23 April 2002
I still do not know why you would promote a potentially race-saving technology amongst mongrels who promote the destruction of all races. Well, I guess the German traitors who joined Werner von Braun to build ZOG rockets which propel niggers into orbit also confused means with ends. Mongrel levitation would be great, provided it were on a one-way basis. I'd be willing to give them Mars and Pluto, if they'd just leave Earth to Whitey. The lesson of history is clear: the White man's folly is to confer his technology upon the non-Whites. I suppose the mad motive could be that such gifts would make non-Whites like Whites, or make them become more like Whites. All it really does is make them more effective anti-Whites. Ludovici gave us the analogy of Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods, so that the very worst of man could plague the planet. His brilliant works are also on the FAEM website.

One writer mentions the existence of atomic glass in several parts of the world where no atomic explosions have occurred since the current invention of the atomic bomb. He posits the possibility that there were pre-historic civilizations on Earth, which may have been destroyed by a nuclear holocaust, such as produced the atomic glass at the Trinity Test Site, where the "first" atom bomb was detonated. Sometimes I suspect that all this has happened once before, long before the recording of current history. The mongrel racial makeup of the population of North and South America, with major references to "The White Gods" in pre-Columbian times indicates that more things have occurred in the Western Hemisphere than we can claim to know. As racial demographics appears, the population of the Americas is once again reverting to its pre-Columbian Eurasian mongrel state, with the addition of Black genes, to provide that piquant dash of brutality and ugliness. I do not fully buy into the theories of Heyerdahl and von Däniken, but there may have been great civilizations on Earth with technology as advanced as today's, which perished, and for the same reasons ours is perishing. It is well for us to ask, "When will we ever learn?"

In "Sex vs. Civilization", Pendell points out the advent of 'sentimental beliefs' which hasten the decay and collapse of civilizations, White ones, that is. Christianity-Marxism is such a decadent belief, since it condones and encourages the proliferation of the worst, at the sacrifice of the best; the rebellion of the botched, as I put it. The best technology in the hands of such mattoids can only achieve the worst results imaginable. That is why I changed my academic major from physical science to "the liberal arts", for I was more interested in what an ape would do with a hammer, rather than how the hammer was made; plus, I wanted to know who gave the ape the hammer, and why. The solution is not more hammers, but fewer apes, and dire punishments for those who would provide apes with hammers.

Farmers are madmen. In Africa, they fed the Black hordes who have killed them and displaced them. Now they are doing the same thing in North America, in the interests of profit. Yes, they are almost always self-righteous Christians who believe they have the "God-given right" to pollute and deplete the land, and assist its population by hordes of human cockroaches. Mad farmers and mad scientists play important roles in the death of civilization, on behalf of personal gain cloaked under their credos of Christianity and Capitalism. Most people connected with the illegal drug trade also believe in the sanctity of free enterprise, and in Mexico, Jesus Malverde is the Patron Saint of Drug-Traffickers. Did I hear someone say "Decadence!"?

In the film version of "The Island of Dr. Moreau", the visitor reads the mad doctor's scientific treatise on the turning of animals into humans and vice versa. Moreau tells him that he has proven it can be done. The visitor replies, "Just because it can be done does not mean it should be done!" That is my attitude toward science in a social, that is, human, context.

ORION! Eric Thomson

P.S.: Whitey loves to tinker under the hood so much, he doesn't care who's in the driver's seat. Isn't that right, Moishe?