15 July 2002 – by Eric Thomson
Dear Robert:

Many thanks for the FAEM downloads and interesting magazines! The more I read FAEM, the more I agree with it. Our readers would do well to reread Maguire's "Feeding Time at the Zoo", for it looks like mestizo California will be yelling for more cheap electricity, in true mud-Marxist fashion. Some advocate breeder-reactors to supply the infinitely-increasing demand for electricity, but I would recommend less breeding of muds who can only demand, but never supply their own necessities of life.

I enclose a Covingtonblat in which he now advocates leaving "The Great White HopeIand" if an anonymous tipster involves the ZOG's "child protection agencies" with a child-abuse complaint. It would therefore appear that anyone who wants to reverse White settlement in the NW can just make a single call suggesting that the ZOG-tot agency investigate White parents. It seems to me that Harold is living in the early 19th century. As I understand from my employers and landlords, anyone using a Social Security number can be traced within 3 months, wherever they are employed in Uszogland. That's how child-support garnishees are processed, apparently regardless of the debtor's location in the Jew Ass Oy Veh. An accusation of child-abuse would seem more serious to me, so I don't think a change of state would keep parents and their kids out of the ZOG's clutches.

USA TODAY has a story on "Son of Sam" Berkowitz who used a .44 revolver to kill blonde 'shicksas', but the present article states that he sought "dark-haired" victims. Apparently, Berkowitz blew away a couple of bottled-blonde jewesses. Such a deal!

In a series of newsclips from Canada, a writer complains to the editor of The Toronto Sun that Canadian citizens have few 'rights', compared to "refugees". The editor makes the silly remark that "Canada is still the best place to live." That's like saying, on June 1944 that "despite the bombardment, the Normandy beaches are still the best resorts on France's Atlantic coast"!

The writer on the subject of "homo White Nationalists" covered all the points quite well. To me, a homo nationalist of any sort is an oxymoron, like a "celibate parent". It is an old but true saying that the family is the basis of the nation. How can we support our nation if, our sexual preferences exclude a sound, heterosexual family? As the writer observed, it is extremely unhealthy and unwholesome for a homosexual to engage in perversions, and then go home to do the 'right thing'. Ugh!

At first, I treated the idea of financial donations to FAEM and its contributors as a joke, but it seems that some FAEM readers would like to send zogbucks to express their appreciation and 'support the cause'. As I understand, FAEM is not an organization, nor a political party, but an outlet for information and opinions, with entertaining insights and a good seasoning of humor. Getting the message out on the Internet seems sufficiently adequate, and, with lots of additional zogbucks, we could put the message cut via other media, such as printed newsletters, local FM stations, shortwave transmitters, heliograph, semaphore, carrier pigeons, vacuum tubes, undersea cables and smoke signals; all of which would reach far fewer people than the Internet, which costs less per month than I now pay to mail letters to postal correspondents. Thank you all, but I concur with Robert & Maguire: we don't need your ZOGbucks to contribute our ideas and information to FAEM. It is you, the readers who must act on the ideas and information we convey to you.

On a personal note, I am isolated from any pro-White contacts in my local area. This is not surprising, since I live next to an Indian reservation populated mainly by Mexicans who call me "The Old Gringo" (El Gringo Viejo). The Blacks refer to me as "honky mutha" and the Chinese as "gai lok" or "foreign devil". Ostensible Whites call me "that Nazi", &c. I am the proverbial rollingstone which gathers no moss. I have no family and no friends outside of White Nationalists who live hundreds & thousands of miles away. If I knew of one solitary pro-White White person worth the powder to blow him up, I would endeavor to collaborate with him or her or them. I believe Maguire and Robert suggested that you contribute your spare zogbucks to a struggling, but worthy White family. How can it be that we are all so isolated? I would also urge you to spread the word and build your own networks as missionaries of White Nationalism. If our message goes no further than you, we have failed, for our goal is to enlist the best members of Our Nation. All the best & ORION!

P.S.: Elmer Pendell observed that government becomes more brutal as the governed become more stupid. The stupidity, brutality and major malfunctions of the population have invaded the ZOG, which appears to be confused, disorganized, in a word, stupid. I suggest that the ZOG reorganize in terms which all can understand. Orwell suggested departments in total: Truth", "Plenty & Love (the police, of course). The executive could be simple & cozy-sounding, yet, wise and authoritative. "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" come to mind. That way denizens would not have to learn nor remember such a complicated word as "President", nor the name of the officeholder, whoever that may be.