19 April 2002
Your description of the antics of the dark-hued fauna in your city remind me of the normal lifestyle of the Black cargo-stackers with whom I worked on the Richmond Sugar Dock, as a car checker for Santa Fe Railway. Yes, their lives were casually brutal, without the slightest degree of concern or understanding. The Blacks' attitude toward violence was like that of a swimmer, in regard to getting wet: It be jes one of dem no'mal things. Is Black insensitivity a necessary, learned trait for coping with brutal lives, or are their lives brutal because they lack sensitivity? The egg or the chicken. All I know is that I do not belong in their society and they do not belong in mine.

Ah, the working class! I am reminded of the line in the film, "The Molly Maguires", in which the Irish Pinkerton infiltrator reports to the local police chief and notes his Welsh accent. Both are apparently first generation immigrants to the U.S. The police chief began his job experience working in "the pit". Rather than desire to improve working conditions in the pit, he resolved to improve his own working conditions by getting out. He had succeeded. As far as he was concerned, those who remained in the pit deserved no better. National Socialism did improve working conditions, but not on a class basis, for the dearth of leaders in the working class was obvious. Such men would gravitate to better jobs and higher social status, rather than stay to lead a working class revolt for better conditions. Jack London could see this, but he did not stick around long enough to become a national socialist, rather than a working class socialist. As the old Brit ballad goes: "The "Working-class can kiss my ass. I've got the foreman's job at last!" The jew, Gompers, was never satisfied. When asked what he wanted, his reply was simply, "More!" Certainly, a sane person knows when he has enough material wealth and possessions, So he can get on with more meaningful things in life.. Once I have eaten to satisfaction, I do not want to continue, as did the decadent Romans who repaired to the vomitorium, in order to gorge themselves with "more". I would be much freer if I did not have to eat or sleep, for I would require fewer hours of work and could devote my time to the things I want to do. Since my choice of staying alive precludes my cessation of eating and sleeping, I must grab the few hours of free time and use them as best I can. Had I a portion of an income like that of Duke or Pierce, or legacies as those of Zündel, I could be much more productive.

Ostensibly bad news never makes me depressed nor angry, for I am prepared to seek relevant action in any event. Every bit of 'bad news' contains within it a seed of opportunity. Or, as Kipling said in "If", that triumph and disaster are two impostors which a wise man treats the same. As you say, there is much more energy in cheerfulness, than in despondency. How Whites with children will deal with new realities remains to be seen. I remember a Canadian film similar to "The Road Warrior" , "No Blade of Grass" et al. Some apocalyptic, but unspecified disaster had occurred, and the cities were starving to death. Farmers were the ones who could survive, so city bandits would plunder the farms for food, much as the jew-Bolsheviks did during the Red Revolution in Russia. A condo-dwelling middle-class family trades the last of its valuables for one last meal, which the father cooks in the oven, and liberally sprinkles with sedatives and poison, so that his family and he will all die together in peace and comfort. They lived as middle-class computer-peckers and they will die with their way of life intact. I can hardly wait for the musical version to appear! Stay tuned for "Columbine High, the Musical". "No Blade of Grass" carries on from there, in that the small group of city-dwellers adopt a criminal as their leader, leave the starving city and capture a farm, upon which they may survive. If the changes are as drastic as I anticipate, few happy Whites will survive, for they appear to lack the knowledge and determination to live in harsh, primitive conditions. A few may be able to adapt in time, and with lots of luck, they may survive. Individual survival is likely to come about with miscegenation, so isolated Whites will vanish in one generation.

One of my readers chides me on seeing too many Injuns! He is from Minnesota, whose population he deems "White". My reply is that I know few Ostensible Whites from that state, but most of them are darkies: Norwegian-Injun mestizos: "Oh, I'm Norwegian, but my mother as Lakota!" Sure.

The possibility of a coup d'etat by mercenary elite troops depends upon the demands which the ZOG makes on them. If mestizo Marines see that the price the ZOG asks is too high, they may decide to seize control of The District of Corruption's ZOG denizens and ask Mexico to annex all of "Aztlan". ZOG will have to use extreme caution in choosing its mix of ethnic background in military units. It does not want all-Black or all Hispano-mestizo units, nor all Asian units. Like the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Soviet Union, it will have to juggle ZOG-forces judiciously. The rapidly-growing number of Moslems of military age, particularly militant Black Moslems, will be a problem for the ZOG's imperial 'crusade' against the Moslem world, which is now taking shape, despite all the jewsmedia's denials.

The download from a Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter did not appear in the newspaper, itself, unless I missed it. Usually, I do not miss such items. My guess is that the article on the termination of the zogling was available only to net-users and not the newspaper readers. When it comes to news, some stories are 'more equal than others'. This form of resistance falls under the category of Direct Action. As their policies alienate more and more of the governed, zoglings will have to hideout or live in fortified compounds. It's merely an example of action-reaction. When ZOG bears down on the governed, the governed hit back. In Colombia, the warlord-druglords wield as much armed force and wealth as the corrupt government. Government officials and employees are no more secure than are the bandits. Colombian conditions will likely appear in the U.S.A., as they have in Mexico. Imagine how police and other zoglings would feel if their opponents knew where they lived and where their kids were. That's how Colombian officialdom feels, and that's why they tread very, very carefully.

World War III has been under way for quite some time, and the misery FEDZOG inflicts on others is likely to come home to roost. As a former soldier, I feel that this is justice. If my government sends me out to risk my life in some miserable trench, it is only just that those who sent me should suffer the same risks as I do. That knowledge might influence them to be more sensible in their decision-making. To paraphrase Lawrence Dennis: what goes around comes around, just as it should. Unfortunately, the majority are too stupid to recognize condign punishment when it comes down on them. The sheeple view catastrophes as being disconnected from their actions. Cause and effect, and moral lessons are far above their capacity to comprehend, as I observe from my daily experience.

As you say, it is logical that the ZOG will censor the net. The kikes have long attempted to categorize un-P.C. items as "obscenity" and "pornography". The 128 page book of banned books used -by Canadian Customs lumps political titles alphabetically with porn titles. I saw "Behind Communism" listed next to "Dirty Behinds" , in the copy I perused. Such censorship might be difficult, for "thought crimes" can be expressed on any website. Maybe the ZOG will shut down the web and blame Osama! We lived before the web, and we could do it again., as in days of yore, when communication was mainly from top, down, rather than all around, as it is with the net. The net also fulfills the U.N. Charter, Article 19 (if I recall the number correctly), in which information shall not be hindered in crossing frontiers. Obviously, most signers of this Declaration violate this article. The ZOG is characterized by its vile hypocrisy.

The local jewspaper reports on "the National (sic) I.D. Card", which will be a driver's license loaded with personal data. What will sheeple who fail their drivers' exams carry? Those who neither drive nor own cars may be deemed "unpersons". More and more of what I see reminds me of "1984" and "Fahrenheit 451". As a kid, I thought their authors were quite imaginative and 'far-out', but not today.

DOWZ!  Eric Thomson