11 March 2002
The Toronto Sun page revealed the changing face of Canada. And those are just the dead ones! Ernst warned the Canadian parliament that they would rue the day they changed the immigration laws to let in the flood of mud, apparently the same year the U.S.A. did the same thing with U.S. immigration law. But there's no conspiracy, just an 'incredible meeting of minds of a far-flung bureaucracy'! The article OD. "The Lonely Planet" is pure ZOG propaganda: we should let everyone in, because 'we need' to make up for the natives' failure to reproduce! This is largely the problem behind rampant inflation, for welfare is the main reason for this demographic inundation. They come for freebies, not freedom. The economist Keynes always looked grotesque to me. I suspect that there is Negro and/or Khazar ancestry in his background, with such a monstrous lower lip and other peculiar facial features. The Khazar lower lip is similar to a non-jew who places his tongue over his lower lip. You can partially 'Khazarise' yourself if you look in a mirror and stick your tongue out and down, over your lower lip. The facial features of Keynes most resemble the murdered Lebanese Christian warlord, Hobeika, whose picture I have also seen.

Hitler was a Keynesian economist, with the assistance of Schacht. Roosevelt was also a Keynesian, but there was a difference. Germany paid its money into circulation, for public works which would improve economic productivity. FDR borrowed his money into circulation, and played at public works, for he apparently wanted the Depression to last long enough to bring about his Bolshevik America. Finally, he funded war production, and the Depression ended in 1940. The German Depression was over around 1935! Another difference was that Germany withdrew the original amount of money which had been created to stimulate the economy, so as to prevent inflation. The U.S.A. did not. The fact that U.S. money was borrowed into existence meant that a huge national debt accrued, as well as inflation. There is nothing wrong with Keynesian 'pump-priming' to get a slowed economy going, provided the German precautions are taken, just as there's nothing wrong with driving a car, unless one drives off a cliff! The U.S. economy is sick unto death because the ZOG inflates the currency while increasing the national debt, while funding growing non-productive members of society. Giving people money for having babies is very inflationary, unless we were to live in a cannibal society, in which people were goods in themselves. Paying 'wages' for consumption, rather than production is Marxist, and disastrous, as soon will be manifest, even to the 'true-believers'.

The libertarian article on the failure of the god called democracy is apparently the product of hothouse intellectualism, with no basis in human reality. The author virtually states that theory is superior to the facts, and if facts do not conform with his theory, so much the worse for the facts. Aryan science assesses facts before composing a theory to explain the. Jew 'science' begins with a pet theory, then searches for facts which can support it, while ignoring inconvenient facts, as Hilberg so testified in his construction of the Holohoax, using 'selected' evidence and interpretations. There is no magic in privatizing the planet, when governments are already privatized by their respective mafias. "Competition" only lasts until one competitor gets big enough to drive the others out of business, as John D. Wreckafeller" proved. An armed population is no guarantee against tyranny, for Rothschild agent, J.P. Morgan said to a reporter that he'd "hire one half to shoot the other half" if the poor came to get him. Such anarchy only lasts until two thugs team up and bash the rest. As I said to Bradley Smith, who shall determine how much is 'enough' wealth, power, land, &c. Only a bigger entity can control entities which would otherwise go out of control. It appears that his one mestiza daughter is quite 'Americanized', i.e., hedonist, asocial and self-centered, which got her into drugs. The American Dream is 'Miami Vice', so we can expect many young people to become victims of this demented culture. Humans do not live apart from society, so we should organize the sort of society which best serves us individually and collectively. Only the concept of social responsibility for the commonwealth can protect the individual, which means that the common good must come before individual good. Such a society is anathema to Marxists, for social responsibility means NOT burdening others with one's dependents. The fact that productive, socially-responsible people are taxed to feed those who are not, is one great factor in our reduced birthrate. Things will get rapidly worse as the hordes of Turd World locusts swarm in to feed on the last freebies available. After that, chaos. World population shows few signs of diminishing because of birth control. If present trends continue, the population will first explode, after which, its consumption of the last productive areas will engender a population crash, as happens periodically with other members of the animal kingdom. For the masses of asses, feckless fecundity remains the incessant factor, for nothing inhibits the reproduction of the 'problem- makers', as Pendell observed in "Sex vs. Civilization". Only the intervention of Death causes them to diminish.
The Enron mess is revealing a complex conglomeration of pyramid scam, fencing operation for stolen public money, i.e. money-laundering and grand larceny. There seems to be a lot of official reluctance to follow the money trail, which would lead to the thieves who took the loot. The reason is simple: there are guns behind the money, so investigators would receive the old Mexican offer: "Do you want silver or lead?" How would libertarians solve an Enron-type problem? They would all want to get in on the scam, so as to enhance their private property. For that matter, John Dillinger and Willy Sutton were true libertarians: they were armed, and they liberated money from banks, on behalf of increasing their own private property. They had no loyalty beyond themselves, and their highest goal was that stated by the socio-path, Thomas Jefferson: "The Pursuit of Happiness." What one sees in North America is the logical outcome of allowing private interests, including alien tribes, to destroy White community and, eventually, White civilization, which cannot be sustained without a White working class. I believe White South Africans are discovering the truth of Earnest Sevier Cox's words in this regard. It's too bad they learned too late.

I am somewhat surprised that jealousy would arise between Eric Margolis and Peter Worthington. The fact that Margolis is jewish may have something to do with his access to the jewsmedia, so maybe Worthington should 'discover' his own jewish 'roots'.

I am surprised to learn that former U.S. Secretary of State Albright commented on Bush's pro-Israel "axis of Evil" speech as 'perceived madness' throughout the world. Certainly, I think that the Bush regime is nuts, perhaps from snorting recreational substances while viewing too many Hebrewood movies on World War II. Maybe Spielberg could re-do Korean war flicks to get Bush & Co. out of their kamikaze tailspin. Like the demented Reagan, Bush may get the World War II battleships out of mothballs to relive World War II. I don't think Nero or Caligula were any nuttier than the regime in The District of Corruption. Bush is not fiddling, he is performing the work of the Roman holocaust by consuming America's remaining substance on behalf of Israel's perceived interests, and his own petro-bankster gang. Meanwhile, the mestizos invade and conquer, as the Chinese quietly colonize.

The state, county and city budget crunch is upon us. No one wants his pet service cut, and no one wants to pay for any government service. The tax base has shrunk and is shrinking, and the 'need' for services is increasing geometrically, as Malthus predicted. Members of state & local governments with whom I've spoken, in conspiratorial corners of nondescript cafes, complain that the people are living in never-never land, and that there is no support for change in government programs which remain Marxist as ever: "You breed. We feed." As Maguire of Cyberspace observed, it's feeding time at the zoo and Whitey is running cut of fodder for all the varmints in his care. I said to one politico, "I feel as if I were sitting on the railroad track, with a train coming." He said, "that's what I was thinking!" Remember, folks, that 78% of the county budget goes to sustain the criminal justice system! That doesn't leave much for parks and potholes. Well, the growers and merchants wanted more 'cheap labor' and consumers, and they were willing to destroy community and commonwealth to get it. Now they are hunkered down in their luxury, gated community bunkers, wondering "wha' hoppen?" On the street, robbery and panhandling are up. In the homes, burglary. A short, hooded denizen of the barrio probed the perimeter defenses of my apartment building around 4:00 a.m., when I was typing. He avoided my lighted window and thumped and scratched at my darkened window. As usual, I roar in Spanish: "Don't touch the window: or I kill you!" They move away, smartly, because they know what their people can do. Since they can't see me, they assume it's a rough Mexican bandido. The would-be burglar was not rocket science material, for he attempted to enter other apartments, where he woke up the residents. Why would he think that a darkened room would be empty at 4:00 a.m.? He scampered back to his barrio, before the police arrived.

Margolis points out the possibility that U.S. gangsterism may trigger nuclear war in Central Asia. If that happens, we shall receive the fallout. Don't we live in exciting times?

All the Best!

P.S.: It does appear as if the kikes want to link "hate" with "terrorism". Stay tuned for more ZOG-oppression along this line. Does bubblegum on the seat of a cinema constitute "terrorism"? After all, un-kosher statements are deemed "genocide". Incidentally, how can an Arab be "anti-semitic"? As Orwell said, "Tyranny begins with the abuse of language." As Eric Thomson said, "The gulag begins in the mind."