufficient funds to buy a round trip ticket. Fortunately, I was employed as a clerk in the Deeds Registry by Mr. Jameson, the Chief Registrar of Deeds for The Ministry of Mines & Lands. He happened to be the grandson of the Jameson who led Cecil Rhodes' infamous Jameson Raid on the Transvaal. An Afrikaaner told me that "Dr. Jim" of the ill-fated raid was a real alcoholic who required a quart of whisky, rum or brandy every day to keep him from falling apart, while a prisoner of the Boers. I soon found out why "Dr. Jim's" grandson wanted to hire me: there was a large land transfer involving Anglo-American's purchase of Eastern Forest Highlands and Mazoe Citrus Estates. The stamp duty involved in the transfer, based on the purchase price, was $54,000, which would have been $108,000 in U.S. currency. Jameson was jittery about the purchase price, especially in regard to the valuation of the woodlands. Not wishing to 'blot his copybook', he put me in charge of the transfer evaluation, using the pretext that I had worked for the U.S. Forest Service, and that I therefore knew something about timber valuation! I listened to several Anglo-American execs, did the normal research on previous purchase prices, considered that the Rhodesian Government would benefit from receiving the stamp duty a.s.a.p., and concluded that the valuation was fair. The transfer was concluded without any 'rockets' from the Minister, and we sailed through the deal without incident.

I subsequently transferred into The Companies Registry and was posted to Bulawayo, where I acted as Assistant Registrar of Companies, before joining Rhodesia Railways for a pay increase. I can modestly say that I knew who owned Rhodesia, and who directed its major corporations. Because of sanctions and our state of emergency, certain of my company files were off limits to the public, but I had access to them for the purpose of keeping them up to date in regard to relevant statutory information, such as changes of directors, &c. As I recall, in addition to Anglo-American, there were Lonrho, with royal family connections, and Continental Goldfields, another Oppenheimer-Rothschild corporation. There were other companies which were involved in sanctions-busting, which were also very hush-hush.

In regard to mines in Rhodesia, formerly Southern Rhodesia, there were huge coal deposits in Wankie, to the north of Bulawayo, just before one reaches Victoria Falls. There was an iron mine near the steelmill at Redbluff, and there were chromium mines in the Fort Victoria area, if I recall correctly, although I did not visit them. Too many people thought I worked for the CIA, as it was, for they could not understand why someone like me would leave the U.S.A. for a place like Rhodesia, with its relatively laid-back civil war. They believed my reason to be a silly 'cover story', so I was careful not to ask questions or to visit places which were 'sensitive'. Zambia, the former Northern Rhodesia, exported Harry Oppenheimer's copper across the Victoria Falls Bridge. Although Zambia supposedly supported U.N. sanctions against Rhodesia, long trains went back and forth over the bridge which crossed the Zambesi River, the official border between the two countries. All the infrastructure of the old Central African Federation (Malawi, Zambia and Rhodesia, under their former colonial names) continued to function: electric power generated on the Rhodesian side of the river, at Kariba Dam, was shared with Zambia, so Oppenheimer's copper mines would not flood. Zambian locomotives were repaired in Bulawayo, and uniforms for the Zambian Army were made in the jew-owned textile mills in Bulawayo! Our major trading partners were the USSR, Red China, Taiwan, Israel and South Africa. We used to trade with the former Portuguese colonies, especially Mozambique (Portuguese East Africa), but that ceased with the fall of the Portuguese Empire. With the British blockade of the port of Beira, Rhodesia Railways shifted to the southern port of Lourengo Marques, now "Maputo", which means "Ma" (more than one) and "puto" (male prostitute). Zimbabwe is named after a ruins and Namibia after a desert, which seem fraught with ill-omens. The USSR bought Rhodesian chrome, mixed it with inferior Russian chromium, and sold it at high prices to the U.S.A. Without chromium, you can't make stainless steel. Red China bought the Rhodesian tobacco crop and Zambia bought our surplus maize, since Blacks can breed, but not feed themselves. For these raw materials we received all sorts of manufactured goods. I rode an multi-national bicycle with parts from Taiwan, Czechoslovakia and Rhodesia, the basic design of which was British!

I could smell sellout when Rhodesia Railways started importing diesel locomotives, which required imported diesel fuel and imported spare parts. Before I left, Whites were ordered to train Blacks for administration posts. Almost all Railway employees in administration, with myself excepted, were Freemasons, including all upper management. It is revealing that these rascals looted the catering department of imported whisky, &c. so badly, that Rhodesia Railways shut down their excellent pubs and restaurants in the stations! There was an axiom that "no pub ever went broke in Africa". Under Freemasonic mismanagement, they did! Freemasons and jews played major roles in the sellout, as you would expect. In Bulawayo, alone, there were over 200 Freemasonic lodges! The first hotel in town was called The Masonic Hotel. Southern Rhodesia was the starting point for Rhodes Scholarships, the Round Table bunch, the British equivalent of the Council on Foreign Relations, &c. I didn't need to read Nesta Webster. I saw the conspiracy at firsthand!

The more you quote of H.L. Mencken, the more I like him.

Libraries are the first casualty of travel, and books do accumulate. My problem is that I know of no one to give them to, even though I strive to limit their number. As for other items, like furniture, which consists of cardboard boxes, milk crates, suitcases and chairs & tables scrounged from alleys, I can just walk away from most all of it. I do not store things and I do not accumulate things which do not serve immediate purposes. My life's work is to pare down my possessions, while being on the lookout for replacements for items I am running out of.

Yes, it's hard to be a White man in Judeo-America. It would do me no good to ape the niggers nor the spics. Wiggers seem to forget the fact that Blacks can afford to behave as they do because they have nothing to lose by doing so. "Freedom's just another word for 'nothing left to lose'", as the Joplin song goes. Wiggers and skinheads are basically nihilists. White men are fast running out of space, opportunities and options.

Col. Dall did not strike me as a bright or well-educated man. He proved that one can attend Ivy League schools and remain pretty ignorant. In other words, it's your social connections, and not your learning which counted with him. He served as shabez goy for Lehman Bros., but he said that he was dumped and all his shares went sour when he expressed some criticisms of jews. That seemed to relate to his divorce from his part-kike wife of part-kike FDR stock. Dr. Oliver sent me a copy of his letter re Winnie C. I helped Col. D. prepare a book entitled "Israel's Five Trillion Dollar Secret", which was a combination of "The l3th Tribe" and "Facts are Facts", if I recall correctly, neither of which were written by him. I think I helped him write a foreword and some connecting passages. I don't remember how the Dead Sea resources got thrown in to justify the title, for it has been almost 30 years since I worked on that most forgettable opus. The good Col. was likable and coherent, and his life revolved around two things: luncheons and tennis. Whatever happened to the United States was relevant to him only in so far that it affected those two matters.

As far as FDR was concerned, his son-in-law did not seem to know him very well. I had the impression that FDR kept this shabez goy at a distance, preferring to associate with his kosher commie cohorts, with whom he had most in common.

Your description of the female apes in their security uniforms was funny and scary at the same time. Well, you might trade your suit for a uniform, for security is definitely a growth industry in the country, just as it was in Rhodesia, before the kosher sellout. As the last vestiges of community vanish, "security" will become a popular, but exceedingly poor substitute.

Your description of Whites at the end of their psychological tethers reminds me of a Crumb cartoon of the sixties which depicted a desperate-looking, worried White man hurrying somewhere. I forget the caption, but it was appropriate. I don't see Prozac as the answer, either. I need all my faculties razor-sharp, so that my reactions are not slow, when the need arises.

Judeo-Americans appear to believe in voodoo: by dressing apes in "Security Officers"' uniforms, one has 'security'. By posting "Drug-Free Zone" signs in neighborhoods, one eliminates the drug problem, unless one lives in my neighborhood, where they steal the signs. If voodoo worked, the U.S.A. would no longer have problems with drugs nor with crime. Reagan told us to "say no to drugs" and Clinton advised us to "say no to thugs" .Since the U.S .A. fought "the war to end war", we've had 'peace' since 1918 to the present, and made the world "safe for democracy", which the U.S.A. is not.

You point out the relationship between vampirism and usury. As Bakunin said, "Small criminals rob banks. Big criminals establish banks. Jews are just gypsies who got into the banking racket. As my economics professor said: "Bankers don't print money and counterfeiters don't charge interest." That's how he distinguished the two!

I don't see the need for abolishing the Republican Party, for it is busy demolishing itself. Commander Rockwell believed that the "two" parties existed primarily to split and to neutralize the White vote. Neither party has a coherent program, for both contain liberals & conservatives who have more in common with one another than with their fellow party members. One party with a liberal-conservative split would suffice to gull the Goyim. Under ZOG, no relevant third party stands a chance to gain power legally, least of all a pro-White party.

Your description of the antics of our plutocratic rulers reminds me of the old Russian story of passengers in a sleigh beset by wolves who slow the pursuing wolf pack by heaving fellow passengers out of the sleigh. Whitey is being served up by the ZOG to appease the mud masses, and they are helping themselves to Whitey's jobs, incomes, livingspace and women. Whitey has been defeated without a fight, which proves that the jews have read their Sun Tzu.

My favorite Lithuanian jew, Eric Margolis, wrote that the USA has taken up where the USSR left off, in regard to Moslems in Afghanistan and Georgia. Jew Putin said that U.S. presence in Georgia "is not a tragedy". Any criticism of the U.S. presence in former Soviet territory is aimed to make us feel good, by making Judeo-Americans think they are almighty, as they pull Putin's hot potatoes from the fire. Such a deal!

In regard to writing, I quit trying to sell my novels and short stories, and just published them for free. Other people have expressed their enjoyment at reading my efforts, and that is sufficient payment for me. Incidentally, Pierce was inspired by "The Chosen One" to write his "Turner Diaries" , after systematically, consistently and perversely inverting the target priorities. Maybe that's the reason ZOG leaves him alone, even when the jewsmedia alleges that "The Turner Diaries" was the bible of The Order of Bob Mathews.

I read the news on FEDZOGUSA's latest foray in the mountains of Afghanistan, with the military losses inflicted by the Moslem 'fanatics'. On TV, one could see those snow-covered peaks and I felt sorry for the ZOG's mercenaries who were out in such cold terrain. Let's imagine what may happen if more zog-mercs get killed and wounded: They signed on for pay & pension, rather than 'glory' and bodybags. How must it feel to get blown up and shot by one bunch of ragheads, supposedly to protect the ragheads in the U.S.A., as well as the other motley odds & sods'? As a proper merc, I would ask myself, "What's in this for me?" I would not be surprised if we were to learn of mutinies within USZOG forces, as occurred in Vietnam. Who is not to say that a band of ZOG-mercs could, one day, assume the role of the U.S. "shadow government", whose members are conveniently anonymous. By that token, I am a member of "the shadow government-in-waiting." Jimmy Durante's frequent complaint comes to mind: "Everybody wants to get into the act!" By the way, who elected the shadow government? Shadow voters? The Bush regime is getting hard to satirize, as it becomes more and more outrageous. I also keep Col. Rudel's motto in mind.

I am not at all tempted to associate with non-Whites, no matter how charming they may be. My politics is too deeply ingrained from my international experience. Even if they speak my own language, they are 'other'. I can deal with them as allies, if the occasion arises, but I am always aware that they are not my peers nor my folk, just as lesbians and queers are 'other', even if they are White. I work with them, but they are not my people. My feelings are not only intellectual, but visceral, similar to my feelings in regard to Christianity. .Christ-eat-ing, even 'symbolically', is revolting, and I recall my revulsion when the words of my first communion were pronounced. There is something so unwholesome, so despicable in Christianity that I would prefer death to baptism, if that were my only choice. A life on Christian terms is not worth living for me, just as a life of slavery is not worth living for some people. I am willing to live as a wage-slave, but not as a Christian wage-slave.

As for public schools, my own experience puts me in favor of home-schooling. Public school could not teach me the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic, all of which I had to learn at home in order to use those skills in school. Public school taught me two useful things: typing and driving. Coping with gangs and rowdy class-disrupters greatly detracted from the value of course material. In other words, public school was a bad learning environment, which had to be supplemented by homework. I learned despite my time in public school, not because of it. Obviously, the Asians intend to make the best of publicly-funded schooling. When they are the majority, the niggers have to behave themselves, poor jungle-bunnies! My discomfort around Arabs and Moslems is similar to yours, based on my impressions derived from street urchins and beggars in North Africa. They were hostile and aggressive in their manner, and their infernal plucking at my sleeves made me twitchy, and in need of a dog whip, stout fly whisk or riding crop to keep them at a proper distance.

Yes, in regard to Africa, I keep a watchful eye on the jewsmedia for reports that the jews' mining industries are being disrupted by Black misrule. As far as I know, the niggers are smart enough to keep the mines operating by leaving management alone to do the job. As I mentioned, Zambia produces lots of copper; Zimbabwe produces coal, chromium, iron and some gold. Botswana, formerly Bechuanaland, has a large deposit of platinum at Selebwe-Pikwe, and South Africa produces gold, diamonds and coal, along with some other items from its mines.

Israel's objectives are indeed inscrutable. Do the jews want more land? With or without Arabs? The original Zionist plan was to clear the land of Arabs, for the Zionists were the kosher equivalent of Nazis. But when it came to doing their own useful work, the sheenies reverted to type, which meant that they required Goyim to do their work for them. No sheenie hewers of wood, nor drawers of water, nor bricklayers, nor farmworkers, &c. Well, the Arabs are not very willing, nor are they cheap, but they do provide the jews with their jollies as they bash them and shoot them, bulldoze their homes and otherwise harass them. It must be fun for jews to run their concentration camp for Arabs; the only problem being that the Arabs are fighting back. They can survive a war of attrition. The kikes can't, and they are becoming hysterical. A non-jew would say, "Either we go or they go." But the jews can't seem to decide whether they want Arabs in their midst or jews in the midst of Arabs. Dr. Israel Shahak said, in a speech which I attended in Toronto, that the jew settlers would be the big problem for any Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. Sure enough, they are.

In regard to ZOG military forces, I noted on the TV news today a spic officer, Rosa, I believe, acting as a press spokesman. The ZOG wants spic-mercs big-time, for they are becoming the New Majority. The ZOG is not absorbing hispano-mestizos in its service, however. The mestizos are absorbing the ZOG, and their racial loyalty remains strong, even if their English is unaccented. They feel that they are the wave of the future, but the chinks are moving in very fast, and they aim for the strategic spots in finance, administration and science. The spics mainly achieve status via affirmative action, so my bets are on the chinks.

What are the jews doing? Exactly what they did in Egypt. They are sucking the lifeblood of their host-people, and they intend to pull a gyppo-skippo, as they claim in the Old Testament. The sheenie lifestyle of screw and skedaddle is in their genes, but where will they go this time?

As for the possibility that we must head for the hills and live off the land as hunters, I would view that change as a respite from the trivia, tedium and turmoil of urban living. My experience of living in the woods has been refreshing. Like Atlas, my strength is restored by contact with Nature, whose flora and fauna provide me with examples of purpose and wisdom, in the pursuit of things which are really important, in the realm of natural beauty, all of which puts our human clamor and claptrap into its proper, diminutive perspective. As Bob & Ray used to say, "Write if you get work."

Good luck. DOWZ !                      Eric Thomson