02 July 2002 – Eric Thomson
Your analysis of the 'money mystery' is trenchant. If we examine money, as the masses of asses know it today, the medium of exchange is quite abstract and intangible, another form of 'virtual reality' which is created out of nothing, and which gains its 'value' through the addition of zeros. When previous definitions fail to describe something with relevance and predictability, I rely upon an operational definition. "Ownership" is really a temporary use permit, for we really own nothing, until an item is consumed or worn out. Then we can use "own" in the past tense. As for land and other items which outlast our lifetimes, our "ownership" constitutes a permit to occupy and/or use. Nothing is 'bought' until it is fully paid for, but even then, there is no guarantee that we may possess it as long as we wish. Other people and events often intervene to curtail our 'ownership', like fires in Colorado or niggers in Rhodesia.

Likewise, an operational definition of 'money' reveals that it is created and allocated entirely by jewish fiat. As you mention, our current form of money is really 'monetized debt', IOUs backed by more IOUs. As long as the jew banksters keep the money supply more or less congruent with the supply of goods and services, the ZOGbucks will enjoy the confidence of Goy producers and consumers, but the money supply is entirely up to the jew-banksters, who can diminish it or inflate it at will. One financial newsletter reports the tremendous mis-investment of surplus money in financial speculation, and it also points out the deflationary effect all those vanished dollars had on the real economy.

Money is indeed symbolic, since ancient times, but its value depends upon real people and real goods and services. Without the very real and necessary things which money can buy, no form of money has value, not even such commodities as gold or silver, which have quite limited uses in and of themselves. In order for money to become purely abstract, people and the things they need would also have to become purely abstract. This means that any medium of exchange which gets too abstract ceases to be 'money', and people will choose some other medium of exchange. This is what the jew banksters fear. The Internet makes barter quite possible, and if it were not for the ZOG, money could fall into disuse. A friend of mine
builds his own motorcycles, usually 3-wheelers. On the Internet, he sold his bike within two weeks, to a Japanese! If he'd wanted to receive payment for his motorcycle in the form of a guided tour of The Ginza in Tokyo, his buyer could have obliged, and paid in that manner. I can hear the hebes shrieking already, for all their money bears interest. That's why the jews said the old $2 United States Note was "bad luck" Bad luck for jews means no usury .

It's interesting to read about your old schoolmate who is beginning to suspect that the Judeo-American rat race is really a no-win treadmill to oblivion. I did not spend much time analyzing, for my situation was intolerable and every fiber of my being urged me to get out. Sixteen years of holding myself in check, because I was unable to make a break for it, was all I could stand. I simply had to strike out on my own as soon as I became independent and self-supporting. That office job in Frisco was deadly, and those who stayed on did so because they had no recourse. They were trapped, except for one who died prematurely. We referred to him as "the one who got away." Compared to that existence, a few bombs and bandits in Colombia were not disturbing to me in the least! When one is faced with the possibility of sudden death and the guarantee of a living death, I will choose the former every time. As The Law of the Contrary dictates, I have found the best work in the 'worst' places, where the fainthearted do not venture. No, I am not tempted to go back to Colombia, which is coming here, anyway. Nor would I wish to go to Afghanistan or Zimbabwe, even if I were paid to do so. I don't need so much excitement, and we have no need to go far afield to get it, for things will be sufficiently exciting right here in the Jew Ass Oy Veh. You may recall my pre 9-11 prediction that things were going to pop, so stay out of the ZOG forces. I had no specific information at the time, just a gut-feeling, and my guts turned out to be prescient. This time, I don't need to rely on my guts nor a crystal ball, for all indications are that we will soon experience 'exciting times' in the Chinese sense of the words.

As you say, we cannot anticipate an orderly progression of events. The dominos can fall; be scattered by a sudden gust of wind, catch fire and/or blow up; get stolen by niggers, &c. Events can suddenly erupt, and we cannot predict in what order. The one certainty which all indicators reveal is an eventual population crash due to economic collapse, starvation, war or disease, or a combination of all factors. The AIDS Plague is not diminishing. It is just not getting in the headlines very often. All Turd Worlders, including the Chinese and Indians are increasingly infected, and the Blacks seem most likely to die off first. I would prefer that Whites were to survive by brains & bravery, but if AIDS comes to our rescue, we shall be far more lucky than we deserve.