12 June 2002  – Eric Thomson
I acknowledge Fate, I do not trust it. It is hard to communicate feelings which are down-right Aryan to those who do not understand, but I shall do so because you can readily grasp what I am saying. I believe that Fate provides victory or defeat, but that we must bring the courage. I believe that it is how we play the game, not whether we win or lose. Hope is not necessary for a religion, when one adheres to one's moral code. When Greeks were White, they used to write tragedies in which the outcome was always foretold. Why would anyone want to give away the plot? It was not the end which was important, but how each character played the hand of cards fate had dealt him. One who sticks to his creed, based on his identity, has already achieved 'salvation', whether he lives for many years or dies instantly.

Religion can be superstition in defiance of reality. The scientific method has qualities of religion when it is adhered to, regardless of the outcome of an experiment. In this aspect, religion is a code of values, coupled with the belief that these values are correct, moral and just. But religion is much more than mere belief. As Hitler said, "It is not enough for a National Socialist to declare, 'I believe!' It is necessary that he declares: 'I fight!'"

The Great Culling will take place in North America in regard to values and behavior. Those whose behavior is not survival-oriented and therefore, realistic, will perish. Life will be concerned with the getting of food and defending it, along with one's community. To the extent that behavior traits are genetic, that is, racial, we can foresee that those with far-seeing leaders and discipline will win out over the more shortsighted. In the initial phases of the Collapse & Culling, marauding mud-masses will be most dangerous, for they will seek those with food, which they are incapable of providing for themselves. Those who will not work together and fight, will surely die of their own decadence. Those who participate in the Struggle for Life will no longer be decadent. Whether any Whites will survive this period, I do not know.

I see no reason for pessimism, for we are witnessing a natural process: that which dies decays, and fertilizes new life, as you have probably seen in the Amazon. Christianity is an agent of death and decay, and it may have run its course, like a fever. Will Whites recover, or will they succumb to the moral disease? It is up to them. There were many aspects of Roman society which resembled things we dislike in the present ZOG-empire, and those negative aspects crumbled with Rome. Radical emergencies require radical responses. Those who are well-endowed with The Life Force can take the challenges in stride. Those whose Life Force is absent will fall by the wayside. The German war hero, Col. Rudel, said it well: "One only loses if he himself gives up." The pressure of ongoing events will soon sort the sheeple from the wolves, probably sooner than we might expect.

We are men, not gods, so we should consider our problems, not theirs. I agree with your assessment of the 'spiritual' aspect of religion, in that "God helps those who help themselves."


P.S.: I think it is not so easy to sneak up on the jew-dazed sheeple with a 'moral message' which includes racism. The inclusion of racism would make such a message 'immoral' in their hysterical stampede into miscegenation. Race-mixing is touted as their sign of virtue and morality, according to their incessant bleating, which I hear in my daily environment. Those in the thrall of The Dark Age Forces can detect such Golden Age attributes as racial purity and elitism with the sensitivity of iron filings to a magnet. Anything which contradicts their death-cult of miscegenation and degeneracy immediately starts the skraelings a-shrieking. Amid this bedlam of Babel, the Aryan fulfills his duties, which are inseparable from his concept of freedom: "Better it is to eat from a clay pot, as a freeman, than to dine from a golden plate as a slave!" When Spartans were White, they knew that, also: "no rights without obligations". Thus, in a White society, the general good comes before the personal, as on the sea, where the ship's welfare must come before that of any sailor. These are some aspects of a religion that I have not learned, so much as 'recalled', through acknowledgment of its presence. It is a matter of being, rather than belief, which is the guide for action, rather than a substitute therefore. This religion is equally valid for the Aryan surrounded by his enemies, and the Aryan amid the community of his folk. Hence, we are the men for all seasons.

 * * * * * * *

So the U.S.A. wants to be exempt from the kangaroo court it created in 1946 to lynch German victims on Purim. That means the U.S. is 'jewish', for jews are always 'special'. One kike with a South African accent says that Israel cannot be blamed for practicing 'apartheid' on the Arabs. No, what the yids are doing bears no resemblance to separate development policies of South Africa. If I had to live in the sheenies' daycare center for Arabs, I would put on a bomb-belt and make my exit, taking as many yids with me as I could. As the Germans say, "A horrible end is better than an endless horror." The jews are well-practiced in persecuting majority peoples. What is happening in Occupied Palestine could happen here, if we let the yids get away with it. That's what they did in Russia and Eastern Europe, with U.S. help, from 1917 onwards.

Sorry about those 'mystery tapes', and thank you for listening to them and letting me know their content. I wonder what is "good" about the "good book", whose two main themes are porn and treachery. Holy whores, Batman! A Christ-eater who flaunts the name "Yggdrasil" on the internet describes "manias and the madness of crowds", forgetting that the Jesus-cult has all the symptoms of mass-hysteria. As you observe, religion is usually the problem, and not the solution. Christolatry got the White man into his present mess, so "going back to the true faith" can only get him deeper into the dismal swamp.

The jews' Jesus-jammers are still publishing their "end-times" blather. All good Christ-eating sheeple should support Israel, is their message, for this will hasten the advent of the jews' messiah (the anti-Christ), and bring down Son of Sky-Jew that much sooner. Some orthodox jews protest that Israel is the work of Satan, for Yahweh kicked the kikes out of Israel, using the Romans as his agents, and jews are not to 'return' until they fulfill their deal with The Jew in the Sky. You may wish to show the enclosures to any bible-banger you know. It comes straight from the sheenies' mouths, so it's kosher!

I wonder if the Roman Catholic Church will have any White people therein, after the sex scandal subsides. Ireland seems to be a huge crime scene of priestly pedophilia. In Canada, newspapers now refer to "perv-priests" in headlines. Back in the 1950s, I asked a priest about imperfection during a discussion at a college I attended. He cited dogma: the priest is authorized to give the sacraments, regardless of his degree of dishonesty and corruption, he said, for 'the vessel may be unclean, but his blessing purifies the sacraments'. I said that it was a poor analogy, for serving clean food in an unclean vessel contaminates the food. Try eating from an unwashed chamber pot, I suggested. The priest replied that such matters were in "God's hands", but I said the Health Department would certainly be interested. Spending too much time around priests can make one an atheist.

As you say, what goes around comes around. I look forward to the day the U.S. & Israeli reps are tried for "genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity", for they sure need to be brought to justice. Naturally, the jews should get ten times as much justice. Ha!

The 'good news' is that Covington has announced his Triumphal Return to The Great White Hopeland, in which he will 'bless' Olympia with his presence. I received a pre-addressed envelope with a maildrop for Olympia, along with his triumphal announcement. Such a deal! Well, he'll have more Chinese food in Olympia, to supplement his Mexican diet.

I frequently read of "wild fires" in Arizona, and I hope you avoid "tame fires" as well. A nigger Forest Service foreman's poor judgment led to his death and the deaths of several young firefighters here. Since he was Black, it was "not his fault", but his honkey supervisors. Funny, when I was a foreman of a helitack hotshot crew, it was my responsibility if my decision got us into trouble. But we know, "Blacks are special". Yes, It would be nice to have an uncensored visit with you.  Here, I am surrounded by muds and have to throttle down what's on my mind.