13 May 2002

Re Huxley: I heard his feeble speech in 1961. As I recall, he believed that acid had given him a hint of mysticism and maunderings of 'immortality'. I don't know if he became a deathbed convert to any supernatural cult, but he did not impress me as anything other than a muddled, weak-minded dilettante, a dead man talking.

As I see it, Christianity is the White Race's most immediate enemy, for it destroys our immune system and allows the jew virus to infect us more easily. Christianity is specious universalism, which is no defence against genuine tribalism, exactly as a disorganized mob is no match for a well-organized team. That's why I think the jews do us a service in discrediting the Church of the Pious Pederasts. Mark Twain observed that ridicule is much more effective against pompous tyrants than fear or anger. Every Catholic should be a laughingstock for putting up with absurdity, hypocrisy and buggery, in order to weasel his way into Sky-Jew Heaven. I do not regret that I recognize Christianity as an alien, Semitic mystery cult, although that leaves me very much in the minority when the majority professes some sort of Christ Cult. This is because I'm quite used to being a member of a tiny minority. In India, I was surrounded by a Hindu majority; in Egypt, by a Moslem majority; in Rhodesia, by a Voodoo majority. You mention that Odinists did not construct such architectural triumphs as gothic cathedrals, temples and coliseums. It was the White Race which could construct such things, but any Odinist can tell you that a sacred grove is far superior when it is made of living trees, instead of stone, which separates man from Nature, exactly as Judeo-Christian doctrine claims. No matter how skillfully constructed, a cathedral is basically a shrine for dust and farts. No matter how soaring the roof, it still oppresses, as it separates man from the earth which gives him life and inspiration. As one writer, Foster Morrison, wrote so eloquently, "man can build his temple, but God will replace it with his own temple of living foliage, however long it takes!" My God communicates to me much better outdoors, than indoors.

As I have learned from history, the jews claim to hate the Roman Catholic Church, although they appear to own it and run it for their benefit. It's the old jew-screw: what they claim to hate is really their ally, just as we saw in the "Cold War", with its pretended enmity between USA & USSR, white star and red star, the righthand and lefthand of the ZOG. A charade can gull the Goyim into thinking that a real conflict exists, and seek no further in choosing sides. In The Protocols, the 'forger' declares that it is useful to advocate all sides of an issue, so no matter what side the Goyim pick, a jew will be their leader. In a real conflict, only the Goyim of either side get killed. Such a deal! The future I see for the Catholic Church is that depicted in the movie, "Soylent Green", in which a half-mad Black priest is trying to find beds for all the needy, who have converted his church into a huge dormitory.

I was taken aback by the article in Heritage Magazine in regard to the "unbeatable" West in general, and in Afghanistan in particular. It reminds me of the John Wayne film, "The Green Berets", in which the Vietcong are neatly dealt with and John Wayne makes the sun set in the east. All in a day's work, eh pilgrim? I guess one could call it a victory when one British soldier survived the first time the Brits got embroiled in Afghanistan. The second time, their 'punitive expedition' got shot up, and the Brits declared 'victory' and got out with most of their troops. Churchill was not so sanguine about taking on Afghans as is the Heritage writer. Churchill described the "Pathan" tribes as loving to fight one another, but loving it even more when they fight foreigners. It can be asked who is 'using' whom in Afghanistan, for the ZOG's 'allies' are pursuing their own tribal objectives, just as some Afghans did for the former USSR. The nifty thing is that we are letting lots of Afghans into the USA while we poke around the hornets' nests in Afghanistan. Such a deal!

One thing the ZOG hasn't got is a major weapon of war: TIME! What will ZOG-mercs be like ten years from now? The USA demographics are darkening rapidly, along with changing social values in a negative direction. Maybe the USA will have to rent Gurkas, as well as Afghans. Sure, the ZOG could nuke the rocks in Afghanistan, but the Chinese would not appreciate the fallout. The main problem with nukes is that "everyone gets a share".

You are lucky that the Mau Mau minions of ZOG do not yet use their authority to beat you and steal your wallet, as they do in Africa. They usually kill their victims to avoid any complaints, just as Mexican cops have done with lone gringos in expensive vehicles. We all live on the outskirts of 'no-go zones', which is another 'freedom' our G.I.s fought for. After a similar encounter with a Mau Mau in authority, I would have felt elation that I got away unscathed, rather than be angry and indignant. We are THE minority, remember? and we're here on sufferance, because we refuse to get our act together.

You make a very good point on the effectiveness of propaganda on the present population of North America. I believe that the difference between these denizens and previous inhabitants is the difference between doers and consumers. I was told by teachers of Latin American history that many Spanish expeditions were 'guided' by the equivalent of comicbook fiction. That's why real expeditions went out to find The Fountain of Youth, The Seven Golden Cities of Cibola, El Dorado, &c. U.S. youths volunteered for The Spanish American War for adventure, or the pretext that the Spaniards were devils incarnate, as vouchsafed to them by Hearst's nasty newspapers. So too with the Kaiser. Accusation, no matter how false, was swiftly followed by indignation, then action. Not so with a fat, feminized consumer constituency! Add to this the Babel demographics of the USA, and the jews can whistle Dixie or any tune of their choice, as they hope for a groundswell of popular support for the ZOG, in terms of military enlistments. As the peaceniks used to ask, "What if somebody gave a war, and nobody showed up?" As you say, the jews have seen their high tide, and it's down the drain from here on out. They have made their White hosts sick unto death, and insist upon killing their golden geese, and replacing them with Mudhens. The jew cannot rise higher than his host people, and when they fall, so does he. As we become more jewlike, the jew cannot achieve his insane ambitions. Few jews want to live in their latest 'paradise', Israel, but they are making the last areas of White Civilization into purgatories, because that is their nature and they just can't help it. We are the fools for letting them 'do their thing' upon us. As you say, the 'nice' guys impress no one, and I am certainly not 'nice', but I foresee that we may let our situation deteriorate beyond my recommendations, into bloody, savage chaos, even if Whitey is willing to rollover and die, as he did in Rhodesia.

Thank you for saving me a purchase of Soldier of Fortune. I think your analysis is spot on. No longer are military personnel 'citizens in uniform'. As you say, they deem themselves 'professionals', who have no loyalties to a country nor to a people. All that exists for them is their organization and any perks they derive therefrom. The ZOG has created an alienated army of mercenaries, who will shoot at unarmed Americans, but is likely to flee if they shoot back. Incompetence coupled with corruption erode their combat-effectiveness as their ranks darken, like mold-infested bread. Such types are capable of selling out to enemies, and/or a coup d'etat, in which they would reveal themselves as our Shadow Government. The possibilities abound, like having a deck with a lot of loose cannons. I believe that we have lots of excitement ahead of us.

I heard on NPR that FEDZOGUSA has arrest warrants out for Colombian FARC leaders. If FARC has good intelligence and operatives, they might put out a warrant on top-zoglings. Imagine Cheney on trial in SE Colombia! I also note that Russia's presidential candidate in waiting, Lebed, is now dead. Funny how many important people have flight problems. In Rhodesia, an 'unfortunate' helicopter crash killed the Rhodesian military commander and his 2-I.C. That was a neat way of replacing them with a pro-sellout officer. Another 'coincidence', like the Rhodesian delegate who was pushed out the window in London, during sellout discussions. Bush is either very dumb or he is under someone's gun to announce the existence of a 'shadow government' of so far anonymous people. No banana republican presidente would be so stupid as to grease the skids for his own assassination or disappearance! I would not be surprised to learn that the U.S. government has changed personnel overnight. But I would be surprised if it were any better than the present regime.

DOWZ in any case. E.T.

P.S.: Upon awakening, I see that I omitted commenting on one David Irving, whom I know personally. For a man who has written so many books on WWII, he failed to learn who won it, and it wasn't the Brits. After participating in the second Kangaroo Kourt hearings in Toronto, he still thought he could use ZOG-courts to score a hit on the hebes. He forfeited all his rights to appeal his immigration hearing in Soviet Canuckistan by refusing to be held in custody. I spent over a week as a guest of her Judaic Majesty in the Toronto Don Jail, which was more comfortable and more congenial than the cockroach motel where I resided, and won my immigration hearing. My female attorney had to leave Canada, after her Eurasian son was abducted. I take deportations and incarcerations as a matter of course, and I don't mind being called a "Nazi" for my troubles. David would rather disgrace himself than accept such an honorable title from such dishonorable opponents. So far, his myopic diffidence has not kept him out of trouble, which began with "Churchill's War" and his testimony at the Holohoax Trial of Ernst Zündel. No, there is no 'nice' way of offending jews, so I don't bother trying to waffle so as to inform, while not offending. All one achieves by trying that is to confuse one's potential supporters while offending the hebes, who are keenly aware of that which pertains to them. Neither Fred Leuchter nor David Irving want to heed a Nazi's advice. Pity!