25 July 2002 – Eric Thomson
In your trenchant letter of July 12, I see that you have arrived at the same conclusions that I have. When one can 'see', as the aliens said of earthlings who used the special sunglasses in "They Live", the world becomes quite different. We resemble characters out of some sci-fi film moiré who dwell in a world of enemies and zombies, amid the Eloi and the Morlocks, aware of ourselves as Truemen in a sea of aliens. The most recent child-slaying of an Ostensible White girl prompted me to say to the vidiots watching the news that ordinary murderers conceal the body, but ritual murderers are required to leave the body where it may be discovered. Not one of my few listeners had a clue of what I meant, and they did not care. My suspicions were further aroused when two Jews came on the program to "explain" to the Goyim what may or may not have been in the killer's mind. One Jew was a Dr. Wecht, who said little with many words and who moved his hands in a nervous series of Jew 'magic passes', as if to hypnotize the Goy viewers. The other Jew was a 'psychiatrist', Nachman, who could pass for Negro, save for his cruel-looking face. Nachman's specialty is in the treatment of murderers, particularly child murderers, as the talmudvision announcer alleged. If the child-killer is a kike, stay tuned for a kosher cover up, and attempts to illicit sympathy for the monster. Why should the sheenies change a formula which appears to work?

Douglas Reed noted that a nation survives by maintaining its exclusivity. The Jews have imposed inclusivity on us, while maintaining their own exclusivity, thereby diluting us and dominating us via 'divide & rule'. Being diluted and deluded as we are, it is no wonder that Whites are in such dire straits. But, you have identified the seeds of the hebes' downfall: greed and the corruption which accompanies it. Graham Greene's villain protagonists usually behaved like jews. One timely film, starring Rod Steiger as an unscrupulous business tycoon, a sort of Enron exec on the lam, was called "The Bridge", if I recall correctly. I am relying on 40 year old memories. The movie starts with a police raid on the company H.Q. in London (?). The cops demand the company's books knowing the CEO has given them the slip. The CEO's underlings spend 30 seconds debating whether or not they should comply, until one of them asks, "What would the CEO do if he were in our shoes?" Without further ado, they hand the company records to the cops, knowing their CEO will be fried. That's the loyalty the jews can depend on amongst their Goy stooges. As tables turn, the mercs will switch sides, but our successors must never forget that they are mercs even if they spout a good story to us. If anyone servos the ZOG and does not actively sabotage it or remove some top-kick kike from his point of control; if such a person waits until the ZOG's collapse is obvious, and only then comes over to us, we shall keep a careful accounting of that person. In its death throes, the ZOG may send such types to infiltrate and to sabotage White Nationalists. Over the decades, I have learned quite a few of the jew enemy's tricks. Young White activists may ignore my hard-won knowledge at their peril, just as The Order did, in regard to The Strategy of Target Selection. Guerrilla tactics are deemed criminal by the ZOG, but criminal acts are not often proper guerrilla tactics. The Order behaved in some respects like bourgeois bandits who held on to their zogbucks, to a great extent. Revolutionaries whose fervent desire it is to bring down the ZOG do not invest their zogbucks in personal property, for example, for a successful revolution precludes the activists from retiring to their farms, and a failed revolution does likewise. The Order was ass-backwards in its choice of objectives anyway. Money in not the suitable goal for a revolutionary, but people who will support the revolution. How much money in needed to gain their support? None, if the time in right and the message is clear. Not only will the people come to the movement, but they will bring money, if it in worth anything by then. Timing and patience are the essential attributes of successful revolutionaries, who have learned where and when to strike for maximum results. A revolution is popular, and a coup d'etat is rarely so. We hear "revolutions" often in connection with Latin American politics, and that is a misuse of the word. Revolutions do not just change the names of officeholders; they change the nature of government and of social institutions, even if they do not change the outward labels and appearances thereof. Obviously the U.S.A. has been the scene of several such revolutions, all of which paid lip service to The Constitution as they rewrote it and subverted it. How can a total demographic change within a state NOT be a revolution? for instance. A change of identity always results in a change of policy. The present confusion of U.S. identity is clearly reflected in its confusion of policy.

The danger of The U.S. Constitution is that ANYONE can use it to justify his policies. If I were the Chief Executive, with emergency powers, possibly derived from my position in "The Shadow Government of the United States of America", who are anonymous, I would not change a word of it. I would simply enforce the laws already on the books, such as The Genocide Convention, which is a treaty and just an binding as The Constitution which, itself, may be abolished by treaty with, say, Lichtenstein and replaced via the same treaty with the constitution of a heretofore unknown National Socialist state. All of this would be perfectly constitutional. Obviously, the NSSA would be a new name and a new constitution for the former U.S.A.

The jews are doing to Palestinians what they do, economically, to Whites in North America in regard to changing the demography of the territory. Is Israel, Arab labor is being replaced by all sorts of foreigners from Eastern Europe and Asia. These non-jews are used to do the Goy work previously performed by the Arabs. Hence, the bombings of foreign worker areas in Israel by (I guess) Palestinian suicide bombers. This makes good sense, for the eventual isolation of the kikes from their essential labor sources will force them to leave, or to succumb to "the fate worse than death" for a jew: that of doing his own useful work! The bombings and snipings also reduce Israeli tourist revenues to zero. The Arabs have time and numbers on their side, so it is a war of attrition they can win. This is obvious to the kikes, so they must take stops to escalate the conflict, using their USZOG money, mercs and materiel to best advantage, as they see it. The U.S. will likely become as useful as a rubber crutch to the kikes, is that event, for I see some big surprises in store for those who believe jewsmedia propaganda.

A little radio report on the illegal immigrant invasion from Mexico shown no real reduction in the filling up of U.S. territory by the Cockroach People, despite supposedly tightened border crossing enforcement since 9-11. A hispano-mestizo INS agent was recently arrested for letting them in through his post on the border. Obviously, the ZOG has never heard about putting foxes in charge of henhouses, but if ZOG knows, it doesn't care, for the victims of illegal immigration are 'only' White people.

An you say, ZOG-mercs are thugs, and thugs are both cowards and bullies, who will respond to 'object lessons' in the form of their fellows' mutilated remains. Then, their choice is simple: get more pay or get out! I'm sure the Afghans will teach then the 'wisdom' of Central Asia, bit by bit, an they did the Soviet occupation forces.

Your observation of the multiplier effects of technology deserve repetition and broadcasting, for the masses of asses really do not appear to understand how very vulnerable they are: technology can produce plenty, fast, but when it fails or gets switched off, the plenty goes quickly into reverse, with no quick or easy way of overcoming the scarcities resulting from the absence of technology. The Black takeovers of White farms serve to illustrate this fact in bold letters. In brief, technology is a two-edged sword in terms of plenty or scarcity. Since technology can support huge numbers of consumers, its failure incurs an equally huge liability, especially when those consumers are totally dependent upon technology for their basic needs. Eco-freaks are schizos who see no need to curtail numbers, but who would reduce the technology capable of sustaining those numbers, even temporarily. Organic farming is great, for it replenishes the soil, instead of depleting and polluting it, as does judeocapitalist agribusiness. But, organic farming would produce nothing like the quantity of food required by the world's bloated population, even in North America. De-industrialization would cause two thirds of the German population to die, according to Henry Morgenthau, Jr., who drafted his genocide program for Germany in his book, "Germany is Our Problem". His scheme was echoed by Theodore Kaufmann in "Germany Must Perish!" and by Louis Nizer in "What to do with Germany", so there was definitely a kosher accord on the only planned genocide program of World War II. As the jews like to do, the Germans were blamed for killing Jews, rather than the reverse. The technology gap will become evident when electric power goes off. When plenty becomes scarcity, the unthinking masses will react as do unthinking beasts, and scarcity will quickly become worse. There is always cannibalism, but endemic diseases may prove to make that an unsatisfactory solution, just as the eating of monkey flesh in Africa is said to have sparked periodic outbreaks of Ebola or jet-propelled AIDS, but in a situation of eat now or die, the prospect of hepatitis C, HIV, &c. may be no deterrents. As I said, we all must decide in regard to short-term and long-term survival choices. Survival will require ruthless discipline and intelligent adaptability. Such qualities appear to be sorely lacking in the majority White population, so the outcome of a technological burp, is foreseeable.