12 May 2002
Yggdrasil. has described the White Plague concisely: Whitey never knows when to be exclusive. Perhaps the White Race will vanish because of terminal inclusivity. As you say; we might as well get used to living in a non-White society. I don't know where one could go to find an all-White society. Perhaps Iceland, but I doubt that, for the White Plague of inclusivity probably affects Icelanders, as it does all Scandinavians. I have long advocated the establishment of a state-within-the-ZOG-state. As you say, local warlords will probably be the governments of the future, but will they be White? Not if Whitey's sheeplike behavior persists. Back in the 1960s, groupies would gather around their guru of choice. In the Hashbury district I knew of one guru who, like Fagin of "Oliver Twist", got his group to steal food from neighborhood stores. I heard they ate lots of ice cream. Then there was the Manson group. I saw him on TV last night, and he looks more Asiatic than ever. I believe his prophecy was correct: "Don't be scared of me. Be scared of your children!" If he were released from the ZOG-gulag, I have no doubt that he would soon obtain a large following. There are all sorts of groupie-culties looking for their Mad Mahdi or Batty Bhagwan.

As you say, living close to the edge, that is, alongside two-legged jungle creatures, keeps one's survival instincts sharpened. A local Yakimoron gave me a ride to Walmart today, where prices were indeed cheap, and I loaded up on soap, lightbulbs, laundry detergent and fresh eggs for less than $13. When I mentioned that it would be inconvenient to attempt to cross the freeway on foot, in case I decided to walk to Walmart, he said, if you went underneath the freeway on the surface, you'd need an automatic weapon to get through the bad neighborhood between you and Walmart. So much for walking with lots of groceries! Coming from a member of the Yakima Chamber of Commerce (gringo) that sounds pretty serious. There are, incidentally, two Mexican chambers of commerce for Yakima.

Yggdrasil mentions that policy can favor the majority, only if majority members pose a real threat to the minority who profit from wars. In this respect, I'm all in favor of guerilla warfare because some fat cat warmonger might get a piece of the action. Why should grunts hog all the incoming mail? Henry Ford was asked about World War I. He said that it could be stopped quickly if 300 international finance banksters could be rounded up and stuck out in mid-Atlantic on some hulk, with the proviso: if they wanted back on land, then stop the war. Ford opined that the war would stop in a jiffy, and I agree. Skorzeny and Liddel Hart both targeted enemy commanders: zap the brains and enemy brawn can be nullified. This means that ZOG-busters need to deal with top-zoglings on a personal level, rather than their mercenary minions. That's when people become strategic targets: the princes, not the peons. Had FDR and Churchill been whacked, then Hore-Belisha and Bernard Baruch would have shown their hands on their puppets' strings.

Yggdrasil points out what should be obvious, which I have also observed, that government exists in the minds of the governed. There is no magical power in being a government, if you don't have the masses on your side. Himmler learned that, and Yggdrasil's description of the German people is correct, from the Germans I have known who survived WWII. The majority appeared to believe their enemies, rather than their own leaders. Germans have told me that they believed Dr. Goebbels had composed "Germany Must Perish!" himself. Germans always trust their enemies, never their own! How deadly and how perverse! The Züdniks, Germans who supported Zündel, would not believe the Holocaust was a hoax until a jew said so. That's what I call sick. As C. Wright Mills noted, many people disbelieve their own eyes and ears, unless they see what they personally witnessed on the mass-media. Then they believe it. That's why they are sheeple.

Yggdrasil makes another good point: if the 'sin' is abstract, the sinner never atones in a lump sum, but must make reparations forever. Sounds like a congenital compulsion neurosis to me. Yggdrasil's description of Jesus as clearly distinguishing those to include and those to exclude is certainly different from the all-inclusive, all-forgiving Jesus of the P.C. crowd. His scourging of the money-changers at the temple does seem peculiar, if we accept the P.C. definitions of the Jesus message. Maybe it was a 'virtual' scourging. Yggdrasil is right on target, as usual. Again, many thanks for all the good stuff you send!