15 MAY 02.

Distractions are known to produce the same effects as senility in people who aren't there yet. Nowadays, senility in the young is called "Attention Deficiency Disorder" or some such. The bottom line is the same: information goes in one ear and out the other, while getting jumbled up and chopped into incoherent bits. Of course, when the subject is sex or TV, the younger sub-humans seem to concentrate their minds wondrously. ADD may be the way to tune out unwanted messages, while leaving one's receiver on, in case a wanted message of real interest comes up, like sex or TV.

As usual, you cover a plethora of interesting topics in your letters and newsclips, and I shall attempt to pay due attention to all of them. In regard to The Dead Lebed, potential leader of Russia, who is apparently, or was, Russian, rather than jewish, in contrast to Putin, Primakov and the "Russian" (sic) Mafia: It sounds like a hit job to me, for Lebed may have been unwilling to go along with the ZOG's oil racket in Central Asia and their kosher crusade against Moslems and self-determination. If I recall correctly, Lebed negotiated with the Chechen rebels. From jewsmedia reports I gathered that he wished to achieve some modus vivendi with the Chechens, rather than blast them into extinction. Subsequently, all "Russian" overtures in Chechnaya seem predicated on total extermination, with 'time-outs' for regrouping and reloading of weapons.

Speaking of extermination, many thanks for Porter's text of "The Posen Speech" , which purports to be made by Himmler. How much of it was Himmler and how much of it was Allied input is moot. As I understand, a recording of it was used by one Allied kangaroo court, but "Himmler's voice" is indistinct and there were signs of crude audio alterations. In the 1940s there were wire recorders and Edison recorders which used a wax cylinder. There were also disk recorders, but these were cumbersome, and were used in recording studios. Fidelity was poor and often scratchy, but with digital technology, all extraneous noise can be removed. As Blacks used to say in Africa, "What will these Whites think of next?" When I have more time, I shall scan this version of The Posen Speech. In the Toronto Holohoax trials, the jew, Fried, testified that he and his kosher cohorts "edited" all Nuremberg trial transcripts. I have also noted Germans' frequent use of terms like 'annihilation' (Vernichtung) and 'extermination' (Ausrottung), when the results included live prisoners or detainees. In one German newsreel of the Polish campaign, the narrator spoke of the "annihilation" of Polish Army groups, which were, in fact, surrounded and gave up, without being subsequently massacred. In other words, "annihilation" described a process by which live Polish Army units became live P.O.W.s. "Extermination" actually means "uprooting", but it connotes "killing", according to usage. When Stroop reports the Warsaw Ghetto population as being "exterminated" , it appears that the meaning "uprooted" is intended, for live ghetto-dwellers were removed to internment camps after the ghetto uprising.

Everyone should know that I am not squeamish. If the Germans really did gas jews, I would say so, and I would think no worse of Germans than I do of British. When I believed in the Holohoax, I lived in California, where St. Quentin Prison has a two-seater gas chamber that was in use before, during and after World War II. In 1958, the jew, Caryl Chessman, was gassed with HCN therein. Naturally, if one jew can be gassed, then 2000 jews could be gassed in larger batches. As a person with some military schooling, I am also aware that one's forces should, ideally, take the enemy unawares, strike him in the back, lure him into traps, &c., without the loss of our own soldiers. Thus, I was impressed that the Germans could be so subtle and clever as to invite their enemies for a train ride and a nice, refreshing shower. As for killing women and children, everyone did that, especially the Allies, who were the touted 'defenders of civilization'. I am prepared to believe that Whites used smallpox against the Amerasians, who gave Whites The Great Pox (syphilis) in fair trade. So much for biowarfare.

As for chemical warfare, Whites used alcohol against the Injuns and Injuns have retaliated with tobacco. How anyone survived is a miracle, and I'll drink to that! I am White and pro-White, but I will not lie about matters, one way or the other. Fighting over ways of life and living space are not 'nice' activities, and I agree that all things are fair in love & war. If Whites in general and Germans in particular used any means against their enemies, I would say so, but when ample evidence says they did not, I say they did not. That does not change my racial loyalty a bit. If Whites were man enough to slay Injuns, we should be man enough to say so. The official lies that this continent was somehow conquered with 'sweetness and light' is dangerous and mischievous disinformation. Nowadays, the real means of conquest are being revealed, but in an anti-White context, as if other races are exempt from such behavior. The jewsmedia infer that Whites are responsible for the tribal warfare which has resumed in Africa, after decolonization. Apparently, we are the only race on Earth that is guilty for everything, according to Hymie. Jews brag and profit in regard to their atrocities, but Whites must apologize and pay for theirs, even if the allegations are calumnies. It is high time that we change all this! The ZOG's anti-White genocide program is in full swing, and the jew-supremacist perpetrators are accusing us, who are their victims, as being the 'guilty' ones. A jew may be defined as one who constantly points an accusing finger at others, while pointing three fingers back at himself. Open your eyes, White man, and count the fingers!

In regard to the dredging up of Nixon's tapes, with their anti-jewish content: it is obvious that the hebes are seeking shekels and influence on Billy Graham's followers, as well as Nixon's heirs. For us Goyim, the revealing information is how such Gentile office-holders see the jews, even as they do their bidding. I'm sure Bushy understands that much, by now.

In regard to recent stirrings in Europe on the issue of immigration, the ZOG does not want "too much democracy", as one jew wrote about the advent of Hitler. Solution: kill the un-P.C. candidates before they run for office. A rabbi wrote that "Hitler (Connolly) should be killed before he gets to the Reichstag!" Connolly dropped out of the presidential primaries, and I've heard no more about him. Obviously, Whites will not reconquer their livingspace by obeying the ZOG's rules. Once again, we see such Weimar tactics as police protecting Red demonstrators and arresting anti-Reds after a disturbance. Whites should have sufficient strength to deter Reds and zoglings. I do not agree with Yggdrasil that "Mein Kampf" is unworthy of thorough study. It is a textbook for political organization. Why did the S.A. come into existence? To protect the speakers from thugs. Why did political uniforms come into existence? Because they allowed combatants to recognize one another in brawls, especially when the lights went out, like uniforms of football players. I see that the same lessons must be learned and relearned by those who refuse to read. Yggdrasil makes an excellent point, that in real political struggle, the leaders of the opposition should be personally accountable for their policies.

In regard to the WTC attack, I am unaware than any jews died. I am aware that the Reichmann owners can collect their insurance, for Congress has not declared war. In insurance policies, acts of war are often cited as grounds for nullification of coverage. As long as Bush blabbers 'war', with no declaration of war, all insurance policies remain valid. As I understand it, the Reichmanns needed a large cash infusion for their tottering real estate empire, so cui bono? Out of the official death toll of 2008 for the Trade Towers, around 400 were rescue workers, including firemen and policemen who arrived after the first plane hit. That reduces the normal occupancy figure of 50,000 residents, plus additional visitors and customers down to absurdity. As I read in the jewspapers, the congressional investigation into the 9-11 security 'lapse' is still on 'hold'. I suspect that it will remain in limbo, as the U.S.A. disintegrates into well-deserved oblivion.

I guess we should feel 'sorry' for jews when they can't recognize their own kind. I note that most Israeli Army grunts are Arab-looking, dark-skinned jews, who are indistinguishable from Palestinians. Looks good on 'em! When jews snuff jews, there are usually no mistakes. They know who they want eliminated, and why, as per Lansky vs. Siegel and "Stalin" vs. "Trotsky". Jews tolerate more dissent from their own than they do from the Goyim, but they do not hesitate to kill their own when certain lines are crossed. That's how political power is maintained by any people. The "Godfather" merely depicted a small group of people who behaved like a state, under their prince. As Yockey observed, real politics involves using terminal sanctions on deviates and enemies.

You note the replacement of mestizos and Mau Maus by competent Whites at certain internal security locations, but this seems futile when the country's borders remain open. Eventually, the supply of Ostensible Whites will be stretched too thin, if it is not already. The ZOG has done itself in because of blind, anti-White hatred. My impression is that America's mud majority has no love for the ZOG, and I think the sheenies are aware of this fact.

It seems obvious, as the population darkens, that Blacks will be elevated as "the real founders of America". When the Federal Reserve took over all U.S. currency in 1964, the $2 bill was altered with the Treasury Building being replaced by a portrait of the signing of The Declaration of Independence. This engraving was copied from an official portrait of the signers, but the engraver purposely blackened the face of one delegate, who was not Black. At the time, Newsweek and Time magazines ran brief stories entitled, "Is Someone Rewriting U.S. History?" In previous times, such an error would result in the recalling of the stamps or banknotes, hut not in this case. I can foresee that zoglings will 'reveal' all the Founders' Negro ancestry, and they will edit any un-P.C. statements down The Memory Hole. If one really wants to have a stake in the future, he will 'reveal' that the Founders were all Eurasians!

Thomas Jefferson schemed that "Americans" would be mestizos and he advised Meriwether Lewis & Company to "go out there and miscegenate", but bring lots of mercury to treat the resulting syphilis! Lewis never did write the report based on his expedition journals and he died mysteriously on The Natchez Trace, either by his own hand or by someone else. Perhaps he was too addled by syphilis and/or mercury poisoning. I understand that his heirs have agreed to an autopsy to determine cause of death, but John Wilkes Booth's heirs refuse to let modern DNA researchers positively identify the body in J.W.'s tomb. Mens rea, it appears to me. I also understand that Lindbergh's heirs refuse to allow a DNA test to be done on the body of "the Lindbergh baby". I have done some research on that case, and it impressed me that Charles Lindbergh, Jr. did not behave like a man whose baby was dead, but more like a man whose baby was in enemy hands. He always seemed to be pulling his punches. In the 1980s, I corresponded with an attorney ia California who was handling the case for Hauptmann's widow, who wanted to prove her husband's innocence, and a character who claimed he was the Lindbergh baby. He wanted us to make inquiries about Hauptmann's jew 'partner', Fisch, who left Hauptmann with a shoebox full of Lindbergh ransom money and mysteriously returned to Nazi Germany, where his parents owned a tobacco store in Leipzig. Lindbergh ransom money did appear in Europe around that time, and Hauptmann was certainly not in Europe! Fisch mysteriously 'died' in Leipzig, so we wanted a woman from there to check into municipal death records when she visited her mother there. Perhaps she was deterred by the Stasi, for she came back empty-handed. Hauptmann's widow died and I heard nothing further about the man who claimed to be the Lindbergh baby. What is most evident ia the Lindbergh kidnapping is jewish involvement, from start to finish, including the prosecutors. Hauptmann was very likely their victim, rather than the perpetrator of the crime, and he served to stoke up anti-German propaganda. It really is a small world.

As for paramilitary militancy, your observation that fists must have brains is apt. Such groups are particularly vulnerable to infiltration and co-option as agents provocateur, as in the militias. Once again, my Strategy of Target-Selection is relevant, as well as the Phony Combat Cell Tactic.

Yes, the jews are, as always, over-doing things. When Whitey gets tired of all the Israeli Arab-bashing and Holohoaxing, they switch to niggerball. Will the jew be wise enough to stay out of our faces to this extent, or will he turn up the volume and goad the Goy cattle into kicking over his milk bucket? Stay tuned!

I really like Maguire's output, what little I receive. I should point out that I did not go to Rhodesia because I thought it was an anti-Red bastion, especially not after discovering that the Cold War was an Orwellian hoax, which was aimed at the American and Soviet Goyim. After all, Rhodesia's major trading partners, under sanctions, were the USSR for chrome and Red China for tobacco. My reasons for going to Rhodesia were personal and immediate: to find a temporary haven until certain people died in the U.S.A. Life in Rhodesia was easy, interesting and pleasant, so I enjoyed it while it lasted. And now, I'm baaack!

I also support the Anti-Zionist Alliance concept, because one need not be pro-Palestinian to network and co-ordinate anti-Zionist activities, just as one did not have to be a Nazi to support The Anti-Comintern Pact. I see no reason why whites cannot support the diamond boycott and the kosher food protest advocated by La Voz de Aztlan. To be anti-kike is not to be pro-Mexican! Yes, I sense that the White worm is about to turn, but I still do not know in which direction: immolation on behalf of Israel or a fight for self-determination against the ZOG? The German population of Weimar were, in the majority, army vets, most of whom had experienced discipline, training and combat. They were accustomed to teamwork, totally unlike today's Whites in North America. They also had physical stamina and loyalty, including a willingness for personal sacrifice, on behalf of their chosen cause. With those qualities, the necessary courage simply followed. Men of principle often don't realize how courageous they appear, for they are keenly focussed on achieving their objectives. They just have no time for fear. The German struggle on behalf of self-determination and survival during the Weimar Era must be understood within that specific historical context. Every era provides the means for achieving goals, provided we make use of them. Why march to Berlin, when you can hire a bus? Unlike Hitler, I do not type copies of my flyers. I use a photocopier. Ha! My Olympic manual typewriter is strictly Weimar era, however.

On the biowarfare front, I overlooked a major factor, The Nutbomb! Many thousands of bipeds are totally, dangerously, dysfunctionally insane, and they are living and working amongst us, with their symptoms disguised by medications, just as are many thousands of AIDS-carriers whose symptoms are similarly masked by HIV suppressants. I mention the Nutbomb because a coworker recently stopped taking his 'meds' and truly flipped out. His initial symptoms were inattention to others' requests and instructions; inappropriate replies and responses; weird statements and outbursts which were out of context and utterly incomprehensible; physical agitation, similar to that of a caged tiger, &c. At last, the boss told him to go home and stay home, for he was upsetting customers, coworkers and not doing his job. I was subsequently told that his condition worsened, for he was seen throwing rocks at traffic. He now resides in a rubber room at the local Mental Health Center, where he has been screaming for at least 48 hours, and claims that he is a cobra. I urged someone to tell him that cobras do not scream, so he'd better shape up. Stick to hissing, and he'll be fine! Consider that such types drive vehicles, including aircraft, work in food industries and other essential services, where they can perform acts of terrorism, and/or they are just roaming around, loose. Throwing stones at moving traffic can cause damage, injury and death. Imagine such events happening anywhere, at random, without warning. Crazy, man! I heard that the Post Office has a personnel questionnaire, one of the questions being multiple choice:

A fellow employee says that 'the voices' tell him to go home and clean his weapons. You should (a) Laugh and do nothing; (b) Leave the building a.s.a.p. and don't return; (c) Put in for sick leave; (d) Take a long lunch break; (e) Mention this to another employee or supervisor, if you happen to think of it.

Drugs and malnutrition are factors in mental illness, but heredity is of major importance. A jovial insane asylum attendant told me that people don't check into family backgrounds any more when their gonads urge them into action. They just find a hole and fill it or find a pole and stuff it, so the genetic flip-out factor is increasing rapidly throughout U.S. society and he figures he has great job security. "What is it that you do?" I asked. "Oh, I mainly restrain 'em, drag 'em and drug 'em, for as long as they shall live," he replied cheerfully. Well, it's another growth industry. Indeed, The Nutbomb is armed and ticking.

ZOG's biowarfare program is largely self-inflicted, the direct result of ZOG policies. It is currently slow, but it is cumulative and when it reaches its critical mass, it, will look as if a bomb went off. Populations can change suddenly, even when the build up to change appears slow and gradual. Remember how White U.S. cities and towns used to be? Take a picture from the recent past and the present and it looks like day and night. As you say, the momentum is building and great changes will occur swiftly.

Your observation that food is another biowarfare component is important. As one doctor said, "Americans are overfed and undernourished." I would even say that they are slowly being poisoned by food additives intended to enhance shelf-life and profits. Unfortunately, 'fresh' foods are not necessarily free of environmental poisons, but even so, they are better than stale foods, which may also have the same toxins. Lots of fish are contaminated with mercury and fancier toxins, so that periodic warnings are printed in the jewsmedia, particularly in regard to pregnant women. I am too old to worry about long-term toxicity, so I just eat what tastes good to me. Grease, preservatives and artificial ingredients do not taste good to me, so I don't eat those things. I never liked margarine, and artificial sweeteners leave an oily taste on my tongue, so I avoid 'diet drinks'. I positively loathe preserved baked products and artificial
ice cream, chocolate, &c. On my income, I do seem to eat a lot of beans, as befits a denizen of Northern Mexico. As we say, here in The Great White Hopeland: Así es la vida.

The scenario depicted by the author of "Hear the Cradle Song" seems most credible. I'll send you some info in case you want a copy. In my opinion, the introduction says what is most important: that the North American continent will erupt, when the ZOG runs out of goodies with which to bribe the muds, and that Whites will flee or die in place. The author posits a Black area, a mestizo area and an enlarging Chinese area, with, possibly, a teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy piece of turf left over for Whites, with no guarantee for how long. The scenario of The Turner Diaries fades into America's darkening demography, and Pierce's over-fifties supporters. In comedy and politics, timing is essential. Whitey prematurely 'headed for the hills' when he should have been defending the cities he built, from the alien rulers and invaders. He should have been knocking on his neighbors' doors, instead of polishing his guns. He should have been seeking organization, rather than isolation, and he should have asked, always, of himself and others, "Is it good for Whites?" We and our successors will certainly have to exert ourselves to make up for lost time, and we shall do so, provided our priorities are clear and correct. The ZOG's mud masses are also its liability, for they must be fed. The Mau Maus and mestizos can quickly turn on the ZOG and bite it, if Whitey plays his cards right. I'm sure the jews are aware of this possibility, but that doesn't mean they can avoid it.

DOWZ!   Eric Thomson