14 May 2002
Remember, it takes two for terror, and if no one is scared, there is no terror. The same goes for art.

I can please myself, but does my creativity appeal to anybody else? If one deems art to be a medium of communication, as with propaganda, the critical question to ask is, "Does it sell?" What, indeed, is art? Anything, really. Politics is really a multi-media form of creative, artistic expression. Hitler was a multi-talented artist, and he believed that the best politician should have at least an appreciation of music. If we examine political leaders from this standpoint, many will reveal themselves as 'tone-deaf', which explains the blightwing's batting average of minus 1000. Blightwingers even use ZOG propaganda to describe themselves, as in "White supremacist". I note Linder has grudgingly begun to use "ZOG" , rather than "The System". The Germans have a concise expression for one who makes his own life into a work of art: Lebenskunstler. That also has connotations of one who arranges to obtain maximum satisfaction from his environment and others in it. Losers are most deficient in das Lebenskunstlertalent. I believe Dr. Goebbels observed that political posters are the correct art form in times of crisis. "Propaganda is not necessarily what we like, but what works!" he said. I remember one blighter who thought a poster with a distorted black visage and "NIGGERS BEWARE!" emblazoned across it was 'the greatest'. A ZOG judge who saw it in evidence in a thought-crime trial found the defendant "not guilty' of "conspiring to disseminate hate literature", for he concluded that the poster was not "hate", but "trash". Since there had been no overt act of littering, it appeared that there was no "conspiracy" worth mentioning. The ZOG's case was dismissed and the defendant walked. If anything, the blighter's beloved 'propaganda' would engender sympathy for Blacks and wonderment at the motive of the producer of such material.

Linder is a good writer, and he echoes much of my own thinking in regard to the nature of the enemy, and the futility of attempting to defeat concrete kosher power with avoidance and abstractions, exactly as Pierce does when he insists that our enemy is "The System", whatever that may be, or is that his code word for "the Eskimos"? I challenge the Piercites on their jew-stats of "2% or 3%" and I also wonder how the jew I.Q. figure of 115 was obtained. I would doubt that jews ever identify themselves as such for the purpose of I.Q. testing. Moreover, which 'jews' were tested? Ashkenazim? Sephardim? Falashim? Indian jews? Chinese jews? In "The Riddle of the Jews' Success", the author points out the fact that jews are taught scams. They are not original, but they are organized. Jew organizations exist prior to the purpose which must be found to give such organizations something to do. Whites are the reverse: they organize only when the purpose becomes obviously urgent, or they tend to perish, as they did in Rhodesia, where they thought they were organized. In fact, they were not organized at all, but were being herded by their Judas Goat leaders. I seem to recall that Pierce also thought jews were White, along with Arabs! Can we say that Roman legions had a higher average I.Q. than the German tribes, whom they initially defeated with their superior tactics and organization? Since later legions were largely composed of Germans, could one claim that the 'smart' Germans joined the legions and the dumb Germans stayed home? Was the I.Q. suddenly transferred when Germans defeated the 7 legions of Varus by using terrain which was favorable to German tactics and individualism? I don't think so. Jews tend to be crazy, and crazy people may as well be stupid, for the outcome is the same. What do jews gain by bashing Arabs in Occupied Palestine? Where is the profit for them? I see none, whatsoever. So much for the "jew I.Q." Otherwise, Linder
puts out good material. If he could dump erroneous Pierce concepts, he'd be much better. How does Pierce compare to Julius Streicher, whom Linder admires? By praising Streicher, Linder reveals everything which Pierce is not, so if one needs a Streicher to succeed, it would seem that Pierce should retire immediately. Next task: find a Streicher!

You mention U.S. prisoners of the Taliban and Taliban attacks on ZOG-mercs. All I have picked up are vague rumors. No help from the jewsmedia, of course.

I don't know if Whitey's outrage genes have been bred out of him, for I tell people that the Holohoax is an insult to their intelligence and a swindle. "But they are God's chosen people!" I hear most frequently from the Goy sheeple. To such Christians, it does not matter if the Six Million Story is a lie. If it comes from a jew, it must be true, or we should believe it to please them.

Your campaign to make niggers uncomfortable by de-littering your neighborhood is a great idea. I understand that a shopping mall was oppressed by nigger loiterers. Their solution was to play European classical music on the mall loudspeakers. The jungle bunnies began to twitch in visible discomfort, and eventually performed a shufflebutt exit of the premises. I read somewhere that the mall was accused of "racism", but found no follow up. I think New York City police began to crack down on minor infringements of the law, such as subway turnstile-hopping. Funny thing was that they caught lots of major lawbreakers when they ran the offenders' I.B. through their records. It is called "the broken window" concept, for one broken window seems to attract more of same, just as one shot-out streetlight multiplies into a darkened street. By repairing the first window and the first non-working streetlight, the rot is stopped. I do the same things, for political activism is multifaceted and a full-time job. Keep up the good work! If Blacks can be exclusive, why not Whitey? Where was Whitey's brain when ZOG forced school integration? In Communist Hungary, forced mixing of races would have precipitated another anti-jew rebellion. Why not in the Jew Ass Oy Veh? I suspect that White parents really don't love their children that much. You are being too charitable when you write that White tolerance of jew-screws is due to our inherent civility and kindness. I disagree. It's very much to do with our apathy and cowardice, which you note in the case of liberals who feed the tigers.

In regard to poverty, I see no virtue in it per se. Poverty is the usual outcome for resisting ZOG temptations and consequent tyranny. There is a wise German saying that it is better to eat from an earthen jar, as a free man, than to dine from a golden dish as a slave. I am selfish and sufficiently survival-oriented to live according to MY definition of 'success', rather than to be miserable from living someone else's idea of 'success'. That's the unhappy fate of those who get into the Judeo-American Rat-race. When I saw that it gave me no satisfaction and lots of discomfort, I got out. I am not a hardy type who can put up with such oppression for very long.

I am not angry. Maybe I forgot how to be at boiling point. Anger is a sign of impotence. Rather than become angry, I am accustomed to figuring out how I will defend myself or get even. Similarly, I would not insult anyone I was about to have executed. "Stand to and keep your powder dry" is my motto. All my energy is required to do battle with all means available, and I just don't have any left for anger. Upon reflection, I've always been this way. It may come from being "born old". I am a slogger, not a sprinter.

As you observe, Afghanistan is going to drive the ZOG to distraction and destruction. The Judeo-American empire cannot stand losses, and the danger, discomfort and attrition of ZOG forces in Afghanistan is like being assigned to Hell, which is exactly where the ZOG's minions belong. ZOG can bomb all the rocks it wants, but the rocks will be there, long after the ZOG is gone the way of previous imperial invaders, and the sooner, the better! No White should serve the ZOG. Leave that job to the niggers and mongrels. Then ZOG's days will be truly numbered.

DOWZ!  Eric T.

P.S.: My bad handwriting is due to several factors: (I) The jews had penmanship abolished by the time I started school. (2) The ball-point pen changed the way in which writing instruments were held. (3) I learned to type at age II. (4) Although I was always right-handed, it was never beautiful, albeit legible. Dim light & rough surfaces do not improve it. Too bad Linder was not around when I edited White Power Report, just a hoot & a holler away from His Majesty, Pierce. Dietz put out a beautiful compendium of Streicher's work called "Satans Kinder" or "Satan's Children". It was educational as well as historical, and it was a total flop. The blightwing, including Pierce, boycotted it. The Germans were too scared to buy it, and they really objected to the jew-star with the hammer & sickle therein, which appeared on the cover. Dietz shipped them, and lots of other material to his brother, who sat upon the shipments, Zündel-Iike, until Dietz paid him a visit & Bundeszog seized the lot. Dietz shipped the forbidden publications to Bundeszogland with pipe tobacco, so customs would have two excellent reasons to seize the contraband. You could smell the tobacco without opening the packages! As I gathered, the ZOG let Dietz-bro keep the tobacco, but not the educational material. Oh yes, the ZOG seized Dietz' & Zündel's postal bank accounts in judeo-democratic Germany. Such a deal! Politics, like comedy, is a matter of timing. In this regard, the train of history has left the blightwing standing in the station. By the time they decided it was their train, it was too late to buy a ticket and board. Those who came to the station, for the most part, weren't even aware that they should catch a train.