13 June 2002 – Eric Thomson
Thank you for providing me with all the acne information. Since patriotism and religion stimulate emotions, then it is logical that all emotions can cause acne. What a good argument for zombification! I appreciate your knowledge of people, organizations and their origins. You are certainly a treasure trove of information and comprehension! Your findings on the ADL-FBI relationship have come out in the recent issue of The Barnes Review, in regard to FDR's "Sedition Trials".

I don't know if you ever heard of Bill Grimstadt's three 90-minute audiocassette program entitled "Sirius Rising", in which he touches upon the use of the U.S. people et al. as 'material' in a judaic alchemical 'experiment', in terms of cabalism. A fellow listener asked me if I believed all the monstrous machinations & manipulations to be true. I said, yes, in so far as very rich and powerful people appear to believe in the efficacy of what they were doing. The Rockefellers were major players in funding all sorts of cabalistic chicanery, including "The Moon Landing". Grimstadt mentions the "prediction" by Jules Verne that the "moonshot" would be based in Florida. Rockefeller's buddy, Flagler, was behind The Jupiter & Lake Worth Railroad, which connected "the star towns" in Florida. Like The Protocols of Zion, the Jules Verne depiction of a moon-launch from Florida is a recipe, rather than a prophecy, just as a recipe for chocolate cake usually results in chocolate cake if it is carried out. How 'prophetic'! Grimstadt later updated "Sirius Rising", and now calls the program "Conspiricon". I have not heard it.

Yes, we live in a magical world, as I wrote in The Cabalistic Curse of Christianity. To make a spell binding upon the victim, "all things must be made manifest". If, when that is done, the victim does nothing or, even. better, FORGIVES the perpetrator, the victim becomes guilty for the crime perpetrated against him. That is why jews chant, "Never forgive! Never forget!" The evil that jews and their minions accomplish is made possible by Christians, who ceased being people, in favor of being "sheep". Hence, the jews make use of Christians as livestock owners make use of sheep: for fleecing and slaughter! We should not be surprised that things are as they have become.

As far as Germans being ignorant of the Boer War, I don't think any of them were, for it was a current event, just as The Spanish American War was for contemporary U.S. denizens. The fact was, as Himmler said, important lessons were not learned from the British treatment of the Boers. I would guess this was the result of Germany's own imperial ambitions after 1870. World War I would not have consumed the lives of so many soldiers, had the lessons of The U.S. Civil War been learned by the European combat observers who witnessed major battles. The effect of trenches and massed firepower upon troops attacking over open ground was obviously overlooked, for that is what wiped out attacking infantry in WWI. In The Boer War, the British learned about marksmanship, the need thereof. Hitler's fault, in 20-20 hindsight, was his love for his fellow Anglo-Saxons of Britain, regardless of whom they served. I certainly would have captured the British Army at Dunkirk, and from that position of strength, invited the Britzoglings to negotiate for peace. "Our Race We Slew for the Inner Jew", as I wrote years ago.

During the 1960s, I was indeed witness to lots of ZOG-orchestrated mind-manipulation projects, using drugs, hypnosis, induced insanity, &c. which were usually disguised as religious/philosophical 'movements', along with communist activism directed by young kikes who aspired to become American Lenins. You obviously remember The Symbionese Liberation Army & Patty Hearst. It was like being in a circus of insanity. The writer Hunter S. Thompson would describe it as "bad craziness". I saw nothing in it for me, so I continued my studies over-seas and was exiled in Africa after FEDZOGUSA confiscated my doctoral dissertation on Peru. That turned out to be educational and was indeed a privilege. I am reminded of Kipling's poem, "If", with the line: "If you can face Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same..."

My intellectual peers are Joseph Conrad, Jack London, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, B. Traven ("The Treasure of the Sierra Madres", "Death Ship" et al.), H.L. Mencken, Earnest Sevier Cox, and mostly other writers of that period around the turn of the last century, for my own life parallels theirs in many ways, even in the last part of the 20th century. When I state that I fought in the last colonial war in Africa, it does tend to make me sound much older than I am, although it happens to be the truth! I have been privileged to have traveled in space and in time, for one day, my knowledge may serve the White Race, on behalf of its survival. As for gods, they can take care of themselves. My concern is for my people, who need to wake up and attend to their self-defense. "God helps those who help themselves."


During The Age of Filth, which Christians call "The Age of Faith", the jew custom of not bathing was adopted, even in NW Europe by the Christian sheeple. Lice were called "pearls of God",  and even today, jews consider lice a sign of good luck! Naturally, when people do not wash themselves and their clothing, all sorts of acne will infect them. In Islamic countries, Christ-eaters are considered "dirty" because of their traditional, religiously-inspired dirt and stench. As Whites became less Christian, they became less filthy, so one does not see as much acne in White people in more recent times.

In regard to "binary-wave" zapping of the population to induce confusion, passivity, suggestibility, obedience, &c., are our Zionist rulers zapping themselves along with everyone else, or are they somehow protected from the waves? You remember the renegade Irishman, Tim Leary and his jew buddy, Alpert, now "Ram Dass", who promoted LSD and destroyed many lives in so doing. Leary seemed to have no particular behavior problems, to my knowledge from reading the jewsmedia. In other words, he was not confined in a loonybin, even with his definition of insanity as "a different level of reality". Others who took LSD, either knowingly or unknowingly, did not fare so well. The jew, "Ram Dass", actually seems to have turned a profit out of his "acid-guru" status. The Jonestown survivors were also two jews, one of them attorney Mark Lane, who is connected with Willis Carto, as I understand. There he was, surrounded by dead bodies, hiding in a room full of money, valuables and passports. What was a poor jew to do? It was a "real holocaust", I'm tellink you! Binary wave transmission is not, I would assume, particularly good for a receiver's mental and physical health, like fluoridated water. Do our Zionist
rulers drink that, also? Do they also eat junkfood and take dope? Machiavelli warned The Prince that vices can debilitate him and ruin his effectiveness as ruler.

Satanist Alastair Crowley (sp?) was indulging in all manner of debauchery and perversions, and seemed like Superman, by doing and ingesting things which would have sickened most people with less robust constitutions. Crowley could even perform physically-demanding feats like mountain-climbing. He took all sorts of drugs in his satanic sex magic rituals, including heroin. Then, one day, he discovered that he really did need a 'fix'. Rather than go through heroin-withdrawal, Crowley yielded to the urge and became an addict, until his death. I heard that he died of old age in California in the 1940s or 1950s. Crowley also knew that his satanism could become dangerous to the practitioner in the form of "obsession", as he put it, similar to a drug addiction, which overshadows and dominates the will and life of the addict, making him much less of a person, and much less effective in any sphere of activity. In other words, if our ZOG rulers indulge in the same things they use to poison the masses, how long will they be rulers? A dope peddler who is himself addicted becomes a hazard to himself, as well as to others.

The idea of reincarnation, which is the primary assumption in Hinduism and Buddhism, may have been intended more objectively by the White conquerors of India in pre-biblical times. The clue was pointed out to me by Savitri Devi in this one holy Passage from The Bhagavad Gita: "From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and fro. this, all evil." By avoiding adultery (race-mixing) a people can maintain their racial memory and the quality of their character, as well as their physical and biological appearance. Lathrop Stoddard, the physical anthropologist, stated that different physical qualities indicate different mental and behavioral characteristics. This is obvious in observing Black and White behavior! If I look like my father, and his father before him, chances are good that I will continue to represent his culture, values and ways of doing and thinking. Learning becomes a matter of' 'recalling', as I have experienced, when at sea: "Here, you are home!" and when learning Swedish, which triggered memories of archaic English words which resembled those of my Scandinavian ancestors. Genes affect behavior, and that is why jews and their ZOG minions are inflicting genocide upon the White Race, in violation of every section of The Genocide Convention, which is a Treaty, and as such, has the same force and effect as The U.S. Constitution, but Whites are not protected by this Treaty, or by the Constitution, as we know.

Once again, if our rulers do not protect themselves from the evils they inflict upon us, how will they survive to rule over us? Bush, Jr., seems to have debauched himself with various substances during his teens and college years, just as his obviously mestiza daughters have been doing. That is why he is someone's puppet, for "evil has no time for vice". The personal habits of the good man and the truly evil man are much the same in terms of healthy living. Debilitating vices are the hallmarks of little men, in my experience.

Israel's real name should be "Vampiristan.", the nation of vampires, just as Benjamin Franklin predicted.