07 July 2002 – Eric Thomson
Referring to the alienation one feels when aliens invade his livingspace, I say that ostensible Whites who team up with aliens are worse for us than the aliens themselves for they become the 'shoehorns' for inflicting aliens amongst us. As you say, there will be condign punishment, whether by Whites or by muds, for such Whites who admit muds are absorbed by them, via miscegenation and mud-cultural 'assimilation'. One local liberal saw nothing wrong in admitting more aliens into our livingspace, what there is of it, for "they tolerate him". I said they would do so as long as it was to their perceived advantage, but

when it no longer is, you'd go the way of the White man in Black Africa. Then came a torrent of ignorant liberal lip-flapping, which we all hear in the jewsmedia, anyway, I need not waste my limited typing time on it. I waited for him to finish playing his rental tape-recording of jew-brain poison and replied thusly: You will know who you are when you are immersed in an alien culture, as I have been in many parts of the world, such as Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. When you are surrounded by aliens in their society, you will experience what the Peace Corpsniks called "culture shock". Some tried to assimilate the alien culture by intermarriage, but they were few and basically failed. Others, like myself, went so far as to learn the culture and languages, but we remained ourselves. Still others reacted with revulsion toward the aliens and their culture, and became "super-gringos". As soon as their contracts ran out, or before, they fled back to gringoland. In my decades of observation I conclude that no one can assimilate an alien culture as long as a vestige of his former self remains. A White man who speaks fluent Swahili and is totally immersed in native ways and values remains a White man in the eyes of the natives, who may put up with him as long as he serves their purpose, which may culminate in his becoming a JuJu sacrifice. Similarly, an alien can adopt the outward trappings of gringo, judeo-American 'culture': he can spicka igiles, fuck White women, drive a car, drink Coke when he isn't selling it with a small 'c', &c., but he cannot divest himself of his genetic and cultural heritage. The hispano-mestizo population of North America shows a high incidence of mental problems which allegedly stem from "culture shock", basically from the lack of community which they lack in their homelands. Judeo-American culture inflicts culture shock on everyone who has lost his community, including Whites. This experience has been written and sung about in the form of a person who finds him or herself alone in crowded New York City, or as the jew sociologist Riesmann observed, "The Lonely Crowd". What can replace community? The ZOG says, "Hey, don't worry! Just consume, and you'll forget all about it!"

Your observations on the 'evolution' of Christianity may have more to do with the devolution of White people, for most of White achievements were accomplished despite the vampire baggage of Christ-biting and blood-drinking and female submissiveness in turning the other cheek, forgiveness, &c., which devolved into 'tolerance'. Manly virtues were socially essential in the conquest and settlement phases of this continent, but they became 'supplanted' by sheeplike values of commercial-consumers, which curtailed the White man's immunity toward the Christian virus of give up-itis. Integration of the White farmers into the judeo-agribusiness slave system and consequent loss of their land did much to erode manly virtues of the Whites. NOw, Christianity has been thoroughly infiltrated by the White man's genocidal enemies. As any zogling can tell us, the best way of imposing a revolution is by infiltration of an institution, like Britzog's emasculation of the British Crown with the "restoration" of Charles II and the infiltration of the Christian churches by judeo-Marxist minions. Similarly, we see the egregious 'wiggers' whose skins are White, but whose minds, if that be the proper term, are not merely Black, but nigger!

In regard to true separation of jurisdictions, which has been going on from coast to coast, such symbolic exercises in the expenditure of hot air, time & motion, will achieve nothing. If the ZOG wants to mix classes and races IN SELECTED AREAS, it will do so. The Charter School vouchers can plant urban niggers into any school. One possible improvement in the privatization of education appears to be the possibility of expulsion. The worst problems I had in public school were the class hooligans who interfered with my learning. I even had a mestizo swipe my pencil during an exam. Gang or no gang, I was ready to commit murder and I convinced him that "he needed to return my pencil", which he did so I could finish the exam on time. I don't know if he was taking the test himself. As I recall, I don't think he was. Such diversity! And that was in 1953.

Your observations on the mentality of the elite merc-units reminds me of the little article I sent you on the SAS: each 4-man "stick" had to be tough, competent and better co-ordinated as a team than most married couples. "Co-consumption" may allow enforced 'equality', but combat efficiency does not. Who wants to have one member in a 4-man team who is repulsive to the others and unreliable? To insist on "integration" would sabotage the ZOG' s last remaining killer teams, compared to which the ATF/FIB (sic) hit squads are a cowardly, incompetent rabble, as I observed ia the Waco fiasco. Methinks that special ops boys will go 'private' and sell their services to the highest bidders, which I'm sure they already do, in particular, the 'retired' ones. Any smart man knows the value & lack thereof of money. I draw the line on deals which might make me the richest corpse on the beach. One can learn survival & combat skills on one's own, without any spit & polish bullshit, nor ZOG-distorted enforced 'comradeship' and order-taking from idiots. One can be "an army of one", as the ZOG declares. Some soldiers have questioned that slogan, for armies are teams, not gatherings of individual all-stars and war is a team effort. Duh! Well, the slogan may be stupid, but USZOG's policies are even more so, for they are eroding the very demographic ground from under ZOG's feet.

Your observation that the U.S.A. is really a corporation is full of exciting possibilities. Yes, the U.S.A. is very much like Enron, a crooked business with crooked accountants. Remember the late, lamented "Budget Surplus"? Gone with the wind, eh? It simply evaporated under the politicians' hot air. Well, if you call the U.S.A. a corporation, you are being euphemistic. I call it a jew racket, a combination of a Ponzi Scam specializing in a line of fake gold bricks and deeds to The Brooklyn Bridge and/or The Statue of Liberty. I see the ZOG's future as very dark and very brief. All your conformist-consumer 401-K-niks are apparently in for The Big Surprise when they find their pension funds and their investments going belly up. I seem to recall Thomas Wolfe's character in "You Can't Go Home Again" refusing to hop on the stock market bandwagon in the 1920s. A financial fanatic chided him on having only sufficient money to buy a sandwich, to which the character replies, as I recall, "Well, at least I'll have enough money to buy a sandwich."

I believe you mentioned the book, "Might Is Right", which I read. The author does not address the subsequent subsidizing of the underclass, at the expense of the productive members of society. He wrote during an era of social Darwinism, and "the poor" were expected to die off. Not so, as the author of "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" wrote, the rich thought it in their interests to propagate an underclass and lead it against those they really feared: the White middle-class.

The unholy alliance of jews and Ostensible White plutocrats has succeeded not only in impoverishing the White middle-class via usury and Marxist graduated income taxation, it has destroyed the independent farming families who could live off their land, thus reducing all Goyim to the status of proletarians, in terms of The Protocols of Zion. Louis XIV reduced the dangerous French nobility to such a status by 'inviting' them to live at Versailles. Who could refuse such an 'honor', but it was an onerous 'honor' indeed, for the cost of living with the king at Versailles was often debt and loss of one's ancestral lands. Such a deal! The ZOG's land taxes did the same thing, and the farmers who lost their land to usury and taxation were not even invited to live with part-jew Roosevelt in The White House.

In the true spirit of "divide & rule", the ZOG has created a multi-racial society with a non-White underclass which is subsidized by the productive White workers and the salaries of middle-class drones whose chief functions are in the tertiary sector or 'service' industries, such as teaching and business administration. The recent stock swindles and corporate accounting scams have looted the paper profits and pensions of the White middle-class. It is unlikely that such a bunch of wimps and drones would revolt, certainly not until they have had a taste of being in the Great American Underclass. Will they sink or swim? We shall see when the ZOG dumps them into the cold water of poverty. Those who won't adapt will simply drown, and good riddance! They would not serve their race when they had money and they probably won't serve their race when they are at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder with the muds clawing at them.

The proper policy for a Nation, any Nation, is Racial Loyalty between the rulers and the people. This is only sound policy, for the White elite can only exist with a White working class. By working against the White farmers and workers the renegade elites of Britain and the U.S.A. have advanced insane and pernicious jew interests, all but destroyed the White working-class and White Civilization as well. Rather than fearing and excluding leaders from the working-class, a White elite must take advantage of such precious abilities for the benefit of the Nation. National policy will thus be the advancement of the Bell-Shaped Curve of the Nation's human quality, by culling the duds at the one end and by increasing the best at the other. The Nietzschean approach toward elites invokes no such loyalty nor improvement of the masses, in particular as expounded in "Might Is Right". The duty of any National elite is to make sure that the fittest survive and prosper in each generation. Our motto should be: ALL MEN WILL STRIVE FOR THE SUPERMEN! Even a few years of National Socialism in Germany produced soldiers who were so envied by the Judeo-capitalist British that the first batches of German prisoners of World War II were hidden from the view of Britzog's half-starved civilians, who were not in that dire condition because of war, but because of Britzog's peacetime economics. The fit and hardy young Germans were the product of Hitler's National Labor Service, with its food, outdoor exercise and discipline. When I entered the U.S. Army I was asked if I excelled at any sports. I answered "No," for I was too light for football, too heavy for track, too short for basketball and did not play much baseball, since the gym classes did not consider such a sedentary occupation a 'sport' in terms of general exercise. "Well, what can you do?" the recruiting officer asked. "I can march 35 miles with a 65 lb. pack and fight forest fires at the end of the hike," I replied. "Can you use a rifle?" "Oh, that would be easy!" I said. In other words, I had the benefits of a National Labor Service that is denied most denizens of Judeo-America, along with useful skills such as sleeping comfortably on the ground. Yes, firing a rifle is easier than wielding an ax, pulaski, shovel, grub hoe or macleod, and much easier than using a brush hook!

I remember the arrival of a wandering jew at one forestry camp in Oregon, when we were just about to leave on a trail-clearing training hike. He took one look at our group of young White men with fieldpacks and firefighting tools and took off like Dracula fleeing the sun. One item for all Goyim to remember: That summer I lost two inches around the waist and gained 20 pounds. Let's cut the kosher crap about "losing weight". We ate like horses because physical labor requires fuel of good quality and great quantity. That's why the kosher calumnies about "slave labor on starvation diets" is more kosher crap: You can't get labor out of starved slaves. Whipping them will not supply the necessary calories, any more than kicking a car with an empty gas tank will make it run. Goyim who have never done real physical labor tend to believe jew lies on that subject. The gist of my message to White Americans is to get real and get NS! Reality and "Natural Socialism" are the same.

I certainly agree that now is not the time to "go over the top", for one would find himself all alone in no man's land. That's when a leader becomes a victim, just one more "lose nut" who bites the dust. Good soldiers, especially political soldiers, know the context for action and when to hold their fire, regardless of enemy provocation. Events will let us know when the time is ripe. I used to tell The Zud that we cannot force events, but we can encourage them. The Zud was the twin of Napoleon in looks, and looks usually indicate similar attitudes and behavior. Hence, The Zud was nepotistic, a skirt-chaser and a megalomaniac who insisted upon running all aspects of operations. His micro-mismanagement always seemed to interfere with the projects he claimed he wanted accomplished. By insisting that he would make all decisions, Napoleon insured his defeat, for his military successes lengthened his lines of communication and thus made his decisions irrelevant or pernicious when his subordinates attempted to carry them out at the fronts. So, too, with The Zud.

Hitler was a far better leader than Napoleon, for he knew how to delegate authority. He was not nepotistic and kept sex n. its proper perspective. Hitler never lost a battle because he was in bed with Eva or out on the town with a jewish mistress. To that extent the Zud was inferior to Napoleon! It turned out that his jewish miistress ran the show. Such a deal! The Zud's latest kikess does likewise. He should be put out to pasture and given a Lubyanka Breakfast, minus the cigarette.

If we can't get a One Million White Man March in The District of Corruption, I see no gains to be made from street demonstrations. Imagine the effects of a White man march in Black Baltimore! At present, I view such actions as the work of ZOG agents provocateur, although I doubt that Pierce would know what Im. talking about. Pierce was always a publisher, never a politician.

I note in a recent news article which I will send you when I relocate it, that the ZOG is pursuing restaurant owners for allegedly unreported tips received by waiters' waitresses. The ZOG decrees that everyone receives a tip and is squeezing the employers for the 'un-declared' difference. Obviously, the zoglings have never worked as waiters, for there are Scrooges who leave without tipping or who leave only a token tip. I see that where I eat. Leaving anything under $l these days is an insult, but I see 'tips' of 25 cents up to 50 cents from regular customers.

As I see it, there is nothing to be gained from bombing Moslems outside of Europe and Uszogland if Moslems are allowed to invade and proliferate within these territories. The ZOG can 'win' all the battles and has already lost the war, unless radical demographic policies are adopted, including deportation of Blacks to Africa. As I suspect, there may already be a Black Muslim-Arab cash nexus, but even if there is not, Islam in one form or another is the fastest-growing religion in North America. What a fine time to stir up trouble in Moslem countries! The Great Fear in Judeo-America is the fear that not all men can be bought and not all featherless bipeds define themselves as "consumers"; that Nation is more durable than
the mumbo-jumbo of "naturalization" and that more than jews have their eyes on how they will use this continent. Certainly, European Unity has had its best chance in North America, and I suspect that the demographic struggle will begin first in crowded Europe and shortly thereafter, here, once the Whites have nothing more to surrender to the muds. The same rules apply to the feeding of bears or sharks.