29 June 2002 – Eric Thomson
I agree with you that I am aging, but not becoming "old". My parents referred to me as "the old man". A long-time acquaintance opined that I was like Mark Twain, who'd just awakened from a nap of 40 years, and who then matured into an H.L. Mencken. Not everyone thinks I am a fictitious character composed of retired GESTAPO officers! Nor have I been a member of the CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI, RGB or Mossad.

"Hitler's Secret Book" should be available in any large Canadian bookstore. It was published by the Judeo-communist Allies, with an introduction by Telford Taylor, shabez Goy of The Nuremberg Show Trials. I'll try to get another copy, but you should have no trouble obtaining a new copy from "The World's Biggest Bookstore" in Toronto. They also had in stock a beautifully bound and reproduced photo album of the NSDAP, with an introduction by a rabbi! These were new books, not secondhand, but "Hitler's Secret Book" should be available in any good secondhand bookstore in your area.

The lemmings will not be led, except to their destruction by jews. Farmers and animal-breeders are 99% defiant that the science of heredity applies to 'humans'. Because of their Judeo-Christian indoctrination, they believe that man is exempt from all natural laws. I point out that medical science makes use of animals in testing drugs for humans, and that the canary would warn miners of dangerous gasses before the miners were overcome. I usually see a mis-shapen mongrel 'human' proudly showing off his or her purebred pet or livestock in shows. You are correct. No farmer could survive if he were to apply Judeo-christian standards to his flora and fauna, but he insists on applied dysgenics for himself and his offspring. Marxism, under the guise of Christianity and liberalism, is being applied in schools and in the workplace, but never on the sportsfield. Were the same quotas and scoring methods used in any niggerball game, the Goyim would stop gawking and they would 'moo' and 'ba-ah' like unhappy livestock.

Thank you for complimenting my writing. My major obstacle is lack of time, for I must work seven days a week at coolie, minimum-wage jobs. Were I earning more, I could afford a whole day off.

I don't see any "fighting" amongst "ourselves". Firstly, how can we claim those who think Hitler was 'evil' or that "there is only one race, the human race" as "ourselves". Such people are not on my side, any more than those who say jews are "White". Any White person who rejects National Socialism as the necessary solution to our problems cannot be on my side, so I remain critical of those types, and I warn White Nationalists about them, as is my duty. An army of cripples cannot make a gladiator, so that is not the "unity" which can achieve any worthwhile objectives. All the ideas you have mentioned are already on the FAEM website, and the world is able to read them. But, under my present circumstances there is not much more I can do. Ten years of Zündelian censorship were bad enough, so I try to make up for it in every spare moment, on behalf of Our Race, which is White and exclusive.

I reviewed the recent book on Commander Rockwell. Another recent biography on the Commander has also appeared, and was also reviewed in the latest edition of The Barnes Review. According to the book reviewer, DeWest Hooker supposedly said that the Commander was paid by the ADL to start up an overtly NS group. Nice of Carto to say that! Well, if the Commander were being paid by the ADL, why was he so broke, as his biographer says? Gee, you'd think the hebes could at least send the ANP some beans to fill out their usual starvation rations! According to the Barnes Review article, the ADL and Rockwell thought they could use one another to to advance their programs. The hebes needed a Nazi scarecrow to shake down the shekels from jew donors, and the Commander believed that he could advance the the Party's interests at the jews' expense, according to The Barnes Renew. But that version does not square with the biography, which describes the kike blackout and newsmedia censorship of Rockwell. How could he have been scarecrow if he was invisible? Sean seems 'hot on the trail' of Rockwell's '"real" assassin and his accomplice. I told him that the ZOG knows all about it, but they're not telling us, and if the ZOG forbids, then it is unlikely that the Rockwell murder case can be re-opened, anymore than the Clinton-related murders.

I knew lots of campus lefties, who are often bigots; whose minds are hard to change. My suggestion is that we network and co-ordinate anti-Zionist activities with other anti-Zionist groups. Robert asked me if this wasn't the same sort of program as Metzger advocated with the Mexican nationalists. I replied that my idea would not to incorporate non-Whites into any White Nationalist organization. Mexican nationalists want all the ground we stand on, but since the jews already own it, and us, anything that hammers the hebes, without hammering us, is what we can collaborate on. In Weimar days, National Socialists and Communists both backed rent strikes in the workers' districts. Opposing groups can support the same program, without themselves being one and the same. A nationalist diamond boycott would be a good idea, as well as a kosher tax protest. I'm sure you can think of other programs in which everyone can take part, against the ZOG. A recent small item in USA TODAY says that's just what the ZOG fears: a united anti-Zionist effort incorporating Moslems and nationalists of all colors.

Here in Covington's "Great White Hopeland", we are in the middle of a major recession, which Greenspan claims is "over" and which one jewspaper article claimed "never happened"! Another great "non-happening" is now the multimillion dollar short-selling which jewsmedia said occurred on 9-10, in which shares of United Airlines, hotels, &c. were short-sold, and "no one knew" where all the money went. Sure! Now we are told by the same jewsmedia that the short-selling and the huge profits "never happened"! The ZOG appears to believe that we're all stupid. Not so on the Internet, from what I receive. There's a lot of information and good thinking out there.


What follows is an insertion which comes as a response to the revived mischief caused by loose, envious tongues of people opposed to a man I trust – Eric Thomson. Eric left Zündel's employ over 10 years ago while Ernst and another man's wife were on vacation. Now, a note from Eric:

"During the absence of Ernst and "Anne Burton", his jewish dominatrix, I got a telephone call from xxxxx who was present at the series of meetings. It was xxxxx who told me that Ernst was going to 'fire' me upon his return, but that I could work on xxxxx's Christian farm as a Goy serf, so there would be a place for me. I therefore caught a ride back to the U.S.A. Not being a Canadian citizen put me at the mercy of any informer who would tell CANZOG that I was working 'illegally" so there was no security in merely leaving Toronto for another area of Canada. This letter (of resignation) was on top of the mess on Ernst's work table, and I suspect he found it before he or "Anne Burton" wrote a newsletter accusing me of being an "infiltrator". It turned out that Ernst was never his own man and that he lied to his supporters about his intentions of using the thought-crime trials to build an anti-Zionist group, worldwide. It is my considered opinion that Ernst is now under the domination of Rimland(er), and that all indications point to her as another jewess. That's why I do my duty as a White man, and I say to other pro-White Whites, Beware of Goy frontmen who pose as White leaders. Such creatures wasted the White man's time in Southern Africa, and we have no time to waste anywhere on Earth."

Eric's letter of resignation:

28 May 1991

Dear Ernst:

I hope you were able to enjoy a refreshing, if brief, holiday. Unfortunately, I was not able to say good-bye to you in person, because of transport arrangements. After so many years, we have come to the parting of the ways. I am starting a new career which may enable me to make a better contribution to revisionism than I have in my role as garbage pail superintendent, floor sweeper and Samisdat book wrapper.

Although we have had our disagreements, I continue to wish you all the best and I hope that you will go on to achieve more and even greater victories. If I encounter any person or information which I think can be of benefit to you, I will contact you immediately. Otherwise, no news from me will simply mean no news.

The cash received by me during your absence is in the deposit book drawer, along with my keys to the premises. You will note that I have paid $261.10 in Samisdat expenses with my own money. In view of the 3 days I have taken off work, plus other time off during days I did work, there is no need to reimburse me for that amount.

My subcontractor's receipt book & records of bills paid are also in the deposit book drawer.


(signed) Eric Thomson

P.S. : Please give my best to all the other Samisdaters.