26 May 2002 by Eric Thomson
According to my information, the 'Ice men" mummies found in NW China were people  known as Tokharians, and their domain stretched from NW Sinkiang to Turkmenistan, where they had a trading and manufacturing center on The Great Silk Route. At the ruined site, archeologists found a furnace for making "Damascus Steel", which the non-White Arabs obviously copied. The story of these Aryans resembles our own: they shared their technology with racial enemies, allowed them to invade their livingspace; collapsed from within and were conquered from without. The once-great center of Tokharian civilization is now populated by a few semi-Mongolian shepherds. We can only wonder what the Tokharians might have achieved with their inborn scientific abilities, were they left alone by the mud-peoples.

I lived in Soviet Canuckistan alias "Canada", for over a decade, on and off. One fellow said that Canadians voted twice against self-government: in 1776 & 1812. He opined that they preferred "order" to "freedom", and this division of British colonists in North America was genetic, a biological sorting out of two different species. The facts do appear to support him, for Canadian Whites behave similar to former residents of Communist countries: they lack initiative, which has been bred and beaten out of them, just as Charlemagne did to the freedom-loving Saxons, to whom he offered "baptism or the sword". It is a sad testimony to their bravery that thousands of Saxons chose to die at the hands of Karl the Saxon-Slayer's Christian minions, rather than defile themselves in cowardly submission, and thus become 'sheep', rather than men. If one is not hypnotized, the Christian prattle sounds like a prelude to a masochistic orgy. "We are dogs, unfit to eat the crumbs from our master's table." "The Lord is our shepherd." Timothy Leary said it best in true Christian words: "Baah, baah!"

I'm glad to read that you have a copy of Peter Tompkin's "The Magic of Obelisks". That book is omitted from the local library catalog, even though his other books are listed. It says about all there is to say of Freemasonry, that it is a Satanic cult, permeated with Judaism, Kabalist and Egyptian phallic worship. The book also shows Satanist Alastair Crowley's certificate as 33° Freemason, the same 'honorary' rank as FDR. At one degree of Freemasonry, the "true name of God" is revealed as Jabulon or Yabulon. It is a triple, 3-in-l demon: one part Ya, the jew tribal god; one part Baal, the Babylonian fertility god, and
one part Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead. Nice fellow! Similarly, the mythical founder of Freemasonry, Hiram Abiff, was said to be part jew, part Babylonian and part Egyptian. The word "Free" is Orwellian, for "Freemasons" are bound by Satanic oaths, and are anything but 'free'. I have associated with a great many "Freemasons", and they convey to me a sweet, sickly stench of decay; that of rotting corpses sprayed with perfume. They mistake effete decadence for politeness, and their little egos are puffed up with ersatz feelings of superiority toward us, whoa they deem "the profane". I would agree that their knowledge of degeneracy and decadence is superior to mine, and I prefer to keep it that way.

Thank you for informing me about India's "tree-marriage" custom, another 'mystery of the East'. After my own experience of India, I concluded that I preferred not to know any more of their 'mysteries' and 'exotic customs'.

I visited the local INS office, which appeared deserted. Outside were piles of new immigrant asylum applications which had been dumped in the trash. The head of the local INS is a Mexican, and the place has been the target of huge Mexican demonstrations. The U.S. immigration laws remain, but their enforcement has been inconsistent and sporadic, as I have witnessed at firsthand. North America is up for grabs, and the hispano-mestizos intend to take all of it, if they can. 

I'm glad you were aware of The Podkletnov Experiment and its alleged results. The article I sent you was the first time I'd heard of it.

I think our positions on colonization are unnecessarily split. I think you finally said it best: Without desire and determination, there can be no colonization, for they are inextricably bound up with one another: the proper attitude for realization of the idea. The phenomenon we see in North America, in regard to White Flight is merely a decadent pursuit of the line of least resistance, with no intention of defending Whites' livingspace. That is my critique of ongoing demographic shifts.

As I understand, from my readings of Covington, all he wants to do is to partake of a community of 'good old boys' out in the boonies, with all their Christian kookery. I don't know what he deems "White", but my firsthand experience with many of these 'good old boys' is that they have Amerasian blood and are merely Anglo-mestizos, usually with blond or red hair, freckles and slanted eyes. Rather like the semi-Mongolian Finns, with here and there a bit of moonshine and more recently, a plot of pot up the holler, where them revenooers cain't find it. That is not my idea of community nor civilization. I guess I've been spoiled.

Ostensible Whites seem determined to give up their livingspace, their jobs, their children and their future to the non-White invaders, here in North America, but there are signs of White awakening in such places as Belgium and France. Europe is so much smaller than Judeo-America, so alien proximity breeds Aryan hostility. In my own case, I have been surprised at how short my fuse was when a mestiza moved into my apartment building and got all her dildos from the barrio to come over for a perpetual party. The racket prevented me from sleeping, and that takes a whole lot of racket to do that. I dropped by and let the group know that I worked to pay their welfare and I needed to sleep in order to work, so they must be quiet or they would leave, one way or another. No, I was not kidding. Apparently, there was a resident revolt pending on the premises, for the jew landlord served the mestiza with an eviction notice. The police began to visit the mestiza apartment, to add to the sound effects, and her visitors revved their hotrod alias taco wagons and blared their boomboxes at all hours, just like a fiesta in the barrio, every night. As things turned out, she left, and all was quiet on the Western Front. I had warned the jew that there was no such thing as "one mestiza", any more than there is such a thing as "one cockroach". She was "single" and "childless", but when she appeared, there also appeared two shitty-diapered spiclettes who screamed and crawled in the hallway. A miraculous conception? Had she not left, I would have embarked on guerrilla warfare: all spicmobiles on the premises would be sabotaged; her electricity would have 'failed' and any spic resistance would have been met with deadly force. The police did assist in her removal, as they should have done, but the police are becoming spic, so who knows how the law would be interpreted next time? Finding affordable places to live is not easy. At any time of day or night, one must be prepared to defend himself, as in trench warfare, should there be a mud invasion of one's dwelling, when one is home. As long as I'm alert, mean and vigorous, the muds will leave me alone, for I think they know that I have nothing worth their while, if it means a fight to get it. As I survey all that I own, I can voice sincere doubt that anything I have would interest a mestizo bandido, unless he wanted to create an empty apartment by removing my dead body, if it were not HIS dead body. Does every White have to experience this sort of living conditions to wake up? If so, then we are dull-witted sheeple, indeed! Yes, let's hear it for eugenics.

Great letter to Chretien. I noted a wee typo in which you refer to Palestinians as "indigent". They are that, but you may have meant "indigenous". Maybe Chretien will send some money to the Palestinians. Ha.
Keep up the good work! ORION!

The Arab muds don't like "Nazi support". Once again, I sniff agent-provocateur-manship. Why can't Nazis have pro-Nazi demos? Why have pro-Palestinian demos, as "Nazis"? To be effective, an anti-Zionist rally must be anti-Zionist. The ZOG has already clued us into the identification of "Nazi" with Arabs & "terrorism". My question is: are these skinheads 'useful idiots' or conscious ZOG-mercs? I see it as a 'no-win' situation for our side, in either case. It does appear as if agents provocateur have moved in on Pierce, but since he puts zog-bucks first, he may not understand what he is getting himself into. Zoglings are also expendable, even if he is on their payroll. Osama bin Laden, after all, was and maybe is  a CIA asset.

From your statement that he claims he was a journalist in The District of Corruption, that alone would indicate that he was of the kosher tribe. Jews love to do their "Nazi schtick': I remember the scary Hollywood Nazis like Konrad Veidt and Otto Preminger who obviously loved to preen themselves and strut around as "SS" or "Wehrmacht" officers in their Hollywood versions of the uniforms. Eric Stroheim, who stole his "von" , was a jew who also loved to play German villains, preferably as German officers. He wade some nasty stuff in World War I, to inflame the gullible Goy audiences. The jew hates who he would love to become. Stroheim always wanted to be an Austrian Army officer. I guess he'd have disgraced his uniform as he did on the silent movie screen, had he been a real officer.

I have "White Power" on my bookshelf as a useful reference book. It's definitely worth haying. I don't remember if I sent you a copy of my book review of a Rockwell biography, "American Führer". I had begun to typeset a reprint of "This Time the World" , so I learned a lot about Commander Rockwell from his autobiography. I do not see any merit in the efforts of 'kosher' biographers, when the 'real thing' is available. At least it used to be.

A Judas Goat is used in stockyards to lead animals up the ramp into the slaughterhouse. The animals which follow the goat are slaughtered, and the goat returns to the stockyard for more followers. So far, the Goyim, or cattle, have not wised up.

I.Q. is a potential. As you say, it means nothing if it produces no results. It is the same as knowledge without action. The Germans have a beautiful term: the Liberating Deed" (Die befreiende Tat). I have experienced the exhilaration of such an act, several times. It may only be in saying "I quit!" to a nasty boss, or some form of crossing the Rubicon, by mating the conscious decision to go one way or the other. It took me years to discover that most people were map collectors, rather than travelers. I would read a map to get from A to B, just as I use words as a plan and a prelude for action. Later, I learned that most people used words as substitutes for action, like talking about sex or eating, rather than doing anything. I also learned that these bipeds accepted others' words as consumerites, perhaps as entertainment: "Boy, that fellow down there in the water sure has a loud voice. You can hear him calling, 'Help!' all the way up here." "Oh, yeah? Let's check out the niggerball game on TV."

Elmer Pendell in his brilliant eugenic opus, "Sex vs. Civilization", describes the decline from a creative, problem-solving society, down to one which can barely maintain the artifacts of the past; thence, beneath that level of existence, at which point it is clear to most every-one that civilization has collapsed, as I described in "The Rebellion of the Botched."

As you indicate, Le Pen is too old. Like a true leader, he could see trouble long before the masses of asses could, but they would not heed him. When they do, France will be an Arab country, and it will likely be too late.

Whites can form a state-within-the-state with an invisible government, as long as they are not a tiny, visible minority in the Land of ZOG, but if Whitey dallies, he will lack the necessary sea of numbers, and like Mao's fish, he will be high & dry and also, dead. I think the SS philosophy is pretty evident in The Posen Speech. Offhand, I can't think of any textbooks on this subject. I'll be on the lookout, however.

Yggdrasil's attempt to make Christianity into a masculine, racist, exclusive warrior cult is nullified by the overriding mass-interpretation of Christianity as the exact opposite: a feminized, miscegenist, inclusive pacifist cult. He may be correct, but then, we'd have to be jews, as Jesus says in Matthew 10 & 15. The rest is Paulist b.s. Christianity is not a White man's religion and it is not good for Our Race, as Hitler mentions when he lists the forces arrayed against the Aryan Cause.