22 April 2002
Re Soldier of Fortune Magazine: Yes, it's kosher, and it's O.K. to call Moslems "rags", if it's on behalf of current kike interests. If it were the Arabs who occupied the ZOG throne, dumb Whitey would be allowed to call sheenies "beanies", or worse. Whitey is dumb and cheap. If he is allowed to use un-P.C. terms when fighting the jews' enemies, he'll die for that privilege. S.O.F. is the magazine for armchair warriors, just as its predecessors were magazines for armchair adventurers with titles like: "How I Braved the Fever Swamps of Foggy Bottom and Lived to Tell About It." I am not surprised that the readership would be overweight, overage and under-exercised. Eventually, big game hunting could be done via Internet, for a hefty fee, of course. The mighty hunter would be able to view the scenery and the game on his monitor, line up the virtual sights, press the firing button and hear a virtual "bang". The hunter's gun-bearers, on the actual scene, would have set up his electronically aimed and operated elephant gun, with its satellite linkup, which had performed the execution of the target animal in the private game park. The head of the carcass would be prepared for mounting and shipment to the customer, er, hunter. For 'a few dollars more' state of the art digital technology could be used to fabricate a videotape showing the 'hunter' making his kill on the scene, in living color and full Dolby sound. On larger spreads, the hunt could be performed by an armed aerial drone and/or helicopter, accompanied by the trophy-taker staff. I'm sure the technology could be adapted for use by blind 'hunters', so that business earnings could be enhanced. Yes, the virtual hunter could also choose his own background music on his hunting video! Such a deal! Did I hear someone say "Decadent!"?

Soldier of Fortune of the 1970s carried favorable articles on Rhodesia. I don't know how many mercs joined the Rhodesian forces, as a result. I never met any. The people I knew, including those from North America, were there for ideological reasons. It had cost them money to come over and fight, and I doubt that their Rhodesian Army pay covered their expenses. Then, there were my sort: people who were persona non-grata in their former countries of residence, an ace away from being French Foreign Legion material, or worse, Spanish Foreign Legion material! We were known as "The Odds & Sods", which came to be like "The Contemptibles". Nobody deserted, for we had no other place to go. We fought, as the sergeant said in the movie, "Zulu", "because we're 'ere, lad." I do not know if  'ordinary' people can begin to comprehend such a desperate state of affairs for civilized men to be in, but I can, since I was one of those. I don't think most people have ever realized how much of our lives is really up to us, for the social context usually provides at least an illusion of mutual-support and continuity. It did tend to keep one on his toes, in this environment of danger and looming upheaval. Funny how my impression of the U.S.A. increasingly resembles my impression of Rhodesia, shortly before the official hand-over to Black Marxist Misrule.

Once Rhodesia and South Africa were no longer fashionable, Soldier of Fortune began to play up the 'heroic' Christian militia of South Lebanon, who fought alongside their 'gallant' Israeli allies. It was around that time the magazine went kosher. Samisdat ads for Third Reich audiocassettes got the heave-ho. The head hebes objected to the Swastikas, then to the SS insignia, then to the ad content, so adios, SOF! Israeli regalia outlets could peddle their Nazi emblems, but Goyim were forbidden to do so. Israel is a major manufacturer and exporter of Third Reich artifacts, so it was not our National Socialist items they wanted suppressed, but our competition. In the eyes of a jew, there are few things which shekels can't 'sanctify'. Yes, Virginia, truth is anti-Semitic.

Your description of the local subhuman habitation as a 'no-go area' is by no means an isolated case. There were such places in Oakland and San Francisco, L.A. and here in Yakima. Years of experience can give one a 'feel' for danger, and if one doubts his feelings, he can go right in and let danger become calamity. Certain hours of the day are 'safe' in most parts of town, except for the barrios. At night, the danger of the barrios engulfs most parts of town, so it's best to be home. Those who don't think so often appear in next day's newspaper reports. Crime will go up with the night time temperatures, and the whole town will reverberate to the loud base farts of Mexican tuba rhythms emanating from the boomboxes of the low-riders. More savage subhumans for which we pay and pay and pay, via the ZOG. Still, it's a 'bargain' for Whitey, since every buck he pays to the ZOG in taxes buys more than a buck's worth of trouble for Whitey. Such a deal! Let's look at the 'plus' side: more subhuman savages means more jew minions to destroy Whitey; more votes for ZOG parties; more consumers for capitalists and sore souls for Christian and Moslem missionaries to convert. Alongside that list of 'advantages', the subhumans' destruction of civilization is a 'small' overhead cost. Nut-so?

In regard to writing, I just do what I like to do, with no publisher or editor telling me the topics I should address, nor content. For these perks, I receive no pay, but I don't need zog-bucks to publish, thanks to the Internet. The first step as a writer is to get published. The Internet fulfills the need for advertising, distribution and printing, which are the 3 functions of a pre-computer publisher. Since the costs of electronic publishing are so minimal, a writer can devote himself to writing, minus the huge costs of printing, distribution and advertising. Conventionally, the advertising costs are more than a third of total publishing costs. This includes paid ads in other publications and book reviews. In pre-Internet times, a writer's access to the public was under strict kosher control, but not now.. If I were paid to write, I could write more, but even without pay, I can write to a great reading public.

In regard to post-1918 paramilitary campaigns of the Weimar era, I am only aware of Noske's leadership of the Freikorps against the Red bandits, and Leo Schlageter's railway sabotage against the French 'reparations' racketeers, for which he was shot. Street fights were common, but I don't think they were good examples of paramilitary warfare, since the police exercised control in their suppression, nor would I call the march on the Feldherrenhalle a paramilitary exercise, for the National Socialist victims of the police did not shoot and did not bear arms. All Weimar groups had their paramilitary formations, but, as I say, I am not aware of any conquests of German cities by means of such forces, for that would have been civil war, and the police were in charge, unlike the situation during the jew-bolshevik terror regimes of 1918-19. Noske's formations of Freikorps did conduct full-scale paramilitary campaigns to free cities from the Reds, after which, the Weimar Republic oversaw an uneasy truce amongst Socialists, Nationalists and Communists, which was frequently broken by street fights. As you observe, the major paramilitary actions occurred in the East, especially in Latvia and newly-formed Poland, where a phantom German army under General von Goltz aided Latvian and Polish nationalists in resisting "Trotsky's" Red Army invaders. Had there been no Germans to fight the Reds in those early years, the story of Poland and the Baltic states might have been entirely different. The ZOG prefers us to be ignorant of the German role in unofficially defending Polish and Baltic states' independence, while ZOG prefers that we remember only the Hitler-Stalin Pact, which permitted Red Russia to invade those lands, temporarily. BaIts criticize Germany for leaving them in the lurch, but I say that Germany was under extreme danger from Britain, France and Poland. Had the BaIts supported the Germans as bravely as the Germans had supported them in the 1920s, Poland, at least, might have backed down. I have no sympathy for little peoples who think they can remain aloof from big people's conflicts, especially when the little ones are smack in the middle! Had Britain been pro-British, instead of anti-German, and had the Polish leaders been sane, there would have been no Hitler-Stalin Pact, and no Soviet invasion of the Baltic states, who could not defend themselves against the Red Terror without German help. ZOG propaganda strives to stoke up Baltic and Polish animosity against the Germans, although their real enemies were the British, the USSR and the jews, before, during and after World War II. "Divide and rule" does work, and in the U.S.A. we call it "diversity". Such a deal! The BaIts had no monopoly on stupidity, however. The Vichy French seemed to think that they could be "neutral" and independent of the global conflict. Even when Churchill showed his true colors by attacking the French fleet, Vichy did not ally with Germany, on behalf of European defence. The more nationalist French who were members of the Vichy militia knew the serious nature of the game, so they volunteered en masse to form their Charlemagne SS Division. The selfish, hedonistic supporters of Vichy paid for their lack of commitment: at least 144,000 of them were massacred by the Reds, following the Allied invasion, along with Admiral Darlan. Polish general Sikorsky also thought he could hold a middle ground, and the Brits finally killed him, after 2 attempts, both involving aircraft sabotage. The third time was the 'charm', for the plane blew up with Sikorsky on board, upon takeoff from Gibraltar. I have good reason to believe that, for all their stupidity, the BaIts and the Vichy French were much smarter than American Whites, in regard to their evaluation of their situation. Poor, dumb White sheeple!

DOWZ! Eric Thomson

P.S.: The British had deeded over Poland and the Baltic states to the USSR before the Hitler-Stalin Pact. Soviet acquisition of these territories was confirmed at Yalta. The Western Allies had no intention of defending the people of Poland from the jew-bolshevik terror, and the same goes for western Europe, which Stalin intended to invade in 1941. Europe's savior, Adolf Hitler, stopped him, and this fact is studiously overlooked by Euro-ZOG. Hitler saved Europe for the Europeans, who are giving it away to the Arabs, Asians and Africans, under ZOG. No people can be saved from themselves, obviously, but the new demographics provides the chance of White Unity, as never before. The job will be easier, for there won't be many Whites to unify.