04 April 2002
The jewspaper clipping on the latest White Man's military technology was informative. It was also informative that the weaponry is superior to the jew-dazed, niggerized people who use it. Yes, indeedy, we'd sure could have killed lots more of them ragheads if Rastus coulda fed the right data into the aiming computer.

No, we can't get rid of Rastus, we just need ma' ov dem smart bombs to make up fo' all de targets Rastus misses. We can't miss all de time! Apparently, the U.S. forces have always had lots of materiel to waste, but that's a bad habit which will surely boomerang on ZOG forces. Imagine what would happen if they use up all their ammo, and there's no instant re-supply!

In the matter of target selection, the superior activist always knows what makes a suitable target of opportunity. In World War II, one fellow had several opportunities to kill America's jew-king, Bernard Baruch, but he didn't have the savvy to know the hebe's importance. In the game of Stratego, every private would like to take out a fieldmarshall (although the rules may not permit it, for it's been so long since I played). In chess, a pawn can be used to checkmate a king or can become a queen, to do the same thing. An activist needs to know how to recognize such opportunities and be prepared to act upon them instantly. Bush, for example, would not be a strategic target. In fact, some zoglings should be left alone, since they serve our cause much more effectively in their levels of incompetence. An obnoxious kike who gets lots of media exposure is an asset for us.

Since the jews control the news, I have also discovered that it's much more important for us to read their newspapers which are intended for kosher consumption, rather than the prole feed for the Goyim. I have read The Canadian Jewish News for decades, with good results. Jew newspapers and the Internet are much better news sources for the knowledgeable activists than are the 'mainstream' kosher media.

In regard to a manual for Gentiles on the subject of jew-spotting, our starting point is similar to that of a Russian in the Red Army who would write a manual for spotting Communists! Only when people want to free themselves from the Judeo-American ratrace would such a manual have any value, and, who ever strives to free himself from jew-control will automatically discover who the jews are, for they will reveal themselves. Right now, we are light-years away from having a jew-wise community, because the masses still want to play jewish games and participate in jewish scams of 'something for nothing' .When perceived danger threatens, you see the reaction: "Let's all watch niggerball!"

I see lots of Ostensible White 'ha-ha' women at my jobs, and none of them are law students. As you say, they view sex as sport, and prefer nigger studs. When times really do get rough, we shall see just how tough these macha-mujeres really are. Then we shall also see how many people are victims of their own illusions, albeit jew-fostered ones. I suspect that a lot of the tough posturing is performed because it is safe. No White office worker would mug a macha and rape her in a hall closet, because social sanctions still override such possible desires. Not so with niggers, however. Maybe some of these macha types are real female warriors, who will serve valiantly in the intensifying struggle, if they're on our side, of course. Right now, most of them appear to be against their White menfolk and their race. The ZOG has succeeded in lumping 'women's and Blacks' interests' all in one basket. This has not impressed the Chicanas, however, who support La Raza. In unity is indeed strength.

The 'mainstream' jewsmedia are repeating Sharon's line, that Israel is always right and the Arabs are always wrong, with the meager exception of some Goy letters to the editors, which are grossly outnumbered by jews' and Christian-Zionists' ravings. The bottom line is enlistments in ZOG-forces, which have not notably increased since 9-11. This dearth of enthusiastic cannon-fodder and sniper-snacks attests to the failure of ZOG-prop. I doubt that the denizens of America have the requisite sense of outrage and the gullibility to stampede off to war, even if an entire city or the entire U.S.A. were subject to NBC terrorist attacks. I think 9-11 proves just how far "Americans" are prepared to go in defence of their perceived interests. Another limiting factor is that many "Americans" do not perceive the ZOG's antics as being in their perceived interests. Under ZOG, we lost our jobs and our standard of living. Does this mean we should love ZOG and trust it, let alone fight for it? No wonder "Americans" prefer to watch niggerball. I am beginning to see the peculiar wisdom of Tolstoy, who pointed out the lack of wisdom in French and Russian strategies in "War & Peace". As "Americans" become more selfish and more shortsighted and piggish, they behave more wisely in avoiding the ZOG's appeals to their idealism! Another example of what I call The Law of the Contrary.

DOWZ!         Eric Thomson