28 March 2002
The first time I heard that "U.N. troops would occupy the U.S.A." was in 1952. I believe that this canard was started by the Birchers, and it spread throughout the kosher-conservative blightwing. What really happened, as we saw, was the use of "federalized" National Guard goons who forced school integration in 1954 and residential integration in 1976. Just as the ZOG can "federalize" the state militias, so it can "internationalize" U.S military forces under the U.N. as in the Korean "police action". U.S. forces are coming to resemble those of Brazil or Haiti every year, so the uniforms do not matter. White race-traitors did the U.N.'s genocide job in the previous decades, and mongrels can do it to the remaining U.S. Whites in U.S. uniforms and/or the sheenie-blue beanies of the U.N.

I have no crystal ball, so I don't know when our continental crisis will become officially declared in existence, if it will be. Your assessment of the American sheeple is accurate, for they have long given up their civil rights without a fight, ever since 1913. The sudden imposition of Soviet-style travel restrictions has occurred with nary a squeak of protest. Now, if I want to take a Greyhound bus to the next town, I must show current photo I.D., and permit my person and baggage to be searched. Perhaps I will not be allowed to wear a belt or suspenders with metal clasps or buckle. No razor or nail clippers! I advise you not to lose any sleep over these matters, however. We need to be well-rested so that we can turn the ZOG's stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

In regard to preparation for trouble, our first priority is to secure a water and food supply for ourselves and our loved ones. Everything follows from these necessities of life. As for obtaining the knowledge you need, there are still libraries with books on weaponry, trades, first aid, hunting, fishing, farming and outdoor survival. It's never too late to acquire knowledge and practical skills; the more, the better. I would recommend a Boy Scout manual, especially the older version, as an introduction to woodsmanship. Then, go camping outdoors, and you'll soon learn the practical means of securing the necessities of life. Most of it is common sense, like learning that the pan of water you just washed your filthy hands in was all there was for drinking, so you'll have to go to the nearest water source, a mile down a steep slope and back up, again.

As for fighting, Whites have always been outnumbered, so the idea is not to get into one on one combat situations. The enemy's numbers can be used against him, for he must also have his necessities of life. An enemy who is starved, parched and sick is not much of an enesy, whatever his numbers. A good brain can identify strategic targets.

Once again, I do not know how soon and how far events must occur to snap Whitey out of his jew-daze. A generator, for example, would be nice to have if our situation did not deteriorate so that a generator would become a liability. So too, with communications. In rough times, no fires are permitted at night and radio silence is maintained. Cellphones are great homing devices for missiles, for example. If my crystal ball showed the collapse of the Judeo-American economy to be within the year, I would say "go for broke" on borrowed zogbucks. I knew some Christ-eaters who fell for the Y2K myth that Jesus ben Yahweh was a-comin' and the world would end at midnight of December 31, 1999. They maxed out their credit and duly appeared before the local jew judge at Bankruptcy Court, where they received their garnishee orders for paying off their debts, which remained after repo. They now almost wish that the world had come to an end! Back in the fifties and sixties, some kooks believed that the U.S. would be invaded by the Chinese, so they destroyed trail signs in parks and forests and built bunkers in the Mojave Desert. Instead of spending their zogbucks and efforts on reaching fellow Whites, they blew it on bunkers and ammo, which were discovered by hikers some 30 years later, and were duly confiscated and destroyed by the ZOG. Indeed, the U.S. has been and is being invaded by the Chinese, who don't need to send in their army, for we are not fighting.

The White Man's goal must be the creation of our state, our National Government, within the ZOG's territory. Without agreement on this idea, no amount of weapons in our hands can stave off our absorption and extinction by the mud-masses.

As you know, ORION means Our Race is Our Nation. DOWZ means Down with ZOG. With these ideas firmly in mind, our other priorities will follow naturally. That is why I say, in closing: ORION & DOWZ!

Eric Thomson