10 June 2002       —    Eric Thomson
Jobwise, it's feast or famine, so I must take advantage of the 'feast' while it lasts. There is no guarantee that it will, for this area is becoming a Turd World slum. I worked in Palmira, Colombia in the middle 1960s. Its population was over 100,000, but its industrial base, electric power facilities and municipal services were 50% of those available to my hometown of Newhall, CA, with a population of barely 2000+. "How did these people live?" I asked. It was indeed a mystery. Here, it is no mystery. They live on the fatheads of the land.

Thank you for Yggdrasil's latest on Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, the foremost of which is Christianity, which was imposed on White Europe by force and fraud. "Baptism or death" were the terms offered by Karl the Saxon-Slayer alias Charlemagne. As for the blood-thirsty Crusaders, as I recall, Frederick Barbarossa made a deal with the Arabs to admit Christian pilgrims to all the "holy" places in the Middle East, but the reigning pope was incensed over this bloodless arrangement and demanded "blood!'. I don't know why Yggdrasil believes that the Crusaders' job description included conversion, along with slaying and plundering. In those days, infidels were to be slain, rather than converted; at least in the Middle East. One Christian chronicler of Drake's wrote piously that the English did the Spaniards a favor by slaying them swiftly, for the longer they lived with their Papist beliefs, the deeper into Hell they would descend. I'm sure the Inquisition thought likewise of the English heretics. I wonder what Yahweh thought about it, aside from having a good laugh at seeing "Goyim killing Goyim", in the words of Ariel Sharon.

Yggdrasil is quite ignorant of National Socialism, by his own repeated admissions. Has he never heard of Gottfried Feder, The 25 Points, Hjalmar Schacht's monetary program, the NAPOLA, Strength Through Joy, The German Worker Front, the placing of community interests above those of the individual, &c.? As for being "dreadful", MEIN KAMPF" is better written, more informative and more accurate than the Old & New Testaments of the jewbook, which Yggdrasil interprets selectively, so as to support his personal version of the Jesus mania. The passages in Matthew, in which Jesus himself says that his disciples should not go preach to the Gentiles, but only to "the lost sheep of the House of Israel", and that Gentiles are "dogs", is sufficient deterrent to me. I have no stake whatsoever in this Semitic imposition on the souls of White people. Christianity should be treated as the vampire it is, with the stake of Truth driven through its rotten, murderous heart. Christianity is just more jewish mischief. No wonder it attracts so many pedophiles and assorted perverts into its priesthood!

I do not see what shame Yggdrasil finds in the biological term, "White". He seems to prefer geographical designations. Maybe a nigger born in Norway is a "Northern European" to him. As populations darken, geography must be dropped as a distinction of biology. I say we stick with White, and stop blabbering about "Euro" this or that. As the alien invasion proceeds, it will be nonsensical to refer to someone being "French" or "English", for that is another geographical distinction that is becoming biologically meaningless. This is the Age of Biopolitics, not Geopolitics, as I wrote in 1976.

The Gestalt I receive from Yggdrasil's writings is of a White man in his seventies, who has enjoyed the good life in the U.S.A., amongst affluent, mainly White company. I refer to his mention that he hadn't done his own grocery shopping for at least a decade. He probably drives or flies around the U.S., when he must venture out of his enclave, unlike those of us in the Greyhoumd set who know America's Heart of Darkness and Desperation. He was probably never a 'working stiff', and if he has foreign travel experience, I would guess it to be as a First Class passenger, who did not reside in war zones and countries in states of emergency. This appearance of being above the turmoil of the toiling masses gives his writing a certain distance which is almost surreal. I would compare his writing to mine as I would the discourse of a lifetime reservist whose military exercises were confined to the parade square, and that of a front-line soldier in the trenches.

Hitler was no slouch in terms of factual, philosophical and political output, although Yggdrasil seems to be ignorant of National Socialism in theory and practice, in concept and content. I have seen two volumes of Hitler's speeches, in English. Unfortunately, they were in the possession of The Zud in Toronto, so no one was allowed to study them and they may have burned in the Carlton Street Holocaust. He did nothing with them, except display them on a shelf. I was able to scan through some of them and I could see that Hitler was able to address current social, economic and political matters, domestic and foreign, with a keen understanding of historical background, and a canny sense of  the "possible', which is the art of politics. Too bad some of them are not now on the Internet. Hitler's "Secret Book" is readily available in English. Although he dictated it around 1928, he left the manuscript unpublished, for obvious reasons, for it states Hitler's unswerving intention of attacking Red Russia to seize land to feed the German people.

Hitler wished to avoid another war with his beloved British by avoiding trade rivalry, which was the primary cause of World War I. Benjamin Freedman, protégé of bankster Hans Morgenthau, Sr., agreed with Hitler's analysis. When Germany was partially unified in 1870, the population lacked sufficient agricultural land to feed itself. That meant two options: war for land or trade for food. Russia had the great arable land areas, but the Germans knew a war with Russia would invite attack from the revenge-seeking French. Thus, the Germans decided on commercial trade expansion, which inflamed the British. In his "Secret Book", Hitler addresses all these issues and then some. He warns against the export of Aryan technology, in particular to China, and stated that it would create unemployment and lower living standards in White countries, just so a few capitalist coupon-clippers could fatten themselves on Aryan genius and Chinese labor. "Sell them ships, but not shipyards," Hitler advised, for he did not want the Yellow Man competing with copies of White technology. Hitler's warning was ignored and his prediction has come true! Look around you, White Man, and you will know that Hitler was right! When a man is right on so many matters, it behooves us to read and to heed what he had to say. Yggdrasil could profit greatly thereby, for he seems to be attempting to reinvent the wheel in terms of biopolitics and economics. It's all been done before, and then some. I would suggest he find a decent translation of "Mein Kampf", for starters, and read it. "Hitler's Secret Book" was translated and published by the Allies after World War II. It has an introduction by Telford Taylor, shabez Goy of the Nuremberg Show Trials. When it looked as if I would be living out on the street, I sold my copy to a local book dealer, and when I had the zogbucks to buy it back, someone had bought it, probably a jew censorship committee, which regularly tours and scours the secondhand book stores for "un-P.C." items. As I recall, Taylor accused Hitler of "wanting to conquer the world", and that this "secret book proved it!" Nowhere do I recall seeing one statement to that effect from Hitler, aside from taking land from Red Russia. In all of Hitler's statements there is nothing so blatant as "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" (New World Order) , which is the declaration of intent of the U.S. government that appears on its Great Seal. One colleague said that the declaration was "New Order of the Ages" , however, my abysmal knowledge of Latin tells me that "seclorum" relates to "secular" or "worldly", so I shall stick with my translation: NEW WORLD ORDER. President Bush agrees with my translation, so there! Of course, anyone knowing Bush's intellectual powers would have reason to doubt.

The ZOG has given notice that playtime is over, kiddies. USA TODAY of June 4, 2002 has a tiny article on page 10A headlined: "CIA paramilitary unit targets terrorists". Although it states that this hit-squad is "to deal specifically with terrorists overseas", I am sure that the ZOG has similar hit-squads for domestic "terrorists", which is anyone the ZOG chooses to call a terrorist. It's time we began to call the ZOG a terrorist organization, as well as a Racketeering Involved Criminal Organization. Gee whiz, didn't the ZOG condemn other countries for using paramilitary units or "death squads" against "bandits" and "terrorists"'? Weren't those governments supposed to use "democracy" and "the rule of law", instead of snuffing out opponents under cover of "night and fog"? Chile was the favorite villain of the Reds, er, "liberals", but who's Chile, now? to paraphrase the old song. Where are Argentina's Galtieri and Chile's Pinochet, now that we 'need' them?

In its state of terminal hysteria, FEDZOGUSA is likely to attack White dissidents, since we are by far the weakest opponents it has. The Black Muslims and Mexi-nazis are too formidable in terms of jewsmedia hype, numbers, unity and organization, along with weapons and the determination to use them. That's why I think the ZOG will go all out against White rabbits and creampuffs, as its first step in 'securing' North America for the Jew World Ordure. How much time we have left, ZOG only knows.

Here on The Western Front of the "Great White Hopeland," I am aware of the fact that I could
be taken out by mud-thugs and/or ZOG-thugs at any moment of their choosing. Is any other White man able to state the contrary in his own case? Security is ALWAYS inconvenient. I am involved in the "security industry" to some extent, and I am well aware that my job could be eliminated if people were honest and competent. All those doors would not have to be locked. Dual sets of keys would not be required, nor surveillance cameras and VCRs. Imagine posting sentries before one goes to sleep, and making sure they are relieved according to roster! I am reminded of a Waffen-SS veteran's tale of The Eastern Front: His patrol was assigned to feel out Red positions, so they approached a group of huts cautiously, for there appeared to be no one outside, but smoke was coming from the chimneys. My friend and his comrades burst into the huts, and found them full of Italian soldiers who "were tired of the war and the terrible Russian winter". "You'd better post a sentry!" said my friend. They just shrugged, for no one saw why he should stand outside in the cold. When the SS patrol returned, they saw that the
Reds had paid a visit: all the Italians were lying naked upon the frozen ground, crucified with their own bayonets, and some the thoughtful Reds had provided. They no longer complained. Maybe Whitey should start doing some serious thinking.

I differ with Maguire in regard to conscription, sneaky or otherwise, for I think the on-rush of events will cause the U.S. to collapse before such a subtle program can be implemented, ZOG willing. As I read the runes provided by the jewsmedia, there is little love and trust for the ZOG, including the top echelons of the judeo-capitalist world. The welfare rabble show no signs of diminishing, along with the prison population. How can the ZOG meet their accelerating and infinite "needs" and fund and fight an ever-extending world conflict with undefined enemies and unspecified objectives? The mad bandits of ZOG have largely destroyed the homeland of the New World Order, as the Roman imperialists destroyed Rome, by exchanging its sturdy peasantry for the urban mob. Such a deal! Empires are run by occupying ground, not by carpet-bombing it. Aryan technology gives the ZOG its edge, but lack of Aryans will bring about the ZOG's undoing. Israel already sells the latest U.S. military technology to China, so the fall of the ZOG will be hastened before the last Aryan croaks. From my vantage in my bunker on The Western Front, I have the impression that I'm watching a 5-ring circus with lots of dangerous and ugly acts.

Any experience of Nature's Realm and the realization of our animal requirements for survival should be learned by every White person. We have become so fascinated by our toys that we neglect our very means of survival. How many urban Whites could recognize a wheat crop if they ran through a field of it in their flight from nigger cannibals? Not many, I fear. We have allowed ourselves to become dangerously like the Eloi: just as thoughtless, lazy and vulnerable. Civilization is possible only with surpluses of food and time. Hunters and gatherers spend so much time chasing something to eat that they are lowest in terms of culture and civilization. Nomadic herdsmen are higher up and sedentary farmers are on the
level of 'most civilized'. I define civilization as a degree of comfort and culture. Pendell defines it as "an accumulation of artifacts". I am surrounded by useful artifacts which I have scrounged from alleys and departed residents. I do not accumulate things for keepsakes, but for use. I have all my requirements for civilization, except for time, so I am living much like a hunter-gatherer with a hand-to-mouth existence, with no surpluses of food or zogbucks which would provide me with time. How many symphonies could Beethoven write if he had to work under my conditions? Beethoven was a great composer, so he might have written one or two in his spare time, but nowadays, no one would want to listen, nor play, nor promote such "white noise". We're lucky that Beethoven lived when he did, and not now! We live in an African village, owned and mismanaged by jews. So much for "American" culture. We didn't have to
allow this to happen, but we did, so the fault lies in ourselves.

I have practiced Yggdrasil's 'hard' advice for decades in razzing the P.C. types to their faces. As the faces darken, and I become The Lone White Man, I see no purpose in 'converting' the muds who have used P.C. as a weapon of conquest over us, and who will discard it when it no longer serves them. As an old White man, my views are dismissed as those of a talking mummy. The muds don't care and the Whites don't listen, so I have become a living fossil, too 'far-out' even to be a curiosity, let alone an object of contention. It is obvious that race is everything, for I am both informed and irrelevant here in "The Great White Hopeland". I can appreciate this little joke as I await something different from my present fate: becalmed in a lull before the storm.

In regard to architecture, I agree with Thoreau who advised us to 'build great men, rather than great buildings." I observe that the greatness of men is inversely proportional to the greatness of their buildings.