13 APR 2002. 
As I told Ewald Althans in a video interview in Toronto's "World's Biggest Bookstore", the Germans are indoctrinated to love everybody, but themselves, and everybody is being indoctrinated to hate the Germans. Such a deal! I also pointed out, as we stood in the "World War II" section of the store, that there are more books, films and articles containing anti-German hate propaganda being produced since the war than there were during the war. In fact, there is much more anti-German propaganda being broadcast now, in all the media, than there ever was, before and during World War II. As I pointed out in my fractured German, during World War II, a working class American family had very few avenues of access to anti-German propaganda: the newspaper, magazines, books, movies, preachers, social groups, and least often, word of mouth via strangers and associates. The radio conveyed "news", which wasn't overtly anti-German, although it was definitely biased in its reportage, as to be expected. Most AM stations offered classical music, the same selections as Hitler listened to. Since my family was working class, we had no time for social groups, churches, &c. We did subscribe to a newspaper, for which my mother worked as a proof-reader, but we never bought books, and our movie attendance was quite sparse, for lack of zogbucks. Popular music of that era was "Smoke gets in your eyes", "Begin the Beguine", "Sweet & Lovely" , and "Beyond the Blue Horizon" .There was a Negro song program called "The Ink Spots", and oldies, like "The Music Goes Round & Round", &c. Mom hated that one, although I heard it was the pop tune in Spain at the beginning of their civil war in 1936. When I hear that tune, I recall my visits to Madrid.

The drama or plot of the "Christianization" of Europe and points east is quite simple, as attested to by a little book entitled "Mystery Babylon". Christianity incorporated pagan religions as it went along, including pagan rituals. It incorporated sun worship: who ever heard of having supper at sunrise? Those little solar disks of bread, some of which are displayed, sun like, in an ornate monstrance got the sun-worshippers' conversion. As we see in Matthew, in which Jesus is thrice quoted that his message is not for Gentiles, but only for "the lost sheep of the house of Israel", there are two "Jesus" figures. Just as there are two god-figures, Yahweh and Jesus. To combine Old & New Testaments is contradictory, for one has a tribal god of vengeance, based upon blood, and the other has a god of forgiveness, based on belief. "Christianity" is already an unstable mixture of Old Testament oil with New testament water. In its expansion, Christianity paganized its doctrine and ritual to attract more converts. The solstice celebrations which have such importance for Northern Europeans are not the same as in Southern Europe, where the sun shines all year. "Christmas trees" and "Father Christmas" are notably absent, as well. Rulers saw the advantage of Christianity as an agent of subjugation and centralization of power, for the prince as well as the priests. Basically, Christianity put jewish labels on pagan gods and rituals. In northwestern Europe, any good in Christianity was not new, and any novelty in Christianity was not good. Dr. Oliver pointed out that Northern Europeans believed stealing to be wrong, per se, not because some jew said it was wrong, depending upon some priest's interpretation. Nietzsche liked Christianity, because it made the European mind more Levantine and, hence, more devious. In order to do something, the Christian had to reason around the religious obstacles, much as Soviet officials had to argue around Marxism. To me, these are exercises in hypocrisy, rather than ratiocination. We are made into sophists and lawyers, and so, we become jew-like.

One fellow who seeks to amalgamate Odinism with Christianity is Arch Edwards. He is Odinist-Christian-Israel-Identity, all balled up into one. I think he is in the state of the woman who swallowed the spider to catch the fly, &c. In my letter to W., I mention the problem: that White people are not Semites and that we speak Indo-European languages, so why would our 'holy books' be written in Aramaic and Hebrew? Colin Renfrew finds that European civilization came from the NW and flowed into the SE, rather than the reverse, as alleged by judeo-centrists. I mentioned the contradictions in Old and New Testaments to a preacher who is anti-Zionist. He said that the contradictions were put in purposely, so that one would go to a priest for a kosher interpretation. The Talmud is largely a record of rabbinical debates about these contradictions, which are the bases for ongoing debates. Such a deal! You can contact Arch Edwards at Phoenix Services, P.O. Box 91130, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-1130.

Ben Klassen's idea for The Church of the Creator had a valid message: "Is it good for Whites?" If White people could keep that one idea in mind, we'd be much better off. "Christian-Identity" or "British Israel" attempts to promote the racial message by claiming Whites to be the "true Israelites". As I see it, the conflict is between exclusion and inclusion. This is the conflict between the Old, exclusive, Testament and the New, inclusive, Testament. The fault you find with contemporary Christians is essentially the primary fault of Christian doctrines of forgiveness and inclusion. That's why self-proclaimed jews and homosexuals are tolerated in the churches, for the new god of the Christians is Tolerance and his son is Miscegenation. Right now, people have a hard time including homosexuals as priests and priestesses, but, as you opine, give them time and they'll welcome pedophiles, too. What next, cannibals?

The jews have long controlled the Catholic Church, which has interceded for centuries between the angry Christian mobs and the jewish criminals who angered them. The present Pope is one of many jews who have held that office. The founder of the Jesuits was a jew "convert" to Christianity, and his five successors! Torquemada, who headed the Spanish Inquisition, was a "converso", and The Inquisition itself was organized to protect jews from popular actions against them. In other words, the Church monopolized vengeance for 'heresy'. No, the "Catholic Monarchs" of 1492 did not expel the jews from Spain. Most of them "converted" and remained where they were. Jews complain about the Christian churches, but they understand how much they need them, as I wrote in The Cabalistic Curse of Christianity. Why should we be surprised? The jew, Saul of Tarsus, alias St. Paul, promoted this mirror-image of Judaism, as several jewish writers have admitted. The revelations of pedophile priests will serve to enhance jewish power over the Church, for that is how jews operate. If the Pope were to declare a "crusade" against Islam, I suspect that the matter of child-molestation would become a non-happening, and would be swept back under the Holy See.

Vatican finances appear to be managed by Opus Dei, and Vatican funds have been held by the Banco Ambrosiano, which was the subject of the P2 Freemasonic Lodge scandal, which revealed Freemasonic infiltration of the Banco, with connections to the Bank of England, the Mother Lodge and the Synagogue of London, which reside in the same neighborhood. Banco executive, Roberto Calvi, was found dead, hanging from Black Friars' Bridge in London, and the scandal was hushed up. The author of the book about that and other scandals involving Freemasons died at age 33, quite suddenly, after I wrote to him, requesting his attendance as expert witness on Freemasons at the first Zündel Trial in Toronto. Mr. Knight, author of "The Brotherhood", refused my request. To make the world smaller still, I met one of the London C.I.D. officers who had been forced to resign, following the revelation of a lodge in which the cops & crooks arranged mutually-beneficial deals, as mentioned in Knight's book.

In the coming crises, I would anticipate the advent of exclusive religions, and the demise of those with universalistic, Marxist orientation. When the truth hits home, that we can not feed everyone, then universal triage will set in, and only the young, healthy and productive will merit food. The sickly, decrepit and nonproductive will fall by the wayside. Nature is Nazi, as the masses of asses will discover in due course.

It is up to the White Man to dream better dreams, of a survival-oriented religion. Religion alone cannot save us, for belief must be backed by deeds. I hope that we are not saddled with something like Christianity, with which we have survived, despite it!

DOWZ!  Eric Thomson

P.S.: Jesus has the attributes of typical pagan deities, who are sacrificed on behalf of their followers. Odin hanged himself upon The Tree of Life, so as to gain knowledge of the runes. In the film, "Excalibur", Percival is likewise hanged, and thereby solves the mystery of The Grail. But in Judaism, no messiah can be scourged and otherwise harmed, for he is a man (not a god) who is under Yahweh's protection. On that count alone, Jesus can never be kosher. Mary, "The Queen of Heaven", likewise has more pagan than jewish attributes, for she is a goddess in all but name. Judaism used to have at least one goddess, Astarte, but she
was deleted by the woman-hating Pharisees, and given a sex-change, then demoted as a 'demon' to reside with Beelzebub and Satan. Some seek to remove the pagan aspects from Christianity. But if they succeed, they will have only the Essene racism of the Jesus depicted in Matthew 10 & 15. Why bother trying to resolve such a conglomeration of convoluted contradictions? God is not to be found in books, but in reality and in the present. which is where all of us live. A Coptic Christian text has Jesus saying that "we are all the children of God", so we have no need of books, priests, religions or churches. No wonder he was crucified, if he ever existed. and said such things. That really would have upset the money-changers of the temple!

P.P.S.: After a bit of sleep, I reread my letter and noted that I had failed to express my appreciation of the article on Aldous Huxley. Huxley is the living proof of the validity of National Socialism, for he never did a day's work in his life, to my knowledge. The RAD or Reichsarbeitdienst gave every young man an experience in hard work, and there is nothing like that to flush out lots of academic b.s. It puts one into proper perspective when one must walk to get from A to B, carrying the things he needs on his back. It also teaches one the meaning of real wealth, when one lifts each brick into place and digs each shovelful of earth. One gains an appreciation of work and of Nature when he cuts down a tree, for firewood or timber. With such physical labor, one tends to have one's feet on a basis of reality. Britain's class system, on the other hand, produced effete snobs and drones like Aldous Huxley, who never knew the value of a potato, because he never grew one. Woodrow Wilson and FDR were similar utopian mischief-makers, who lived in their cloud cuckoo lands, where they were accessible to jew-lies and flattery.

In all of Aldous Huxley's writings which I've read, there appears to be a deadly flatness; a two-dimensional depiction of life, seemingly unrooted in earthly experience, as compared to Conrad or London. I seem to recall that Gertrude Stein referred to Huxley as a "dead man", and wondered why Hemingway bothered reading his stuff. Huxley appeared lacking in vigor, both physical and mental, and thereby lacked any notable zest for life, so I tend to agree with Stein's evaluation of him. Huxley was a true representative of his class: jaded and inexperienced; pompous and puerile; opinionated and uninformed; vapid and verbose; schooled and ignorant. In a word, decadent. The sweet stench of flowers upon a corpse emanates from his work, which is why I tended to hold my nose while reading it. With such a class system, it is no wonder Britain has fallen into its present mess. Britain's revolution is 400 years overdue. When the jewess, Vera Lynn, sang "There'll always be an England", she did not say there mightn't be any English people. If Britain carries on in its anti-White way, there won't be any in a few more decades. "New Bangladesh" might be its next name.