The jewsmedia reports that "terrorists" may inflict bio-warfare upon the hapless sheeple of North America, but my observation is that the ZOG's bio-warfare program against the North American population is well underway. "Bio-warfare" is just another way of saying "ZOG" .

Before he died of AIDS which he'd contracted from his mestiza wife, David McCalden opined that the ZOG might round up AIDS-carriers and put them into quarantine-gulags, along with political dissidents. I declared that the ZOG would not take any such steps to protect the U.S. population from AIDS because the ZOG is the political equivalent of AIDS. Disease-carriers are its minions, along with criminals and other parasites, so the ZOG would not round up its own! Unfortunately, I was right, and young David McCalden died of AIDS without a trip to a ZOG-gulag. I don't know what happened to his mestiza wife and daughter, but I'd guess they are now statistics.

HIV is spreading, particularly among Blacks and mestizos, so the AIDS time-bomb is getting bigger. U.S. agribusiness abuse of antibiotics is producing more resistant strains of old infections, while immigrants bring in new and better infections. Public health has been consumed by welfare recipients, and now lies in a state of ruinous decay. Medicare and Medicaid scams have further depleted funds. In other words, the people of the U.S.A. are already the victims of ZOG bio-warfare.

Let us suppose that the ZOG wanted to cull certain unproductive groups in the U.S. population, using bio-warfare agents, in order to fulfill its Jew World Ordure imperialism. Since the general population is already being exposed to diseases which are enhanced by environmental pollution and declining nutritional values of affordable foods, the introduction of new diseases would push those most vulnerable over the edge, into extinction. The drastic diminution of bio-diversity in seed crops makes staple grains vulnerable to opportunistic parasites. The same applies to livestock, with the added infection vector of livestock transfers from breeding areas to feeding areas, to buying areas to slaughterhouses. One infected animal could contaminate the entire meat-processing chain, just as one infected passenger can infect an entire planeload of people.

As with other weapons of mass-destruction, bio-warfare can have a 'blow-back' effect on the users. Are specific bio-warfare agents racial-selective? If so, what effects would occur in a mostly mongrel population? The danger would be that the 'favored' groups could be hit as hard as the 'target' ones. Thanks be to ZOG, bio-warfare is already here, so I don't think the lab
at Fort Detrick, MD, needs to inflict any further plagues upon us. Obviously, the best public health measure would be to excise the ZOG from our body politic.

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A conversation overheard near a confessional: "See ya later, fornicator. "After 'while, pedophile." Communists and Catholics alike deem confession as 'good for the soul' or 'the vanguard of the proletariat', as the case may be, but few laymen seem to comprehend the magical  mumbo-jumbo surrounding the current pedophile priest scandal. Why not call the cops and kick out the perverts? Well, one may wonder about all the papal palaver and hocus pocus which impedes this simple performance of justice, so I'll pass on these observations, by way of explanation, if this is the proper word for applied insanity.

(1) The Church's power and privilege invests priests with superhuman credentials. A pedophile plumber has no such status and enjoys no such protection.

(2) In Church doctrine, as I was told by a priest, the vessel may be dirty, but the content is 'pure', because it has been sanctified by a blessing. In other words, a corrupt priest can magically transubstantiate cheap wine and a soda cracker, minus salt, into the blood and flesh of Jesus. The fact that the priest fondles the genitals of choirboys is neither here nor there, according to Church philosophy.

(3) "Sex is evil; evil is sin. Sins are forgiven, so let's begin!" as the minister on the make said to the floozy. Even murder can be forgiven, so why not child-molestation? The involvement of secular law enforcement authorities is 'out of bounds', in terms of religious piety. According to this 'theologic', the victims should forgive their molesters, and their complaints make them 'bad Christians'.

(4) Priests are hard to get and keep, for no normal man would accept a life without the love of a woman. Guess what sort of man would become a priest: a man for whom a lack of female companionship would be no sacrifice! The Church is aware of this fact, so it would prefer that such men remain priests, and that their pedophile peccadilloes be forgiven, but not if their victims have a say in the matter. How very un-Christian of them!