15 April 2002
Yes, you observe patterns indicative of the Big Picture. The ZOG has spoken: Whitey must go. As you say, Whitey is damned decent, but will he acknowledge that he is expendable and obligingly commit suicide? The question is simple, "To be or not to be."

People like to make excuses for the jews, who are always the exception. I never hear a White person making excuses for White behavior, such as: We can't blame Whites for what Custer did, or we can't blame Yankees for what Sherman did. Yet, FEDZOGUSA blames Afghan & Iraqi civilians for "tolerating" their respective regimes, and thereby becoming accomplices, which makes those civilians 'justifiable' ZOG-targets. By that standard of judgment, "Americans" are guilty of tolerating the Zionist petro-bankster regime of the U.S.A., so we are all legitimate targets, by our own ZOG standards of justice.

Like you, I have learned to be patient. As you observe, what else can one rind on talmud-vision, other than jew propaganda, in one form or another? What would happen if I were to switch the TV off, when others want to watch it? Truth is analogous to water. We can go all over offering it to people, but if they are not thirsty, why should they want to drink? Like you, I make a mild reference to a topic, but if I receive no response, I drop the subject. Sometimes a person will bring up a topic of interest and of relevance, usually from a pro-ZOG point of view, like, "I hope the jews kill all the ragheads." My reply is in the form of a quip: "Isn't it too bad we're not jewish?" If the ZOG proponent wants to elaborate, then I am willing to participate in discussion, unless I  judge the person to be fanatical. When someone spews forth a pro-Israeli statement, I look at him critically and reply that I am a U.S, citizen, not a dual citizen, and that I am pro-American, not pro-Israeli. If I want to get nasty, I say, "Arabs are Americans, too. Are you saying they aren't human beings?" Sheeple can get vicious when the ZOG goads them into war hysteria, so it's best to avoid discussions with critters who think with their glands, instead of their brains, as Dr. Oliver advised. If a Goy is hellbent on dying for the ZOG, there's no good getting oneself killed in an attempt to dissuade him.

We live in a chopped up society, often divided by age groups. For an 18 year old, anyone older than 18 does not seem to relate to them in any way. They are deemed to have no useful knowledge whatsoever, unless they know where to buy dope, &c. Young people tend to think that no one has any experience beyond theirs, and what they don't already know is not worth knowing. I never had that problem, for I always thought that older people knew more than I did, and they usually had lots of interesting things to tell me, like travelers who recount their adventures to one who has never left home. I do not expect to be surrounded by a mob of knowledge-hungry disciples, but I find it odd that few young people whom I encounter have any interest in others' firsthand experience, particularly in wartime situations. Talmud-vision appears to satisfy their curiosity, period. The young males do seem interested in military weaponry, but they appear quite lazy about the subject and often spout utter twaddle, based on things they heard or thought they heard. One fellow employee told me about a "propelled rifle". I asked him what would propel the rifle, and why would one want it propelled? He never explained, but he 'knew' that such a rifle was formidable. I agreed, for anyone who gets hit by a rifle, and not a rifle bullet, can get hurt! Another mystery.

A few decades of age difference has the effect of living on another planet, thanks to the artificial generation gap. In former societies, babies and geezers shared the same space, along with generations in between. One did not segregate oneself into one's same age group, as occurs now. During the school years, into college, each generation spends more time in its own age group than with older or younger people, including one's parents, who have little time for parenting under ZOG. This segregation effectively compartmentalizes the transfer of knowledge and communication, so being of a different age is like being of a different race, only moreso! The Hungarians of 1956 knew that their jew rulers intended to split parents from children in much the same way, in order to destroy the family and the nation. The ZOG has succeeded in doing this to a great extent in North America. When I visited East Germany, during the "Cold War", I learned how control was exercised by segregation. A worker in a factory did not go to some pub or bistro after work. He went to his factory canteen and hobnobbed with his fellow factory workers. Teachers went to teachers' bistros; students to students' bistros; police to theirs. East Germany was no place for 'chance' meetings between a factory worker and a civil servant, for example. Of course, strangers could meet on a public transportation conveyance and make acquaintance-ships, but everything was pretty much organized to prevent lateral communications outside of one's workplace. In this respect, the U.S.A. was structured in a totalitarian manner, as I reflected one day, when I was stuck in L.A. "rush-hour traffic" .The "rush-hour" is an amusing expression, for no one can go anywhere fast. As Bob Hope quipped: "The L.A. freeway system is the biggest used car lot in the world." Well, here we all were, each in our steel & glass cocoon, receiving communication from the top, down, via our car radios. As the gridlock eased, we would all drive to our suburban dwellings, where we rarely knew our neighbors, and we would switch on more top-down communication on the TV or radio. Again, no lateral communication. At work, there was a similar lack of communication with fellow employees, unless there was a cafeteria for employees. Otherwise, communication remained from the top, down, to each isolated individual. And now, there is The Great Fear in men and women, as well as children, which prevents casual, social chitchat between strangers. White women on the side-walk usually avert their gaze when I approach, and if I were so bold as to nod and wish them a good morning, they might run away, screaming. Their attitude is quite different toward Blacks and other non-Whites, toward whom they tend to be respectful, if not cordial. I've looked in my mirror, and I do not have fangs, nor horns and a tail, nor cloven hooves. I do not wear a black cape or a gorilla suit, so I can only assume that White women have learned to react with fear and loathing toward strange, that is, White men with whom they are not acquainted. So much for "community!' and "civility". White men have learned to beware of strange females who approach them, for these women may have ulterior motives, like accusing the male of sexual harassment. I remember a 'spy' movie in which a female spy invites a male spy up to her hotel room. As soon as they enter, she tells him that she is going to scream, so he'll be arrested for assaulting her. The male spy calmly sets fire to the curtains with his cigarette lighter, to which she says, "What are you doing?" He replies, "You'd better start screaming!" I thought that was pretty neat, for I don't believe a White man would attempt rape in a room with blazing window curtains, though a nigger might. One thing which permits me to behave as I did in more civilized times is the simple fact that I have nothing to lose. So, a woman approaches me, and I'll find out what she wants, just as I did in the 1950s and 1960s. In Yakima, she usually wants a cigarette or money. I tell her that I was about to ask her for the very same thing, and that ends the conversation.

Henry Ford's "The International Jew" stands on its own, but the reader should not forget "The Protocols of the Learned Elders Of Zion", upon which the Ford series is based, for Ford wanted to prove (1) if The Protocols were valid and (2) if they applied to America. When he was asked what he thought of The Protocols, Ford replied, "They fit!" I have read through them a few times. My first impression of this diabolic work was that I had encountered a series of villainous schemes for an old time melodrama, perhaps even a comedy, in which the gloating, mustachioed villain saws off the limb of a tree, upon which he is sitting, in order to damage the fair maiden's pear tree. Yes, I thought, all these malicious mischiefs could be done, but why? As I matured and gathered more information from history and biology, I saw that these evils had already been committed in Russia, in 1905 and 1917, onward, by the very people who allegedly drew up The Protocols! And now, the results of this recipe for applied Judaism are becoming alarmingly evident in the U.S.A., just as in Russia. Although the details of The Protocols are somewhat dated, the talmudic theme remains true to its origins in jew-dominated Egypt: Infiltrate, dominate, defile and destroy; then skedaddle into the desert. "We sure sawed the limbs off that Goy's fruit tree, eh Moishe?" "Yeah, Meir, it was worth us getting our rumps sore when we hit the ground." "I can't stand to look at you pigs! It was so nice in Egypt, and you got us kicked into this desert!" "Shut up, Sarah. Pay no attention to her, Moishe. She does not understand." Well, neither do I, but I believe that a jewish psychiatrist might have some cogent words to describe this jewish behavior. The jew befouls his own nest. As more and more jews came to the university I attended, U. of C. Berkeley, and later, San Francisco State University, the campuses became unkempt, littered, grimy, damaged and neglected. In such an ambiance, the jew students felt at home, in a place where they could air their perpetual malcontent and plot their hateful schemes of 'revenge' and revolt against the Goyim who let them in. These Habiru Sagaz or Desert Cutthroats do not belong in our society, and we are paying a very steep price for the burden of their presence.

DOWZ! Eric Thomson

P.S.: Don't the oil companies 'hate' it when oil prices rise? Lucky for them they can blame it on the Arabs. It reminds me of Yahweh who created Satan so he could have a fall guy to blame for 'evil' .Some call it show-biz. I call it a racket.