20 June 2000 – Eric Thomson
As you know, I receive various newsletters which describe their protagonists' alleged achievements and for which ever more zogbucks are requested. One fellow relocated to the NW of Uszogland, and I hope he can find work there, so he can retire in peace, or at least until the chinks tap him on the head.

I am interested in macroeconomics because I am always affected when the ZOG inflates the currency, causing my costs of living to rise beyond my income. I am similarly affected when the ZOG exports jobs, imports alien job-seekers and subjects me to racial hiring quotas. Politics (people-power) and economics are parts of the same critter, along with war, as Clausewitz observed. It is obvious how the economics of oil, drugs and usury determine ZOG politics, including wars, which consistently aim at White extinction and jew supremacy.

In regard to South Africa, I am as disgusted with White traitors as you are, but what would be the purpose of restoring the White colonial status quo ante in any part of Africa? White Rule = Black Overpopulation. As long as White Africans 'needed' niggers to boss around, Whites were doomed. I could see it, but White Africans did not want to see. I am, after all, a former African colonial civil servant, so I was in an excellent position to see The Big Demographic Picture and recognize its political outcome. The foundations of White African society were rotten and jew-dominated, just as are the foundations of White American society.

We have been wrong, that is, anti-White, since the foundation of the U.S.A. in 1776. Founders like Jefferson did not want a White nation, but an Anglo-mestizo mongrel state. In New Spain, the Jesuits wanted a mestizo nation which would be neither Spanish nor Indian, which the Jesuits hoped to rule independent of Spain. A Jesuit in Brazil brought African bees into the Western Hemisphere, to mate them with European honeybees, ostensibly to produce a super honey-maker. Naturally, he achieved the opposite and we are now about to suffer for it, but not nearly as bad as we have suffered from biowarfare in the form of human mongrelization.

As Cornwallis foretold at Yorktown, the 'holy' Civil War killed a lot of our best Whites and effectively prevented White nationhood within U.S. territory. The policy of 'divide & rule' worked on behalf of America's pernicious 'elite', who were following the Anglo-jewish policy of internal imperialism against 'their' own people, who looked like them. We had rejoined the Britzog empire, as Cornwallis had predicted, and we have functioned as an appendage of its kosher "Bank of England" ever since, in a disastrous series of unending foreign misadventures. We are now reaching the end of our anti-White imperial road to disaster.

Imperial Rome reached the end of that road when it ran out of Romans. The mongrel hordes of welfare recipients were 'naturalized' Roman citizens, but they lacked the Roman qualities necessary to extend and to defend the empire. Apparently, the Romans did not understand that their imperial conquests and incorporation of non-Romans insured Rome's defeat. FEDZOGUSA may not understand that fact, either, or they may not care, as I suspect. No doubt, some Romans tried to escape the outcome by fleeing to perceived 'havens' in other parts of Italy or the Roman Empire, but none would have escaped the consequences of Rome's fall: invasions, disorder and banditry. There is a major difference between past and present: Rome's government was not the active enemy of its founding people, as is the ZOG, which is the enemy of Whites everywhere. Whites may flee wherever they like. The ZOG cannot be escaped, only destroyed. Do lemmings find safety in numbers? Will rabbits or 'sheep' stand against wolves? If Whites are unwilling to fight, their gathering together anywhere makes no difference.

I knew many White refugees in Rhodesia who had fled Black Misrule in former colonies. They'd had their bitter lesson and they told me "it won't happen here, because Ian Smith had promised 'no Majority Rule in his lifetime'." When Smith broke his promise, as was his intention all along, those 'educated' Whites fled to South Africa, where it happened again. Next White 'haven': Antarctica! But the White refugees' Black servants won't like it. White Africans were fundamentally cripples, because they could not envision a life without niggers. They had lived in this unhealthy dependency for generations.

There is no such thing as 'cheap' labor. Wait 'til Whitey gets the bill for all the 'cheap' hispano-mestizo labor. Whitey is still paying for his 'cheap' Black labor!

On the domestic terrorist front, I recall Black Panther statements of the 1960s which advocated all sorts of urban mayhem, including the pouring of gasoline into sewers, so as to spread fire throughout a city, and disrupt electric power and communications. The ZOG's problem in quelling domestic terrorism lies in the fact that the most numerous potential terrorists are its Black totem critters, "who are being recruited in the ZOG-gulag system. The jews' most faithful stooges are the stupid Whites whom jewish policy has marked for extinction. If the Khazars would like to be 'ersatz Aryans', they will have to do their own fighting, for Blacks, Yellows and Browns (mongrels) are too wise to fight for Israel and petro-bankster imperialism.

In recent news, it looks as if a Grand Anti-Islamic Alliance is taking shape, comprised of the USA, UK, Israel, Russia, China and India. They all seem to agree that "terrorists" and "bad guys" are mainly Moslem. Will some Moslems join The Great Satan, Inc. for ZOG photo-ops? Pakistan is a traditional ally of China, but that country could disintegrate into another Afghanistan in a heartbeat. Will domestic Moslems resist ZOG policies on behalf of their own peoples and religion? Possibly. Will the ZOG 'cleanse' its territories of Moslems in Europe and North America? Stay tuned! It would seem futile to burn Moslem cities while American and European cities burn as well. So much for the Jew World Ordure!

A Euro-nationalist from North America is touring Eastern Europe, right in the heart of Khazar Country. While I wish him all the best, I wonder what he thinks he is doing there, aside from gaining photo-ops and speakers' platforms which he cannot obtain in Uszogland. If you would send me sufficient zogbucks, I would be willing to visit the Eskimos, make speeches, and have my pictures published in my newsletter, which you would also pay for. Why does the saying, "Smoke without fire," come to mind! Of course, our ZOG may dub our hero as a 'terrorist' or as Dubya would say, "a bad guy", which would likely result in the confiscation of all our hero's assets, those of his family and those of his supporters, as the ZOG has been doing to Moslems. I surely hope not, but nasty precedents have been established for robbing people without proper trials, and without the assumption of "innocent until proven guilty". That was
old Anglo-Saxon law. Under jew law, suspicions and accusations are sufficient: "Sentence first, verdict later! "

Paranormal events fill the minds of many who want more diversions than niggerball. But paranormal events pale in comparison to very normal events, such as the mud invasion of White livingspace and the ZOG's looting of our society. "Weather-control" strikes me as an oxymoron, like "cold fusion". Any alteration in the weather system or weather pattern reverberates throughout the entire system, like dropping a stone into a pool of still water. All things do not remain equal, when a new phenomenon is introduced into any system, be it weather or the human body. As far as I know, neither "weather-control" nor "earthquake-control" would be cost-effective, but they would be dangerous in regard to containment of effects. Try it with dominoes and see if you can push just one or two over, without pushing over the rest. How does one separate a weather system or the Earth's tectonics? Maybe we should stick with dominos.

I note the jewmedia are extending their definition of "domestic terrorists" to include "hate groups", militias, The Order, Aryan Nations, &c. Stay tuned!