21 June 2002 – Eric Thomson
I was glad to know that you are surviving the Big Shitty of Baltimore. "Escape from Baltimore", the sequel to "Escape from NY". I can understand your angst very well. My attitude is that we might as well enjoy the amenities on The Titanic while we can, for they won't last. Then, as I was considering your well- worded plight, it came to me: You have not yet realized that you are de facto, a foreigner

in Baltimore, just as I am a foreigner in Southern California, where I was born and grew up. It is no problem when a majority sees a minority as foreigners, but when the minority sees the majority as foreigners, the majority will feel constantly oppressed and alienated. The fact that one's ancestors civilized, settled and fought for an area, that one was born there and grew up there, means nothing if an alien majority is allowed to occupy it. Then, the native becomes the foreigner, who must adapt to the ways of the majority. I am accustomed to be a foreigner, a minority of one, in most places where I have traveled, worked and lived. You can imagine Rip van Winkle returning to "Dutch" Harlem in this, or the 20th century. You can imagine my consternation at seeing an 8-lane freeway running through 'my' back yard, and me thinking it was still my back yard. Obviously, what the majority think and what I think are in conflict, and the majority's idea has paved right over mine. I must realize, until I can change things, that I am not looking at 'my' back yard, but at 'their' freeway. To the Balti-nigger, yo' be in dere city; rather than vice versa. I am long accustomed to the Judeo-American nomadic way of life, so I was weaned from the idea that any place was 'mine', for the inhabitants were in constant flux in their pursuit of the zogbuck, just as I was. The idea of 'my' place and 'my' community went out with the Great Depression, before I was born. I never experienced such social stability, although I've heard about it from others who did.

I agree that the ZOG is squeezing the middle classes in general and the Whites in particular, on behalf of plutocrats and proletarians. This situation is similar to a group of people floating in the sea, surrounded by sharks. As long as the inner group can feed the outer group to the sharks, the inner group can survive, but they will run out of shark food in due course, and the sharks will come for them. There is the Roman possibility: instead of the minority plutocrats being devoured by the impoverished masses, the whole lot can be conquered and finished off by alien invaders. As things now appear, it looks as if China will inherit North America, possibly before the outbreak of class warfare.

You describe very well your alienation which occurs when a White is surrounded by alien people, values and activities. In the U.S. Forest Service we were told about The Fire Triangle of fuel, temperature and oxygen. Remove one part of the triangle and there is no fire. I did mention to the instructor the Texas City Disaster in which steam was used to deprive the fire of oxygen and thus heated the ship's cargo of ammonium nitrate sufficiently for it to explode. He considered for a moment and promised us that we would never use steam on our fires! Of course, the ammonium nitrate already contained oxygen, so I was being facetious. I identify The Social Triangle: People, Values and Activities. Remove or alienate one of those, and we no longer have a community which nurtures its original people. If we can find the proper components, we can reconstruct White Society. The Germans did that, and so can we, AFTER the ZOG is destroyed, and only after that. In the meantime, White communities will be covert, like The Invisible Empire of the old KKK. As you observe, in your alienated society, Ostensible Whites are the most anti-White denizens thereof. Likewise where I live. This is not a community in terms of People, Values and Activities. It is a trading post, a market, in which disparate bipeds wander in and out for the most rudimentary exchange of goods, money and services. "How! You gottum Wampum? I have squaw for you." Or the ebonic equivalent thereof.

The difference between the present underclass and that of the 19th century was huge: No one OWED the 19th century underclass a living, and they knew their low status in society. The present underclass is 'owed' a living, the big buy-off, as you mentioned, and many of them deem themselves superior to the working stiffs who provide them with unearned incomes. The ZOG panders to Afro-Asiatic values, in which begging is higher status than laboring for one's living. In Spain, a gentleman could beg, but never work for his living. The underclass of today does not beg, it demands, and if its demands are net met, it riots and loots. The scenario so well described in "Hear the Cradle Song" is already on stage, awaiting the rise of the curtain. Those of us who have peeked behind the ZOG's veil of propaganda know what to expect, and we know that our best efforts will be demanded of us, if we wish to survive.