06 April 2002
Your  racial assessment is very realistic, and your identification of individualism with decadence is right on target. As you observe, there are the very few Whites who do not agree with the premises leading to decadence. I, for one, never have. Since childhood, I have sought independence, and I learned that consumption as a way of life was enslavement and dependence.
But, as I sought independence and freedom, I also sought to find my people and form a community of identity, of interest and of purpose. Like you, I have no wish to transfer the existing Ostensibly White consumers and judeo-materialists from one part of Zogland to another part. Our salvation demands a change of mind.

I don't wish to throw cold water on your proposed solution to bring about White survival, but isn't it likely that the means of moving people from one planet to another would fall  into anti-White hands? We see the penchant for Whites to 'share' all their discoveries with their biological enemies, over thousands of years on this planet. As you know, the anti-Whites go wherever the Whites flee. So why not follow us to another planet, with our technology! If Whites WILL NOT defend their livingspace here, why should we think Whites would defend themselves elsewhere? I think you get my drift: for Whites to achieve your goal, they must first develop their will to live on this planet, by dumping decadence. It's a chicken or egg problem, as I see it.

Over the years I have considered the various versions of Israel Identity, and found them ridiculous. Arch Edwards has the best presentation, to date, which I have encountered, for he does not hedge his viewpoint, and this makes it easier for a critic to spotlight the major problems with his thesis. (1) According to Colin Renfrew's findings, the ancient, pre-biblical Aryans moved from the northwest of Europe, southward and eastward; not vice versa, as the judeo-centrists claim. (2) So far, White mummies have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, as well as northwestern China, but there are no reports, to my knowledge, of similar finds in the Middle East, specifically, the Arabian Peninsula. (3) Whites do not speak the Semitic tongues common to Arabs and Hebrews. Are we to believe that Whites abandoned their language, their religion and their culture to dark-skinned invaders as they left the Middle East on their alleged northwestward trek? The English colonists of North America did not abandon their culture, their language nor their religion, in favor of adopting those of the Amerasian mongrels they encountered in the "New World". Historically, people do not divest themselves of these outward signs of who they are. The Christ-cult did not replace pre-Christian beliefs; it merely relabeled them and incorporated them, as with goddess-worship, sun-worship and the celebration of the solstices. In Africa, "Christians" incorporate voodoo beliefs and loas (gods, who become "saints"), as well as polygamy. When Blacks came to the Americas, they brought their culture and religion with them, with which they infused the European and Indian cultures, along with their genes. Since Blacks were brought over as slaves, they lost their languages and learned the languages of their colonial masters, again, infusing those languages with their own usage and pronunciations. So, if the ancient Hebrews were not Semites, why did they use Semitic languages to write their 'holy books'? Why would they also leave them and their alleged Hebrew religion to dark-skinned aliens? I don't see any mystery here, because no people on Earth have ever behaved in the way "White Hebrews" are supposed to have behaved.

Conclusion: The Bible was not written by Whites and it is not for Whites. By insisting that The Bible refers to Whites, the proponents of Israel Identity give Judaism and jews power over us: Worship your enemy and you are defeated. Adopt your enemy's religion and you are enslaved. Breed with your enemy and you are destroyed. Whites are to the jews as the Incas and Aztecs were to the Spaniards. Imagine the Aztecs mounting an invasion of Spain, and claiming that they were the "true Catholics" and "the true Spaniards!" How would they explain "their" holy texts for being written in Latin and Spanish? Their problem would be the same as that of "Israel-Identity" proponents. Wishful-thinking is a poor substitute for truth, and it fails to "Aryanize" the jewish behavior of those who were repeatedly welcomed by their host peoples, who were treacherously attacked by their "Hebrew" guests. That is why "Hebrew" derives from "Habiru sagaz' or Desert Cutthroats. Holy bandidos, Batman! Surely Whites can dream up better religions than that pornographic tale of treachery known as The Bible! We are, after all, the creators and makers of civilization.

All the Best & ORION!
Eric Thomson