11 June 2002     —   Eric Thomson
I do not stock books for trade or sale. The few books I have are for archives purposes as references in articles I write. I sometimes refer to the cabala, but I did not write a book about it, nor do I have a copy of "Blood Ritual". I enclose a current booklist of an online book dealer, who was referred to me by a correspondent in Pennsylvania. I do not know  who Siegrist Verlag may be, nor have I had any contact with them.

In regard to 'the legacy of Judaism', I suggest you read "The Great Jewish Masque", which may have been written by Arnold Leese. The Habiru Sagaz alias Hebrews (Desert Cut-throats) picked up other folks' religious tidbits in their predacious perambulations. Along the way, they dumped their goddess, Astarte, changed her sex and demoted her to a demon. The patron demon of Jerusalem was a satanic god named Ninip, who incarnated in the form of a pig. That's why pigs are taboo with jews, rather than "unclean", as they tell us Goyim. Pig-eating would be like pope-eating for them. As for Christ-eaters and blood-suckers, I can express only disgust. How can "sheep" eat flesh and drink blood? "Mystery Babylon" lists all the pagan creeds incorporated into Christianity, in order to gain converts, just as voodoo is admitted with a wink by Catholics via Santeria. As I understand, Jesus was an Essene, whose doctrines may resemble those of Buddhism. Nicholas Carter wrote many good articles for Liberty Bell. I enclose a copy of his reference to Buddhism entitled "A Rational Religion". As I understand, the ancient religion of the Aryans is well-described in the Hindu Vedas, the Rig Veda, in particular, which I've not read. Dr. Oliver summed up Christianity thusly: "What the Christians brought to Europe was not new and what was new was not good." The jewsmedia reported the discovery of a Coptic manuscript in Ethiopia that quoted Jesus as saying "We are all sons of God!" In other words, we have no need for priests, temples nor 'holy' books, so we should conduct ourselves as we see fit. Morality comes from within. It cannot, for long, be imposed from without. Were Jesus to reappear with that message, he would be killed by Religions, Inc., as he allegedly was in 33 A.D. "So, ya vanta shpoil our racket, schmuck!" quoth the rabbis, preachers and popes.

We note in all religions the tendency toward idolatry and spookistry which occur with the admission of mud-people and Whites of low intelligence. Hinduism is top-heavy with encrustations of mud. Savitri Devi said she would find the pristine Aryan religion beneath the dung, but she died before she succeeded. From her writings, I gather its main theme: that Man is part of Nature, and evil occurs when Man seeks to "conquer" Nature, rather than understand Her and work with Her. Man must be Life-Affirming, rather than Man-Affirming, for His own good, and the good of the planet upon which he lives. As modern Hinduism is interpreted, "be fruitful and multiply" is the mindless credo and practice. I therefore believe that National Socialism was the Aryan version of what is now called Hinduism, with its eugenic policies. Buddhism was an offshoot of Hinduism, and it dumped The Code of Manu in regard to race and caste, making Buddhism a form of religious anarchy. Community exists despite Buddhism, not because of it, and similarities may be found in statements allegedly made by Jesus, who came "to turn father against son!', to "bring not peace, but a sword", &c. The fact that Buddhism and Christianity could be incorporated as organized religions is outstanding proof of human cleverness and hypocrisy. Who other than such hairless apes could create a community out of individualist anarchy? It's like forming an Every Man For Himself Club with strict rules of collaboration, duty and self-sacrifice! Amazing! The trouble arises when someone does follow these individual-anarchist creeds to the letter. That's when The Cross and/or The Stake appear, for no group can afford anarchy, if it seeks to survive.


 As you say, the Whites must fight for their existence, wherever they are, but, as Earnest Sevier Cox pointed out, the Whites in Africa are doomed as long as they 'need' nigger labor. The fact that the German National Socialists did their own work made most Whites in Africa and the U.S. South anti-Nazi. A jew report about the U.S. KKK said that they would fight the Germans because they were White Supremacists, not White Nationalists. Most members of the KKK who I have met are mestizos and quadroons. They need niggers so they can look 'White' in comparison, but they are not White and certainly not Aryan in behavior.

I have nothing against emissions of "Schmalz" from the Zuds, but I do urge financial help for activists who are more controversial and therefore relevant, than those who are enjoying a comfortable, self-promotional retirement at donors' expense. Paying to read their 'love letters' is like paying to watch episodes of Roseanne Barr making toast and drinking coffee at her kitchen table. I think they are well enough off to live out their lives in comfort, but not in peace, for I think the territory of North America is about to become a war zone of races fighting over booty and turf, amid the ruins of the ZOG. Ernst will rue the day he betrayed his activist supporters, if he has the power to comprehend what is looming in front of him. Rimland(er) will make a buck any way she can. You remember her anti-Nazi pot- boiler, "Demon Doctor"? It is really funny. Maybe she can make some money from Ernst's mailing list, and when that dries up, she may pull a Willis Carto and move on to new 'suckers'. Definitely, no one should dwell on The Zuds, nor should they receive further financial support from the Cause off which they live; similarly, no one should dwell upon The Titanic nor expend money for any more paint and brass polish. If Ernst would like to work for a living, I would recommend him for a job as retail clerk. It would help if he could speak Spanish, and keep his face well-tanned.

Yakima is named after the "Indian" tribe which abundantly occupies this part of Central Washington. Like most towns in this part of the U.S.A., it is an appendage of the reservation, and its majority is Mexican. Whites are very few in number, and they tend to be anti-White Whites who must prove their Christian-liberal 'love' for all darkies. White females demonstrate their P.C. bona fides by befriending non-White studs and getting pregnant by them..
The Whites did not conquer the Indians. They merely coexisted with them, copulated with them and thereby produced a mass of brown Anglo-mestizos who feel somehow superior to the floods of Hispano-mestizos. How does one tell the difference? Anglo-mestizos drive vehicles with huge wheels and boomboxes playing nigger rap crap, whereas Hispano-mestizos drive vehicles with small wheels and play bean-fart 'music' on their boomboxes. The number of Asian faces increases and the Blacks are running scared. Without the Whites' protection and pampering, the Blacks would not survive. Local Blacks were brought in by anti-White Anglos as strike-breakers and they remain as crooks, pimps, drug dealers and welfare recipients, but they are entirely outnumbered and out-gunned by the invading hordes of Mexicans and Asians. Yakima has its very own Buddhist temples and at least one mosque, which serve to make this an "All American" city.

Well, I must be off to my coolie job, but I am lucky to be employed at all as an "old White man", here in Mestizoland.

All the Best & ORION!