14 APR 2002. 
You mention the scary dichotomy between the value of a company and the value of its shares. Even dumb Goyim can see that there is something wrong when share values go up as workers are laid off. Time after time stocks go into orbit, leaving the source of earnings far below, until the speculative bubble pops. In the 1600s, I seem to recall The South Sea Bubble, in which share prices in pearl fisheries went sky-high, becoming totally unrepresentative of the fisheries' ability to produce such a vast volume of pearls. Then in the 1700s, if I'm not mistaken, there was The Tulip Bubble, which popped when some investors in tulip futures realized that Holland would have to build itself into a 3-storey country, in order to produce that amount of tulips. The Enron scandal reveals systematic looting of working capital to finance stock speculation in a gigantic Ponzi Scheme, and it is beginning to appear that other large corporations are guilty of the same 'creative accounting methods' used by Enron. As I said to one correspondent, our society depends on trust, which is fast being eroded, to a point where others cannot be trusted to handle one's money. I said the crunch will come when people discover that one's own money cannot be trusted. Inflation is visibly eroding real wages. Anyone can see that at the food stores and gas stations. In this environment, I still practice saving, rather than blowing my zogbucks on things I don't need. As I see it, I am going to need more zogbucks to keep buying the things I already need. So far, I have been able to maintain myself in a 1935 standard of living. I have only those artifacts which existed in 1935, for that is the height of my earning ability: an ancient flat with an electric refrigerator, a radio which can use batteries, or electricity from the main outlet, when available, a 1935 model manual typewriter, a telephone, gas stove and indoor plumbing. When my minimum wage goes up, so does my rent. Such a deal! Last year, I bought salami by the pound. Now, it's sold by the slice. I figure that I am paying the same for half as much salami this year. The bind is that the level of wages is going down, because the ZOG is exporting the better-paying  jobs out of the country. China is making Boeing tail assemblies, from what I read in the jewspapers and Freightliner has a truck factory there. You mention the decline of the Canadian apple industry, due to Chinese competition. Well, the same thing has happened here, thanks to the traitors who sold China the apple-growing and processing technology. That leaves us stuck with all the Mexicans. Export jobs and import jobless is the pattern for North America. The jew banksters prove, so far, that they are geniuses, for we are experiencing an inflationary depression, with rising unemployment, falling wages and rising prices. Such a deal! Of course, the Underground Economy is flourishing, for drugs and prostitution are big business here. Biker gang members are the 'new executive class' in this trade, and I won't be surprised if war breaks out between biker gangs and mestizo drug-dealers for markets. If the ZOG insists on getting involved in Colombia, it is likely that the Colombians and fellow mestizos may retaliate against zoglings in the Jew-Ass-Oy Veh. It is a simple matter of learning where DEA and Customs officials live, where their kids go to school, &c. As the Mafia knows, the enforcement of public policy can be made very personal to those who intend to enforce it. Both the INS and DEA seem to be lying low in this town, for their opponents are armed, organized and have increasing political clout. As usual, I am living in the eye of a hurricane, but I suspect that it's the calm before the storm.

I enjoyed reading your descriptions of "Dune" and "Lord of the Rings" , with their wise one-liners. In my opinion, Arafat is a weak reed, similar to Mahatma Gandhi, who was blown away by Indian nationalists. Arafat is a "secular Arab", sort of like an albino Black Power leader. What Arabia needs is another Mahdi or Chosen One, capable of providing religious and political leadership. That role is presently split between Arafat and Osama bin Laden, if we can believe half of what the ZOG says about him.

In regard to the possible fake moon-landing, I was asked why ZOG would fake it. I said that the money could be used for other, covert purposes, using the moon launch as a prop. I understand that FEDZOG's "HUD" agency cannot account for .any millions of zogbucks which it received, but no longer has. Somehow, these substantial liquid assets have 'evaporated'; perhaps someone left them out in the hot sun. The CIA and Mossad have long been in the drug business, as a further source of covert income for their covert projects, so a fake moon-landing would be an innocent prank, by comparison. I do not say that a moon-landing is impossible, but the more I learn about FEDZOGUSA, the more I doubt its bona fides on anything.

I'm glad you found out what was hurting your arm. I knew that many computer keyboards are harmful to the wrists, but I did not know that repetitive use of the mouse could harm the user as well. I have never experienced the slightest problems from decades of using a typewriter, so I was, at first, skeptical about the computer keyboard, until I used one myself. The one I used was awkward and the keys were too close together, which reduced my typing speed considerably. On a standard typewriter I am clocked at 62 words per minute, which is up from my 50 wpm record when I was eleven years old and took typing as an elective in junior high school. That course saved me thousands of dollars when I went to college, for all essays and reports had to be typed. It also got me kicked out of 5 countries, at last count. Hey, win a few, lose a few. Now I am a high-speed word criminal, and I have discovered a way of re-inking my ribbons with numbering machine ink, which is no longer sold locally. If this ribbon fades and the ink runs out, I will try black shoe polish. Life is an adventure.

I think you are right in sniffing out the ZOG's gun racket against the law-abiding. Yes, if you can't control who comes into the country, and what they bring with them, you might as well double your control over honest citizens who don't break the law. As for cracking down on illegal aliens who use illegal firearms to commit illegal acts, they can't be touched, for that would be "racist" , and they'll tell you so. ZOG propaganda pooh-poohs the concept of an armed citizenry, saying that a rifle is no match for a smart bomb. Well, a smart bomb is a pretty expensive way of destroying one man with a rifle, and he makes a difficult target. In reality, the ZOG's ground forces would have to disarm the citizens who outnumber them. The ZOG's forces are all mercenaries, and there aren't that many of them. No ZOG-merc wants to risk his hide against an angry man who can use a good rifle. Angry men can stand losses. Mercenaries can't. Colored imperialism can only be stopped by busting the ZOG first, for that is our chief obstacle to White survival on this continent and elsewhere.

The combination of looking into a glare in order to read text is very tiring for the eyes, as you mention. The proper reading situation is to have the light on the text, not in the reader's eyes. Yes, protective lenses and an eyeshade do help. Old-time clerks, who dressed suitably for their job wore eyeshades to shield their eyes from the light source. The sleeve garters are to keep the shirt cuffs from interfering with one's writing, and from smudging ink on the page. Sometimes black sleeve protectors were worn over the shirt cuffs, up to the elbows, so that the shirt would not pick up ink from ledgers or newspapers. I had to work on some carbon-copied records when I was a clerk in San Francisco. When I was half way through, I noticed that my white shirt sleeves were blackened. When I suggested to my boss that I should wear sleeve protectors, he was indignant: "Wear those and you're fired." In 'modern' offices, one was expected to dress as if he were the boss. I remember a shift change at Lockheed, where everyone was dressed in slacks and Hawaiian shirts, although most were building aircraft fuselages! Maybe they wore coveralls over their vacation garb; maybe they changed into work clothes in a locker room. When I was a boy, clerks wore green eyeshades, sleeve garters and sometimes black sleeve protectors. Grocery store clerks wore all the above, plus long green aprons. Mechanics wore coveralls; milkmen wore uniforms, like streetcar conductors and postmen. Only in World War II did I see female motormen and bus drivers, for the men got those jobs when they returned. Now females are found in men's jobs in greater numbers than in World War II. Are the men staying home? Were they abducted by space aliens?

There is no doubt that the ZOG is falling victim to its own propaganda and affirmative action hiring policies. Their Black supervisors depend upon their competent White flunkies. As the ZOG approaches its goal of darkening its minions, it will discover that ZOG-law enforcement will become more corrupt and less competent. One can deploy all the metal detectors one wants for airport security, but they tend to get unplugged and/or the operator leaves for a break. ZOG-mercs will steal military ordnance and sell it to anyone offering cash, as the FBI found out in San Diego. It takes high-quality people to run a high-quality tyranny. Even Machiavelli knew that! He even warned the Prince not to rely on mercenaries, for they are expensive when not really needed, and when they are really needed, they run away! Bush & Co. may have gone to expensive schools, but they seem not to have learned any history. Every dollar the ZOG takes merely goes to buy more trouble for all of us. That's why I say DOWZ! (DOWN WITH ZOG!).

All the Best & ORION! Eric Thomson

P.S.: Many thanks for The National Geographic article by Colin Renfrew. It's funny to see the final wimp-out, where he wants to cover the geography of civilization's expansion, but not its biology. I'd like to know if the DNA of those buried in the ancient graves of the Orkneys were my ancestors, or if they were Blacks or Chinese. To me, it is obvious that the Makers of Civilization were White, for no Black or Chinese would be dumb enough to live on the Orkneys! Those Islands are too wild, even for the Eskimos, but if people are mighty tough and contrary, they can put up with the awful weather.