31 May 2002        Eric Thomson
You do yourself a disservice when you compare your status unfavorably to that of the 'solid' middleclass. What is wrong with any man who achieves his freedom from the Judeo-American rat race, psychologically, as well as physically? The second step would be to find a female who has done likewise. There is nothing solid about the White middleclass. As you say, it's heavily in debt. If it were not, it would not be "the middle-class". By conforming to a standard of consumption which is financially beyond their earning abilities, the middleclass shackles itself into slavery of mind and body. My parents attempted to conform to the middleclass lifestyle, and it took both their incomes just to keep up with installment payments and interest. They truly lived lives of "quiet desperation", just as Thoreau described. I found it oppressive and nagging. We owned neither house nor car, and I asked my mother what it was we were running from, for I sensed their anxiety. I said, I would prefer to turn around and face "the bogeyman" head-on, than suffer such constant fear. Yes, I turned around, and I see the nature of the bogeyman: it's our own gullibility and the jew puppet master. As in the grade B horror movies, once we see "the monster", it really is no longer so frightening.

The writer, Romney, seems wise in ways of living. I think we know the basics, however, without benefit of his book. I consider the fact that I have not needed to wear a suit in at least 40 years, in order to work. A secure source of food is the essence of freedom and independence. That's why the jews want Goyim to leave their land, for a piece of fertile land makes one independent of jew money. During the 1930 Depression, one small farmer said, "Our tomatoes don't know there's a depression!" As long as he had his bit of ground, the banksters could huff and puff all they wanted, but he could still feed himself and his family. Of course, many small farmers weren't so lucky, and they soon learned the price of tomatoes when they had no money to buy them. Knowing how to live off the land does not require one to "own" it, if one is 'creative'.

As for ZOG-merc mutinies, I do not write of this likelihood out of wishful-thinking. I merely attempt to put myself into the boots of a "flag belt" ZOG-merc. I'd have to be extremely isolated from U.S. society in order to believe that "Americans" were "White", and I'd have to be extremely ignorant if I were to believe that "race was not important". What am I to think, as I trade rounds with muds "overseas", when I have sufficient muds at home, who are no more "American" than the muds I am supposed to fight? I'd have to be extremely stupid not to ask two questions: (1) What am I fighting for? and (2) What's in this for me? As an "American", I'd be aware of my own pursuit of happiness. I would predict that real combat, with 'incoming mail' would tend to concentrate the ZOG-mercs' minds wondrously, on these and other questions. (3) might be: Why am I fighting Mos-wogs here? Is it to protect the Mos-wogs who are living in America, in ever-increasing numbers? If you remember "All Quiet on the Western Front", you might foresee a change occurring in the attitude of ZOG-merc flag- wavers, once they had a whiff of real combat. Methinks they would change their minds. Were they ambitious, they might think of doing things on their own, perhaps as warlord-druglords on a piece of turf, or leaders of "the official shadow government of the U.S.A." It makes no sense to battle Arabs at the frontdoor, while admitting them at the backdoor, much like bailing The Titanic from the bow, while letting water in at the stern. In short, I believe that idealism, especially unrealistic idealism, soon shatters on the iceberg of reality, the reality of wounds, death and discomfort, and the knowledge that non-White "Americans" do not have to share such dangerous duties. Again, I say that machismo tends to go out as enemy 'mail' comes in. Another factor is that this undeclared "war" has no frontlines. A soldier in Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Arabia et al. is unable to defend his family from enemy action at home. It is indeed rattling on a grunt who hears enemy fire in his rear area. I just doubt that White ZOG-mercs are physically and psychologically prepared to lose their lives and limbs in such nebulous and treacherous conditions, in which our own leaders are our own worst enemies. No matter how pro-ZOG White ZOG-mercs may be, the growing mud factor in America foreshadows their eventual defeat and extinction. That's why I coined the slogan: "America, if you love it, don't leave it!" What do a few 'victories' matter, when the war against the wogs is lost at home? "Boy, we sure zapped them ragheads over there! It's great to be home!". "What you mean, 'we', White man? And whose home do you think this is?" As you say, the ZOG depends on White military might, while it does everything to destroy it on the homefront. Nutso? Remember, the White ZOG-mercs in the U.S. Air Force were reported as 'disobeying orders' on bombing sorties over Vietnam, when they deemed them to be 'suicide missions'. These actions were not deemed mutinies, since the orders were canceled. I do not think this generation of White ZOG-mercs is any more suicidal.

I don't think I am ever pessimistic. One Canuck asked me what kind of medical insurance I had in Colombia. I said none. But, how could I live so dangerously? I have no medical insurance now. I replied simply: Where I was, there were no doctors and no hospitals. The nearest road was two weeks away by horse and mule. When I fell off my horse and landed in a corral, I skinned ay leg from hip to boot top. What an opportunity for tetanus! Well, I treated myself. First, I took a general anesthetic: chicha & aguardiente. Thus numbed, I applied lots of iodine to the abrasion and let it dry. I always carry a bottle of iodine for disinfection and water purification. Conclusion: If I got sick, I would likely get better. If I got worse, I would likely die. Either way, no problem, so who needs insurance? When I got The Aztec Two-Step in Guadalajara in 1959, I was miserable. I lost 20 Ibs. in 4 days, according to the scale. The third day, I feared that I would die, and the fourth day, I was afraid I wasn't going to die! Many of my gringo fellow students flew home, but I stayed, for Latin America was part of my career, regardless of illness, danger or death.

In my travels, I also got to know myself. I am not such a bad sort, in my opinion, but I often strike bourgeois bipeds as being "a monster" who is "coldly rational, determined and ruthless". And I thought I was enjoying an adventure! We live and learn, and the bourgeois bunnies do have a lot to learn, as their world of abstractions blows away, like the morning dew in a hurricane. Yes, positive-thinking is more pleasant and productive than a state of blue funk and black pessimisa. As the Spartan leader was told, "The Persians are so many that their archers can blacken the sky with their arrows!" "Very good!" said the Spartan. "That means we can fight in the shade!" I, too, tend to look on the bright side. Even if I know that the road ahead is mined. Perhaps I would have made a decent SS man.

My impression of Serbs, Croats and other Slavs was derived from firsthand experiences. I do not care to generalize, and I would certainly enlist all & sundry as allies, bearing in mind that a Serb is a Serb, first and foremost (and why not?). It is also wise to heed the old adage: "A Serb without a bomb is like a day without sunshine!" Yes, "Don Andrews" also got charged for having 'bomb like' items or 'potential bombs' in his possession, although he had not intended to use them. A bomb is like a piece of jewelry to a Serb, just as a firearm is to a blightwinger, who treasures it, displays it, polishes it, but never uses it!

"Don's" problem was his penchant for petty crime, even though he was under the ZOG's spotlight. His neighbors informed on him and his visitors, noted car license plates, &c. and there were directional mikes to catch every word in his backyard, along with informers prowling his premises, looking for saleable bits of info. The Toronto Mestizo kooks were also into criminal activities, which gave the ZOG the handle they needed to smash the group, without 'political' charges. These blightwing debacles were largely self-inflicted. Perhaps if we'd had a better Serb, the Western Guard Party would still exist. Thanks be to ZOG that such dysfunctional groups no longer exist to do everyone mischief! No White government would put up with such needless hooliganism, either. As one jew described a couple of self-styled
Nazis to a jew talkshow host: "Under Hitler, such people would have wound up in a concentration camp, rather than the NSDAP!

I agree with your comment on taking a break from White Nationalist propaganda. How Many more sermons does the choir need to hear? As I wrote before 9-11, I think things will start popping, soon, and I agree with your sense of something Big about to happen. I can almost hear a very big shell being shoved into a breach, but I know not where, nor what its target will be. All I know is that it will affect all of us, whether we are on the sending or the receiving end of the shot.

The latest alarm on the terrorist front is a warning that apartment buildings in the U.S. may be blown up. Why does this remind me of FSB stunts in Russia, which were blamed on the Chechens? Some FSB agents actually were caught, bringing explosives into a building, but they got off, claiming it was just a 'drill' and the TNT was just 'dummy' fireworks. Best of all, comrade, I can also sell you this bridge in Vladivostock, real cheap! Trust me.

Responding to alarm after alarm can bankrupt a country, and demoralize people. "He who would defend everything, defends nothing," as Frederick the Great observed. Stay tuned! DOWZ!