19 MAY 02.
You will find that I only make speeches to preselected audiences, for I have long ago learned to save my breath on the masses of asses.

I do not express a 'faint hope' that Weimar-style conditions will propel the masses into revolutionary action. That will come, regardless of the color of the masses, for no one wants to deprive himself and his children of sustenance, on behalf of others. Marxism can only go on until the collective cookie jar is empty, and non-White nationalism will hasten that outcome. Mexicans do not wish to support Blacks and vice versa. As the number of dumb Whites diminishes, "The Moment of Truth" will arrive, and everyone will be able to recognize the fact. As I wrote in "Mestizo America", the jews are attempting to stave off the Day of Reckoning by inflating the currency. Sounds like Weimar, eh? Well, the jews brought on all the crises of Weimar, so it appears that they cannot change their M.O. Like termites, jews are not original.

America was indeed founded on liberal principles, along with lynchings, massacres and committees of vigilance. The U.S.A. has never been a democracy, and certainly never a nation, so the Weimar example does not mean that the denizens of North America will unite under one leader. What I do anticipate is geographical separation of racial/national groups, as is now occurring, under warlords, similar to Colombia and Afghanistan, if the ZOG survives longer than I think it will. The first sign of ZOG-collapse will be mutinies in its imperial forces. The ZOG cannot afford any prolonged ground wars which require large infantry forces, and I would deem restoration of the draft as a step toward domestic rebellion.

I agree that only a change of mind can save our kind, but in lieu of that, events will force upon all of us a change of behavior, whether we like it or not, as occurred in Rhodesia. For Whites, the choice was 'move or die'. I imagine many Whites who chose to move took their silly, liberal opinions down to South Africa with them but move they did. For most feather-less bipeds, that's as close to being rational as they can get.

As I define 'religion', it is a set of beliefs which are not supported by experience nor reality, to which the true believer clings despite all evidence to the contrary. Science is a set of theories which may be disproved and discarded in terms of empirical evidence, hence, the true God of all Aryans is Truth, derived from observation and reason. The fact that most men appear to prefer fables over fact just demonstrates that men are not equal, since some think with their glands, rather than their brains, just as Dr. Oliver observed.

As for practical solutions to our problems, I see all solutions as possible only via a step-by-step process, five steps to be exact: (1) The Idea; (2) The Information about The Idea; (3) The Organization in terms of The Idea; (4) The Action on behalf of The Idea and (5) The Realization of The Idea. We are still in Steps (1) & (2), although I did get a whiff of Step (3) just before Zündel sabotaged the movement he claimed he wanted to create. So much for Great Pretensions, rather than Great Expectations! Great men serve great causes. Self- promotion negates all possibilities of greatness, and achieves nothing of value, even to the self-promoter, like a comedian who performs in an empty theater with canned applause to accompany his attempts at humor.

The establishment of a White colony is valid only if Whites believe in exclusivity, as I thought you understood. Such a colony would be defensible because its members have chosen to defend themselves and their livingspace. A White colony without such an attitude will be a target for non-White invasion. If a pro-White White colony came into being, I would certainly apply to go there. Harold's "Great White Hopeland" concept is meaningless without Whites of good quality who are determined to survive as Whites, rather than as pale-skinned Injuns. Most Ostensible Whites whom I know are Whites-by-default, and their offspring are miscegenating with all extant mongrels. I think we both agree on the ends, but not upon the means and the message. All appeals to reason are nothing, compared to a good kick in the pants, which events will deliver to Whitey in due course. What he does afterwards depends on his capacity for reason and his choice of action and leaders.

All the best & ORION!

Eric Thomson