29 June 2002 – Eric Thomson
Dear Robert:

Many thanks for the FAEM downloads! Re: The West, War & Islam, I see a typo in the first paragraph "... for all the Islamic Nation". That makes no sense. Obviously, there is an "s" missing at the end of Nation. A minor matter. I note that the Zuds claim there to be only "one human race". What a hypocrite! Now is certainly NOT the time to grub for Arab shekels. If the ZOG wants to zap the Zuds, all they need do is link them to "Moslem terrorists" and seize their hard-conned ZOGbucks. It would be a 'real holocaust' if the Zuds were to lose that which they love most: money! There may be justice after all. Stay tuned!

I really enjoy reading the items from you and Maguire, which are often humorous and always informative. Indeed, as you observe, if we are all 'equal', why can't everyone feed himself? Meanwhile, Whites are supposed to care about everyone not White, and non-Whites are supposed to hate us. Such a deal! Colored imperialism is rampant, and we are supposed to welcome it!

Joe says that Germany had not developed a working nuclear weapon during World War II.
There are serious questions on that. Wilfried Kernbach argued quite convincingly that the 3 atom bombs were taken from Germany by the U.S.A., whose forces entered Germany on November 18th, 1944. The 3 bombs were to have been carried on the Amerika rockets, and they were intended to hit Jew York, Moscow and London. Werner von Braun dragged his feet on completion of the rockets, so there was no means of delivering the bombs. I observe that U.S. and Soviet technology tended toward standardization, but German design for the same weapon usually varied. Porsche made 72 types of Panther tank, as I've been told. So why would the Judeo-Americans make 3 different configurations of the same atom bomb? The Manhattan Project, headed by the phallus-worshipping Freemason, General Groves, was a vast boondoggle. The "Homunculus Bottle" which was transported across the U.S.A. and trundled to the Trinity Atom Bomb site by special low-loader from the railroad was present when the first atom bomb detonated, but served no scientific purpose whatsoever. After the successful explosion of Bomb #1, the ZOG tried to destroy the huge metal flask by filling it with explosives. That explosion blew both ends
off the bottle, but left the cylinder intact, after which it was buried at the Trinity Site. This is not science, of course, but Kabbalistic alchemy ritual. Mr. Kernbach pointed out that the jews who knew something about atoms knew very little about a practical nuclear device. One jew was masturbating the trolleys carrying the two halves of the critical mass, to see how close he could bring them together, to get his jollies. Well, the kike lost his grip on the controls and the two hemispheres of U-235 came together, right in front of him, zapping him with all sorts of Alpha, Beta, Gamma & X-rays. The jew was holocausted and died of radiation, but there was no explosion, for the parts of the critical mass had to be accelerated together for that to occur. I saw an official German Consulate publication dated 1941, which displayed a photo on its cover of a functioning German cyclotron, so it just could be that 'our' atom bombs were made in Germany! (Along with the Stealth fighter plane). Hitler may have forbidden the use of the atom bombs, as he forbade the use of Germany's advanced poison gases, so we cannot assume Germany had no such thing, based on the fact that it was not used. I am not saying that I know for sure that Germany had the atom bombs, but I think the possibility exists. I am sorry to advise Joe that China does have jews. There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese jews, according to The Canadian Jewish News. To us, they look like Chinese, ugly Chinese, but real Chinese can spot them. Jews resemble their host peoples. They Live!

Joe likes to bash Hitler, who supposedly "made World War II happen" and "fell into the trap" of the war being prepared by the jew banksters and their Goy stooges. I would like to draw Joe's attention to statements by the half-jew Beck and the Polish warmonger Smigly-Ridz (sp) to the effect that no compromise would be made with Germany over the oppressed German people of Polish-occupied Prussia; and "Germany will not be able to avoid war!" The Polish government backed the brutal slaughter of Germans living in what had become Polish territory, and I do not doubt the truth of the reports. Newsreels made of the Polish Campaign show Polish forces advancing in front of their defensive lines, toward Germany and "Berlinski". The German forces caught them out in the open. Would Joe prefer that Hitler had let the Polish forces invade Germany and continue their slaughter of German civilians? Let's get real! Stalin had been making plans to conquer Europe ever since Trotsky had failed in his attempt. German and Soviet sources substantiate those plans, which made it imperative for Germany to attack the Red Russians and their kosher Khazar masters. The world being as it was in 1939, what would Joe have advised Hitler to do? With 20-20 hindsight, I don't see that Hitler could have done much better than he did. To blame Hitler & Germany for the White racial disaster is like blaming Abel for putting his head in the way of Caine's club. We have been our own worst enemies.

P.S.: What's with the female correspondents and contributors to FAEM? I gather the impression that they often want some sort of special recognition for being female. As far as I know, FAEM is a forum and exchange for information and ideas. Unless we are running a cyber-dating service, I see no purpose in advertising one's gender. I have noted in the Jewsmedia that a performer is promoted first as a woman, and secondarily as a performer. Now, isn't that just what women were complaining about, that they were judged by their gender, rather than their talents? Good music and good writing are 'good', regardless of who composed them. When gender, specifically female gender, is mentioned, am I supposed to think, "That's pretty good, for a girl!"? I have never thought that way, and I see no reason why I should begin to think that way. I am a male, but not a male chauvinist, and I put my racial interests first and foremost. Thus, the 'WE' should always come before the 'ME' in order of importance. 

I agree entirely with your views on Pierce & his heir apparent. Back in the sixties, Pierce's paper ("Attack", if I call correctly) advertised Molotov Cocktail recipes of the month and had features on urban guerrilla warfare. In those days, "revolution was just around the corner", so we were urged to stock up on rations, sandbags & Molotov Mix. Pierce could not fathom that it was a Black Revolution, and the Blacks won 'buy-offs' via extortion. I could even say 'blackmail'. Why would Whites want to ape Black rioters and arsonists? Obviously, they did not. Pierce was wrong to predict "revolution" in the sixties, just as he is wrong to declare "no revolution in our lifetimes." When someone has been so wrong (about jews, politics, target-selection, &c.) for so long, I wonder if I should start filling my sandbags, &c., because Pierce claims revolution to be a long way off.

As you say, now is the time for quiet preparation, and the avoidance of agent provocateurs. Most of our options toward the building of a White nation state are still legal, so we should not fall victims to noisy ZOG ploys aimed at identifying and burning up our activists. Pierce is behaving like many of the blightwing who exploit post 9-11 for personal profit. Now that we have the Internet, the blighters are still begging for the same amount of ZOGbucks as in the pre-computer age, in which printing and postage costs loomed large. Does it really cost that much to put one's ideas on the World Wide Web? I think not. As I wrote in "What We Can Do", most blightwingers are publishers, not politicians, for politics is people-power, not piles of paper, which one sits upon and sells by the sheet.

Indeed, the urban population could be trapped in their cities and prevented from leaving, by judicious use of military force. Cities used to be productive and administrative centers. Now, they are mainly consumptive, depending on receipt of food, energy and essential commodities from outside. As far as administration goes, necessary data could be stored on a laptop and orders transmitted via satellite and/or radio, with no necessity to occupy a city. "Escape from New York" comes to mind. The urban population of North America is definitely 'surplus to requirements'. A population confined to its city would quickly perish in the aftermath of nigger riots, which would destroy the food, cause fires and terror, and hasten the onset of disease. A dictatorship could impose interdiction on cities whose populations did not behave as the rulers decreed.

As I recall, the typical North American city has about 3 days' supply of food, were supplies halted. The Nigger Factor would reduce that supply through looting, with consequent destruction and spoilage. An electrical power outage would cause refrigerated foods to spoil. Aryans would quickly parcel out perishable foods to urban denizens, saving the dry and canned foods for last, but not with the marauding mud people! Co-consumption is not community, anymore than one would say that African fauna at a waterhole are a' community'. "Americans" are such a 'community', and they are likely to behave as wild animals when their waterhole dries up, some sooner than others. As you mentioned, a White Praetorian Guard may well form a government, when ZOG's mercs tire of their tedious and dangerous wild goose chase after 'bad guys'. How much territory such a force could govern is a question, but armed, disciplined men will be able to obtain what they need from the local population.

The jewspapers report the results of an opinion poll of university students, 37% of whom say they would evade the draft, were it restored. 79% did not think Western culture was superior to Arab culture. One wonders what country those students came from! I much prefer a decadent Western culture to a 'classic' Arab culture, with its oppressive values. I know that my culture is sinking rapidly, but the Arab culture is already on the bottom, as far as I am concerned. Although I aa surrounded by decadence, no one makes me engage in it, nor must I conform to Judeo-American Middleclass compulsion neuroses, since I live amongst the dregs of this society and the downwardly mobile. I am like the survivor of a shipwreck who floats with the aid of the flotsam and jetsam.

I agree chat the Afghans are wise to FEDZOGUSA and they are playing a waiting game, while taking everything they can get. The triumph of the will depends on the maintenance of identity and I have no doubt that the Afghans' identity is much stronger and better-defined than that of consumer ZOG-mercs. I have a feeling that the U.S.A. won't be around much longer, over here or over there. There isn't much holding this racket together, so the USA may go the way of the USSR, overnight. Stay tuned! The rico fatcats of Uszogland appear to be packing their bags, to take their money and run, but where to? They seem as stupid as a person who would flee the the occupied South with a trunkful of Confederate money. The rich have to be stupid to ruin a once great country like this. Sincerely, DOWZ!