25 May 2002 from Eric Thomson
Many thanks for the Porter translation of The Posen Speech! If you can E-mail Porter, please find out if the typewritten text was done on a German typewriter. I have heard from various sources that The Allies and their jew hatchetmen prepared forgeries with English typewriters, which lack the Umlaut and the SS runes, whether out of ignorance, laziness or arrogance. Since Porter has viewed, as I gather, the text on typed pages, he would be able to see immediately if the typewriter were equipped with German or English keyboards. In occupied Germany, it would be no problem obtaining an authentic German typewriter, but Allied forgers did not bother in several cases.

My assessment of The Posen Speech is that it is authentic. I arrive at this conclusion by a 'triangulation process', in which I review facts and material obtained from Allied sources. Jew partisans were active, according to their own admission, so anti-partisan detachments, including SS, Einsatzgruppen et al. did shoot jews who were caught or suspected of being unlawful combatants in areas behind the lines. The Holocaustarian point of view can only be inferred, with extreme exaggeration, from the text of this speech, which I found quite inspiring and instructive. Himmler was certainly no Hollywood Nazi villain, but a conscientious and competent leader and administrator, judging by this speech. His assessment of the war also appears as accurate as could be made at the time, although I think he plays down the importance of the lost soldiers at Stalingrad. As I understand from German war vets, Mannstein's relief force was only able to come within 20 miles of the German positions at Stalingrad, so 20 miles was the distance the German Sixth Army had to go, to link up, but von Paulus refused. The traitor, von Seydlitz, wanted a general retreat, so he pulled his own soldiers out of their warm bunkers, "to straighten out the line", in bitterly cold weather. Goering's promises of air supply proved ineffective, due to the cold, which froze lubricating oil and caused rubber to shatter like glass. The jew, Milch, may have had a hand in this debacle, since Goering trusted his judgement. As I heard from a few vets, air supplies did get through, but the containers were full of condoms! Germany's war with Asiatic Russia was on two fronts: German quality vs. Russian quantity, and German loyalty vs. German treason and sabotage behind German lines. The Russian campaign was crippled by Halder's treasonous halt at Smolensk, after the German breakthrough, for that meant winter would come before the Germans reached Moscow. The Italians proved most effective on the Allied side, when they pretended to be on the German side! If the Italians are your allies, you never need an enemy! The Battle of Kursk was the final blow.

Hitler was accused of being a "madman" because he refused to heed his generals. Hitler saw the order of battle at Stalingrad, and expressed his worries about dubious German allies who occupied key positions at the front. Sure enough, those allies, the Romanians and Italians, fled. Col. Rudel said he observed them retreat, leaving behind brand new artillery and stocks of ammo. He was sorely tempted to use his ammo on the retreating scum, but he used it on the pursuing Reds instead. That's why the Germans were encircled at Stalingrad. As the Kursk Salient appeared, Hitler expressed his suspicion that it was a trap, but his generals claimed it was their opportunity to inflict a Stalingrad style defeat on the Red Army. Hitler was right, all along, but Dr. Morell claimed he'd won the Battle of Kursk for the Reds by putting Hitler
to sleep at the crucial time for decision-making. The poor Germans! The French leader, DeGaulle, paid fitting tribute when he stood in Moscow and observed the high watermark of the German offensive: "What a people!" he exclaimed. His companions asked if he were referring to the Russians, and he said, "No, the Germans. To think they had come so far, despite everything."

Although Himmler does not use the same terminology as Savitri Devi, when the forces arrayed against Germany, he identifies them correctly. Savitri Devi called them The Dark Age Forces, and she was also correct. As a child during WWII, I saw White men fighting White men, in pictures. All were clean-cut. We listened to the same music as the Germans. On the radio was a program of organ music sponsored by Harz Mountains Bird Seed Co. Guess where the Harz Mountains are? The Americans claimed to be fighting for civilization, against the "savage" Germans. But one third of American Whites were German. In my childish view, both sides looked the same and 'our' side claimed to be defending 'civilization'. The U.S.A. I was born into had lots in common with Nazi Germany: race-mixing was illegal. Idiots were sterilized; faggotry was forbidden. Men were cleancut and manly in appearance. People were generally polite and considerate. Criminals were deemed responsible for their acts. Police protected society.
Even streetcar conductors were imbued with respect and authority, and lots of people wore uniforms. In 1946, the mask dropped off: White people's music began to disappear from the radio stations and the Afro-asiatic face of Israel was revealed. Civilization had lost! The vast savings accrued from war workers' incomes vanished with postwar inflation. The main victory we achieved was our right to eat butter, again, but that item is now at a premium so Whitey lost on all fronts.

May 8th is indeed a tragic day, for to me, it marked the defeat of White Civilization, and the intensification of the Allied genocide program against a disarmed Germany.

The British and American rulers have been, for at least 400 years, alienated from White people, whom they have misused on behalf of their jewish masters and their own perverted ambitions. Since they are responsible for inflicting upon us the non-White adulteration of our livingspace, we cannot view these plutocrats as our 'racial comrades', but as our worst enemies. The first step in a British house cleaning must be the eradication of the entire "upperclass", starting with the "royals". Then the jews would be exposed and hence, brought to justice. The same process must be accomplished in North America, if Whites want to survive at all.

As for Whites who remain in Black South Africa, I believe they are kidding themselves. Their behavior reminds me of a Gentile who lived in St. Petersburg during the Bolshevik Revolution and the period thereafter. He took every day as it came, existing in the hope that 'things would get better'. The gradual descent into poverty, misery and death deterred him from leaving, until it was too late. Being a Goy, the fellow's apartment was apportioned to the foulest vagabonds, whose filth and stench made living there impossible. He had a wife and small son. First, his son died; then his, wife. The fellow found a nook in the library, where he worked, and he hid out there. Eventually, he also died of violence, disease and/or starvation; or he was taken to a jew-bolshevik deathcamp for "smooth-handed Goyim". All that remained of him was his unfinished journal, which was found amongst other books during a 'spring-cleaning' of the library. Dr. Oliver reviewed the English translation in Liberty Bell.

My overseas experience in general and my African experience in particular, focussed my concepts of White Nationalism, regardless of frontiers. I correctly distinguish between bio-nationalism and the jewish swindle of "geo-nationalism" , in which "nation" is erroneously equated with place rather than race. This is why I coined the slogan, ORION! (OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!)

My efforts at building a White National Movement have been laborious and very slow, due to an initial lack of readers and positive resistance on the part of self-styled racialists who lack the benefits of my academic and practical experience, as well as my ability to see The Big Picture in terms of generations and centuries. Personal egos interfered with my efforts, and there was often extreme resentment of the modest talents I offered my ostensible racial comrades, even when I was willing to subordinate myself, on behalf of a team effort, like a true National Socialist. Some of my collaborators were so jew-dazed that they deemed my input "worthless", since I asked for little or nothing beyond the bare minimum of food, clothing and shelter.

I note that Ernst Zündel and his latest jewess are still asking for money, including inheritances, in order to provide themselves with a comfortable, unproductive old age. Ernst misled me to believe that he was using the Holohoax to build a White Nationalist Movement, or at least, an anti-Zionist movement. When we began to attract active supporters, he personally alienated them. What he really wanted was money and a certain amount of publicity. Willi Krämer, one of Dr. Goebbels' secretaries, wrote us in regard to our newsletters. He said that "propaganda has one proper purpose: to build apolitical movement." This is why I contribute my work to the Internet, to lay the informational and conceptual foundation for building a White Nationalist Movement. I can get the word out, as do my comrades of FAEM, without asking for anything in return. Of course, I work seven days a week at  minimum-wage, coolie jobs, which cut into my time for composition and correspondence, even though I have something to say. Mr. & Mrs. Zündel have very little of worthwhile things to say, and they enjoy lives of leisure, thanks to their generous and foolish supporters. If people think they are worth such support, so be it. Far be it from me to snatch the caviar from their mouths.

Thanks to the White Man's Magical Internet, I reach a vast readership, without spending anything more than postage. This is my most precious asset, so I must urge potential pen-pals to log onto the Internet for my essays, rather than personal correspondence. I type 62 words per minute, but my work deprives me of those essential minutes for correspondence. Were I on the 'net', myself, I would have no time at all in which to answer E-mail. I have found that ease of communication is in inverse proportion to the value of that which is communicated.