15 June 2002 – Eric Thomson
I was concerned by your report of being confronted by local niggers. If they can remember from twelve o'clock to noon, and take a dislike to you, in particular, they may ambush you or stalk you, the whole ape-troupe of them. I agree that you should find a better place to live.

In regard to poverty, I never took the vow. My question is, how much must I do for the ZOG to accumulate so many zogbucks? I find that money is not as much an enabling factor as it is disabling, for the possessor fears to lose it. An otherwise fine fellow, Wilfred Brooks, who published and edited Rhodesian Property & Finance magazine, told me he had "too much to lose", which precluded him from supporting The Rhodesian White People's Party in any manner. It was the perfect example of "use it or lose it", for Ian Smith did not like what Brooks was publishing anyway, and put him out of business, after which, Brooks lost his assets in a kangaroo court judgment, for Smith cited The Emergency Powers Act to withhold evidence that Brooks needed in his defence in the libel case. As treasurer of the RWPP, I can state that not one Rhodesian cent went into our coffers, nor one postage stamp. Brooks played it 'safe', and lost everything. His son was killed in an ambush, as I heard. I'd met him, also. I guess Brooks and his wife fled to South Africa, possibly in their own car, but maybe not, taking a few personal belongings and the clothes on their backs. If I ever met him, I'd buy him a beer and pretty well keep my mouth shut, for he'd know very well what I could say. As usual, I take no joy in being right.

Our mutual acquaintance does not appear to understand that he is way out on a limb in this post 9-11 era. I know that I am, much as I have been for the past forty years. I know the people he supports, and neither are high-powered leaders. If they were, I'd support them in every way I could. As usual, one of them is wrong, but I hope not 'dead' wrong, in regard to the jews' role in Russia. The Khazars "Stalin" and his father-in-law, Kaganovich, killed off a small number of inconvenient Khazar cohorts, notably the embarrassing Trotskyite faction along with Bronstein (Trotsky) himself. Jews do kill jews when they see fit, but a jew who kills a jew remains a jew. The Instauration bunch never learned that, nor about the Khazar conversion, which made them non-Semitic jews, similar to those of China, India and Black Africa. As for visiting Russia under the jew, Putin, and his Khazar mafia, I would avoid that, as I would avoid knocking on the Lubavicher Rebbe's portals in Brooklyn, or visiting my old bagel-bashing buddy Irv Rubin in L.A. In my experience, Goyim who know how to do business are abysmal when it comes to politics. Right, Mr. Brooks? Right, Mr. Ludwig?

I agree that 'retired skinhead' is a sign that the individual can learn from his mistakes. As I understand, the skinhead phase lasts about six months for most who adopt the fashion. I see it as a losing proposition, a visible death-wish, including the destruction of one's hearing. Behavior is part of one's racial identity. No matter how blond a person may be, displays of nigger behavior disqualify him from consideration as a White. If I were in hell, I'd much prefer to work with black Whites than pale niggers. Music is the best indication of a person's racial bona tides, for it tells one what wavelength the listener is on. Ostensible Whites who 'jive' with rap-crap require a lot of disinfecting and decontamination. An Irish visitor to Canada was searching for "Canadian culture", but all he could find was "jew-nigger culture". It was that obvious to him, at first impression. He joked: "Imagine that I'd gone to China to learn about Chinese culture, but when I arrived, all I could find was Chinamen wearing red wigs and Irish country garb playing reels and jigs?" How easily Whites abandoned their culture to the kikes and niggers!

Compared to your urban jungle, Yakima is a peaceful backwater. The town is rapidly dying, so it is easy to avoid crowds and motor traffic. Main streets are nearly free of pedestrians as well, so one can walk all over town, as long as you do not traipse into the barrios. Those are heavily-populated, no-go areas for gringos and most everyone else. The problem is that peacefulness equates with joblessness, so I don't wish for things to get any quieter than they already are. I arrived in Yakima in 1993 and saw buildings emptied of businesses. The nearby Yakima Mall is about to close, but I hear it will serve to house homeless bats and pigeons, so it won't be entirely deserted. I know very well that we are living in The Calm Before the Storm. The Mexicans are bringing their poverty and crime right to our doors, so we don't have to go down to Mexico to experience their 'culture'; we can be robbed without buying a plane ticket! Such a deal!

If I were to compare our present era with any previous one, I would choose the Renaissance with its Borgias and condottieri.

Rome has fallen, but the denizens are too busy and too distracted to notice. Small bands of dedicated, competent men can cut through the rotten structure of this continent like the proverbial hot knife through butter, and carve themselves out a chunk, just as mafia gangs carve up turf. Perhaps this has happened already, as in The Chosen One: after the coup, the faces of the frontmen are the same, but it's a whole new game. The "gold" of our era will be loyalty, not money, for loyalty binds and money erodes. For Whites, it will be a matter of community or death. Power cannot be 'shared', as I tried to tell White Rhodesians. You either have it or you don't. Am I right again, Mr. Smith?

The ZOG has got itself into a fine mess with Whitey, who has swallowed much of the jews' guilt and self-hatred, and has sought solace in aping nigger talk, values and behavior. Yes, the jews' genocide campaign against the Whites has worked very well, but whoa! the ZOG needs "stout-hearted men" to realize its imperial ambitions. Can it expect bashed and niggerized pale apes to perform as White men of yore? Stay tuned! But I very much doubt it. ZOG wimpified the Whites and machoized the niggers, so it'll just have to send those righteous, macho coons into the fray, but they don't want to go. Time is not on the ZOG's side. I think that the ZOG's blind hatred of Whitey will be its undoing even before Whitey becomes extinct.


Very many thanks for sending me the outstanding material. It seems a fine point in spelling names, but I was told that the "sen" ending for "son" is usually Nordic. Were I a Dane, my name would be "Thomsen", for instance. The Thomsons, as I understand, originate in Norway and lived on the Orkney Islands after they were purchased by Britain, thereby becoming "North Scotland", rather than "South Norway". I also understand that "Thompson", with a "p" is Irish, but "Thomson" without the "p" is Scottish, as my name is spelt. When I was in London, England, I learned more about India and Pakistan, but when I lived in Central Africa, Rhodesia, to be exact, I learned a lot about British ethnicity. As in most European countries, there is an official language, but when I was in Europe, one often heard local dialects spoken on trains. That was true of France, Spain, Germany and Britain. Sometimes, the dialects were entirely different languages, like that spoken by the people of Hull, England. They speak a dialect of Danish, rather than English. A dialect is not just a type of accent, but lots of different words, or the same
words with different meanings. I'm sure you found this to be the case in Cuba, as I did in Latin America and Spain.

I also encountered criminal dialects in various countries, and I discovered that they had one thing in common: their jewish origin. I don't capitalize the word, "jew", because I don't capitalize the word, "criminal", which is really the only thing jews have in common. The more I learn about Judaism, the more differences I discover, so it appears that major disagreements exist amongst 'religious' jews. Most jews of Israel are not 'religious', but 'secular' , so "jew" cannot be equated with religious belief or practice. Benjamin Freedman who was a jew himself accurately describes "Judaism" as Pharisaism: the rites and doctrines laid down by the Pharisees, as opposed to the Sadducees or Essenes. There are a whole lot of variations in "Judaism" , including "Jews for Jesus" , but the Pharisees seek to impose their definition on the cult. "Who defines controls," quoth Orwell. The history of religious text destruction, concoction, rewriting, and reinterpreting is one big Orwellian tale. A recent controversy is occurring in Denmark, where a meeting has taken place amongst Bible scholars, translators and Sanskrit scholars who have, apparently, discovered many New Testament plagiarizations from the much older Buddhist texts. The personality which the writers of the New Testament conferred upon Jesus gave him many traits of The Buddha, along with stolen lines.

The article you sent about the Hyksos invaders of Egypt brings to mind the common name the jews' had in the ancient world: "Habiru Sagaz" or "Desert Cutthroats". I do not fathom how the proponents of Israel Identity can equate the alleged behavior of the Old Testament jews in Egypt with the behavior of White people, although the Hyksos invaders did not seem to have conquered Egypt by stealth and guile as the Old Testament jews allege. As I wrote to one correspondent, we seem to know much more about Earth's geological history than we do of its human history. The occurrence of ancient atomic wars, complete with aircraft and particle beam weapons is not, 'too far out', in my view, for I have seen the rapid change, usually for the worse, in North American society.

Buffalo, NY, a thriving industrial city in the 1940s, now looks like an African township in some former White colony now under Black misrule. Buffalo was much like most U.S. cities on the East Coast. It looked as if it were partially bombed out, but no foreign enemy had done such damage, just jew rule and nigger occupation. Who needs air raids? Or "terrorists", for that matter?

I have read many descriptions of "The Vale of Kashmir", which sound as if it were indeed Eden and Shangri-La combined. Were our rulers serious about "democracy", they would demand that India allow the people of Kashmir to vote to join Pakistan or remain with India. Since the majority population is Moslem, the Indians know how that vote would go. Thus, no democracy. Immediate causes of human conflict are (1) Rule over one or more peoples by other peoples. (2) Occupation of the same livingspace by two different peoples, regardless of the differences. Some pundits alleged World War I to be caused by unrequited nationalism; peoples yearning to be free from imperial rule. The Versailles Conference produced a travesty of this idea, by creating new states at the expense of the Germans, which suitably set up the powder kegs for World War II, just as the jew-banksters intended.

Eric Margolis is an international jew, who I understand has his own money and can afford to describe things as he sees them. Although he was born in the U.S.A., his articles are not appreciated by U.S. jewsmedia moguls. I enjoy his insights and analyses, but I know where he is coming from.

I appreciate your sending the edition of NEXUS magazine, which I never heard of, although I recall other publications using that name. Clearly, those Aussies can do more than drink Fosters beer, bask on the beach and chase crocodiles! The editorial policy seems to include Fortean content, as well as up to date political and economic news and analysis, plus very ancient history. The open-ended nature of the publication may cause some readers to seize upon the unconventional ads as their pretext for disbelieving unkosher news items, as people do in regard to speakers in London's Hyde Park: Disbelief by Association. Well, such people use any pretext for dismissing truth which is unpleasant. I'm sure many passengers on The Titanic had similar mindsets: "How can I believe you, when you say 'the ship is sinking', and your tie is not straight?"

When I was in Toronto I worked with material on Nazi UFOs, alias "Foo Fighters", as reported by Allied aircraft crews. I also researched The German Antarctic Expedition of 1938-1939; Germany's Antarctic Claim of 144,000 km. called Neu Schwabenland; Adolf Hitler's possible escape thereto, and many other intriguing topics. I was recently informed that the original Stealth Fighter Plane sits in a basement room of The Smithsonian Museum, with its Swastika insignia intact.

The NEXUS article on banksterism substantiates my own research, which has only been of general proportions, since I lack insider specifics, and such knowledge might prove unhealthy. The pattern appears to be the fulfillment of The Law of the Contrary: the greedier people become for maximizing money at a minimum of productive effort, the more worthless their money becomes. Argentines have told me that their ideal is to be "vivo" a "live one", meaning they do no work, certainly nothing useful nor productive, in order to make money. "Only stupid gringos work!" is their motto. The "vivos" have turned their economy into a shambles, and even the dumb gringos are leaving, for the productive are penalized by the parasites. Even the dumbest gringo knows it is futile to pay to work, rather than work for pay. The Jew World Ordure will collapse when sufficient numbers of participants become "vivos" or "wise guys", and the crooks run out of productive suckers to exploit and parasitize.

Here in "Mudville", I see no enthusiasm, for Bushy's Afghan Adventures amongst the majority Mexican population, nor amongst the Blacks nor the Asians. Even the few Ostensible Whites of military age limit their 'support' of the Zionist petro-banksters' "war" to displaying The Butcher's Banner of Uszogland, and making noises of affirmation when "them ragheads" get blasted. They can tell that to the local mullahs at the Yakima Mosque. Now that "multi-cult diversity" is "kosher", and White Americans are THE MINORITY, their formerly patriotic expressions are subdued. Even local Joe Sixpack knows he'd better be careful when he speaks of "ragheads", for one may tap him on the shoulder and demand to know if he's ever felt the business edge of a scimitar or Sikh "ceremonial dagger". "What you mean, 'raghead' , infidel pig?" Ostensible White Judeo-Americans are beginning to feel as if they were holding a benefit rally for General Custer at a Sioux convention. "It ain't yo' country no mo', White Boy!"

It looks as if my prediction and assessment of the U.S., which I wrote in "The Chosen One" back in 1964, are coming true. I hate to be right! Indeed, the U.S.A. is already a very big and very nasty banana republic which has lost control of its own territory and must import its bananas, with a government of terminal mercenaries on the verge of anarchy. No society which is determined to survive can tolerate such values nor such people as presently hold sway over us. That is why I say, DOWZ! (DOWN WITH ZOG!)

P.P.S.: I have sent out your Iraq flyers to those who will not get the "heebie-jeebies" at the sight of a Swastika. The local peaceniks are hard to understand. They advocate putting an end to 'evil', but never, ever, stopping the evildoers! It's strange how they endanger themselves for so little. One of the spokesmen is an old Viet-vet hippy-type who thinks all human problems would be solved if everyone just gave everybody what they wanted. Who says pot doesn't affect one's thinking abilities? "Holy smoke, Batman!"

"The Chosen One" and my other short stories and articles appear on WWW.FAEM.COM. All content thereon you are welcome to use as you see fit, in whole or in part, as long as you don't have me say that "jews are White", since they are not.