30 May 2002 – Eric Thomson
I wonder how long "Wendy" will be allowed to function under Black Misrule. I tried to warn White South Africans that their fate would be the same as Rhodesia's, as long as they were ruled by the same anti-White governments, although I did not call them ZOGs (Zionist Occupation Governments) at that time. My pamphlet entitled "Rhodesia Today – Race War & Race Suicide" refers. My article, "Our Egregious Elite", explains my view of White race-traitors who serve the jews against their own people. These were the founders of the U.S.A. and their successors, which include my relatives, two of whom signed The Declaration of Independence. Charles Thomson was the Secretary, and, being a Freemason, drew the "Great Seal of the U.S." which is displayed on the back of the $1 bill.

The war is not just one of being outbred by non-Whites. If that were all, then the U.S. Civil War and World Wars I and II would not have occurred; and Whites would not have ended their rule in Africa; nor would Whites allow non-White invasion of their livingspace. To reverse this trend, it is no good to breed more Menschen material for the jews, as we have done so far. We must decide to be pro-White. Our first question must always be: "Is this good for Whites?" Our first objective is to win White minds to the pro-White cause. If that is achieved, White bodies will follow. As long as we behave like "sheeple", and do not rid ourselves of our anti-White rulers, ongoing demographic and economic trends will get worse. That is why I say DOWZ! (Down with ZOG) and ORION! (Our Race is Our Nation!).

You said it well: Britain is like a pirate ship, whose captain has betrayed his crew. If only White Brits could learn that simple fact! The U.S.A. is just as bad, and it has even more power to perpetrate evil, on behalf of the jews who command it. Since Zionist evil is worldwide, we should combat it worldwide. A Zionist is a jew-supremacist, and he need not be jewish to do the jews' criminal jobs. This is why I have initiated The Anti-Zionist Alliance, as we saw around World War II, in the forms of The Anti-Comintern Pact and The Anti-Fascist Alliance. The task of the AZA would be exchanging of information and networking, so as to co-ordinate anti-Zionist campaigns. Already, anti-Zionist non-Whites are declaring a boycott of diamonds ("the jew's best friend") and kosher tax protests, which Whites should have done long ago. AZA would not be pro-Moslem or pro-Mexican, for instance, but anti-Zionist, and that which harms Zionism is good for Whites, and everyone else. I attempted to initiate such a movement with Arabs, when I wrote "The West, War & Islam", in which I pointed out that information was a better anti-Zionist weapon than expensive and dangerous armaments, which would invite attack. Attacking the Holohoax would serve to discredit and partially disarm the Zionists in Western countries, which are the Arabs' most dangerous potential enemies. From the Arabs, we received no response, but from the jews and CANZOG, we received harassment in the form of lost postal privileges and thought-crime trials.

For me, White Nationalism and anti-Zionism have always been worthwhile causes. Our message, therefore, should be "we, we, we", rather than "me, me, me". Ernst Zündel declared before witnesses that he "was the cause!" and that he "made use of people". When comrades were detained on the CANZOG-USZOG border, Ernst said "they are JUST volunteers!" My comment was, "What does he prefer, mercenaries?" Ernst dropped out of the White Man's Cause long ago, and his latest jewess will see he does not return. When I review his newsletters, I am appalled at how little he has to say. Perhaps he needed me to help him say things. Rimland(er) has a lot to say, but it also boils down to "me, me, me" and "gimme, gimme, gimme". Back in 1992, I learned that Ernst's jew dominatrix, "Anne Burton", wanted me out of Samisdat, and that I would be "leaving Toronto soon." That's why I wrote my letter of resignation and caught the first available ride, back to the U.S.A. I have a copy of my letter, if you care to see it. After I departed Toronto, Ernst was claiming that I had "disappeared" and hinted that I was an "infiltrator". Why was that? Because I "performed menial tasks on the premises! If had I known "Anne Burton's" degree of control and influence over Ernst, I would have gone back to the U.S.A. in 1976, and not bothered with all the Samisdat senility and ZOG harassment. No matter how competent and faithful a crewmember, the ship is lost when its captain is dominated by a shipwrecker. That was the lesson I learned in Toronto. In the U.S.A. I immediately earned my living at menial jobs, with the mestizo invaders breathing down my neck. My "ace in the hole" used to be my willingness to take any job, no matter how hard and dirty, when all else failed, but now, the Mexicans compete for those jobs, and they have 'race' in their favour. I am very lucky to have the jobs I do work at, while I try to contribute to White Racial Survival with the little time and money available to me. I do not consider myself a 'martyr', but a man of knowledge and privilege, in the service of my Racial Nation. ORION!