08 March 2002
Maguire has really has drawn the important connections which explain the direction of history in the 20th century: The Britzog nexus with their Judeo-American minions in the U.S.A. My opinion of the White American ruling class is that they enjoyed their perquisites, without having the necessary will to power. The Freemasonic infiltration exposed them to the manipulations of Britzog, and their illusions of power caused them to tolerate niggers and jews in their country. They refused to cultivate the necessary nexus with the White working class. I have seen this same illness throughout 'old money' families. Because they were lazy and arrogant, they were content to reign, instead of rule. Now they act as shabez Goyim or Gentile frontmen for the jews, as minions of the ZOG.

The oriental aversion to honest work was their own undoing. In the 19th century, the U.S. Navy had Japs and Filipinos doing menial tasks on warships. In other navies, like those of Germany and Britain, the sailors did all shipboard tasks, as well as fighting. One Royal Navy bloke told me of his astonishment at hearing the U.S. Navy's first order of the day: "Sweepers, man your brooms!" From every nook and cranny on the U.S. warship he was visiting, wogs poured out with their brooms. He was told that these wogs were part of the ship's complement, but they had no combat purposes. This occurred in the late 1950s. I don't know if it has changed, in regard to having an onboard servant class on U.S. warships.

Rosenberg mentioned this factor in one of his speeches: if one has the same values as one's enemy, one is already defeated. The Egregious Elite of White America already thought like Englishmen in regard to their fellow White Americans. That is, they put class before race, so they will pay dearly for this error. They already had their power transferred into jew hands, as Benjamin Franklin warned, and now the White upperclass depends upon pleasing their jew masters for any perks and profits they are allowed to enjoy. These paleface rascals betrayed their race, in favor of class and material wealth, and they are now mere appendages of the ZOG. Despite their expensive suits and palatial suites, they are miserable, worthless drones, for whom I have no respect. No wonder so .any members of this pseudo-elite are drug addicts and alcoholics, for whom life is just a big party, interrupted by hangovers and other side-effects. The Bush family exemplifies what remains of America's Gentile elite, which is growing darker with every generation.

When people become an illegitimate elite, aimed at oppressing their betters, or their peers of a subject group, then situations like those in Zionist Occupied Palestine erupt. Why have we not yet seen a White revolt in North America? Because Whites do not breed. Arabs do, so livingspace is always at a premium. Were it not for the money and political support the jew bandits of Israel extort from the U.S.A. and Zionist Occupied Germany, the kikes would depart forthwith. Even if the killings are 10 to 1 in favor of the jew bandits, the hebes will lose, for they cannot stand such anxiety and attrition. Remember, they don't have to put up with it. The Palestinians must, for they cannot all buy airline tickets and fly to the Jew Ass Oy Veh, as can the kikes. One jew-supremacist dismissed Arab resistance thusly: "What can they achieve, using rocks against tanks?" "They will at least wreck Israel's tourist business," I replied, "rather like David versus Goliath. Not only that, but the hebes will get hysterical. How would you like to stand on a corner, dodging stones, for the rest of your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren? Why stand and duck rocks, when you can relocate to the U.S.A.?" His reply: "The jews are 'God's' chosen people!" Ha-yup. "That's not what Jesus called them," I replied.

Another "forgery", The Cornwallis Prophecy to Washington at Yorktown, comes to mind: (I) America will be back under the British Empire before you know it. (2) Your best men will be killed in a holy war. (3) Your religion will be Judaism, but you won't know it. How come all statements the kikes call "forgeries" usually fit the facts? Maybe the hebes' word for "prophet" translates as "forger". I see no signs that The Protocols are inaccurate, either, for they are as descriptive of reality as is the Telephone Directory, another "forgery", of course.

Re: The Shadow Government. Franz Kafka, one of my favorite jew authors, may have had difficulty imagining this American reality. In "The Castle", there is said to be a count, but no one ever sees him. All his orders are supposedly relayed by telephone into his bureaucracy. When a traveler enters the province of the count, he claims to be the count's surveyor. Then, two geeks appear who claim they are the 'surveyor's assistants'. Obviously, the alleged surveyor has no assistants he is aware of. So, who are the members of Our Shadow Government? Are they the lawful successors of the formal members of the federal government? If not, how were they appointed? Were they elected by shadow voters? Do members of  The Shadow
government know who they are?. Are their identities secret? Could I be member without knowing it?

Will I get a telephone call from the Castle, oops, I mean, The Shadow White House, informing me that I must report to some destination, where I am to assume my duties as Minister of Truth? How would I know that the caller was genuine and not some joker? In civilized states, every member of government has his publicly-known successor, but Bushy has gone beyond that, and the normal, lawful order of succession, were he unable to come in for work, has been superseded by persons unknown. This arrangement impresses me as greasing the skids for a coup d'etat. A group of armed ZOG-mercs could dispatch official members of government, and claim that "terrorists" did it. Then their new Shadow President et al. could come forward and read his cue cards for the TV audience. Naturally, those awful "terrorists" have created such a state of emergency, that the Constitution must be suspended, &c. Bushy said he'd prefer to be a dictator, but not if his "shadow" takes his place.

It appears that the ZOG-wise have concluded that the alleged Arab highjackers were most probably passengers and victims on the aircraft used as missiles against the Trade Towers and Pentagon. As I understand, the type of aircraft used is subject to remote-control from ground and/or other aircraft, such as AWACS. Assuming all the alleged "Arab terrorists" who are conveniently dead and/or in FEDZOG custody were on a terror mission, it would be nice to know what sort of mission they thought they were embarked on. Their Mossad handlers may have told them to highjack the aircraft for the usual purpose of making some political statement. Had the Arabs taken over the controls of their respective aircraft, they would have been likely surprised that the control computer no longer responded to their flight instructions, and that they were just along for the death ride. Even if one agrees with the ZOG-version of the tale of the toppled trade towers, one must consider the timing, which harmed the Arab cause, in favor of Israel, as Sharon and Netanyahu initially crowed. There was evidence that Osama bin Laden was the preselected target, in any event, so 9-11 served as a pretext to take up East-ZOG's cause in Afghanistan and Georgia, where the former Soviet Union had left off. Of course, the jew, Putin, has no objection. Such a deal!

Moslems in general and Arabs in particular are the ZOG's chosen enemies, and "terrorism" is a catchall term, like "satanism" in The Dark Ages. A blip in USA TODAY mentioned the ZOG's intention of extending the definition of "terrorists" to include so-called White supremacists without hinting that Black Muslims may have more reason to network with Islamic opponents of The Great Satan. Any excuse to bash Whitey, eh, Izzy? The ZOG has spoken, and Whitey is "it".

Will the ZOG run out of Judeo-American mercs? Will it restore the draft and attempt to use reluctant conscripts in Afghanistan, the Philippines, Colombia, and the former Soviet Union? The former USSR tried that and suffered miserable defeat against highly-motivated Afghans and Arabs. What will the denizens of North America, who are of draft age think, and what will they do about it? Stay tuned! We're in for an exciting ride, folks. The Shadow knows!"

ORION!            Eric Thomsom