26 July 2002 – Eric Thomson
One item of particular importance and interest was the Globe & Mail story on the arrest of the Egyptian, Elgindy, and the two FBI agents who tipped him to sell short before 9-11. To my knowledge, none of the U.S. jewspapers carried the article, although all the action occurred in California, along with the seizure of lots of money and property, including cash and gold. One of my colleagues said he'd heard something about the arrests on TV news, but he wasn't sure if it was on the Canadian Broadcasting channel or a U.S. channel. The apparent lack of coverage points to FEDZOG's foreknowledge of the events of 9-11, especially when the Gypo's tipsters were zoglings, who supposedly received their information on the FBI computer network. Several people have noted FEDZOGUSA's determination to keep the American people in the dark, and/or misinformed about important events which may cost us our money and our lives. "The U.S. government treats us like the enemy," one said. I replied that I no longer doubted that the U.S. government was the enemy of the American people, so why shouldn't the ZOG lie to us Goyim? We're expendable, just a herd of sheeple to be shorn and slaughtered, unless we choose not to go along with their scams and nefarious schemes. 'Our' jew-supremacist regime has, over two centuries, had more Americans killed unnecessarily than any other power on Earth. From the Civil War onward, none of the wars we fought were for the defence of the U.S.A., but for the aggrandizement of our Zionist rulers' ambitions, and our own enslavement and extinction. And these criminals want us to charge into another of their unholy wars, but as the demographics of North America darken, I think that will become less likely. The ZOG's best cannon fodder are the ostensible White Judeo-Americans, who happen to be the targets of the ZOG's genocide program. The kikes always wind up killing the geese which lay their golden eggs, even knowing that they must depend on us for their own survival. If there is such a thing as a jewish disease, that would be it.

Your comment about the windmill as being "a neglected monument to a dying people" is not only accurate, but eloquent. Yakima has one of the few remaining vestiges of an interurban streetcar line, with some vintage rolling stock. When the Mexican takeover is complete I wonder what they will do with such 'gringo junk', not that it matters. I have also noted a tendency of Whites to save their artifacts and let their race die out. Who will inherit such artifacts? Whoever the dominant non-White population will be. The same goes for White history, flags, constitutions, traditions, culture and other items perceived as alien and trivial to the dark invaders and occupiers. If history is needed, they will write their own, as someone did about the 1812 defenders of Canada.

It is pretty obvious who finances the IMF and all other plutocratic scams: the taxpayers! No honest entity would lend money to countries which are chronically broke, if there wasn't some prospect of return. Since there is no prospect of such huge debts ever being paid, leverage and power is granted the banksters to meddle in the debtor countries' domestic affairs, for the banksters' fun and profit, while they pocket payments from First World countries' tax payers, in the form of 'foreign aid'. Then the loans can be rescheduled and the debt gets bigger. Such a deal! The IMF, World Bank, et al. are quasi-governmental means of fleecing the tax payers on behalf of the banisters who claim to be helping the Turd World. This is also known as the "North-South transfer of wealth", so that we'll be 'equal', the productive and the parasitic, all together. Foreign aid is a scam to impoverish the tax payers for the banksters' profit. This objective is stated in The Protocols, that the wealth of the world will be concentrated in the hands of the hebes and the Goyim will be forced to beg them for a bare existence. Is this not happening?

In regard to government subsidies to maintain industries and jobs, as you mentioned in the recent case of the Marystown Shipyard, whose buyer took the money and ran, it seems that the Canadians got suckered before with Firestone in Hamilton, Ontario. The rubber company received government funds to stay, but left anyway. Remember the two jews who were promoting the North American Free Trade Agreement? I tried to warn Canadian labor unionists what would happen: Canadian manufacturing jobs would head south, into Mexico and beyond. Now there are reports that factories are leaving Mexico for destinations further south, and on to Asia. You had reports on farm equipment being made in China, and I have read that Freightliner trucks have a factory there, as well as Boeing. Just imagine: the U.S.A. will have Chinese-made trucks on its roads, driven by 'cheap' Mexican drivers. U.S. truckdrivers are already aware of this invasion and displacement. Your description of "democracy as a rotating dictatorship" is spot on. 

 In regard to documents, I recall a page from the Canstatter Zeitung of 1952 which cited official Red Cross figures for all the people killed in World War II. In a special category of "concentration camps" there was the figure of 300,000 who died of all causes therein. The Red Cross was not recognized by the USSR, so the Red Cross did not recognize people living in Soviet territory as "people" for purposes of calculating Soviet victims. Hence, the Red Cross refused to send an official delegate to view the Katyn Forest victims, although individual members of the Red Cross did attend the exhumation of the 15,000 Polish officers who were murdered by Soviet jew commissars. I saw both the German and the Soviet films of the exhumations, and, yes, the bodies all had small caliber bullets in their heads. For the Goy reader, suffice it to say that the unsuspecting Poles were given drugged coffee and taken out into the forest at night to the open pits where the jew NKVD murder squad shot them in the backs of their heads with pistols. Afterwards, the jew-bolsheviks covered the bodies with earth and planted pine trees upon them. The Germans discovered the bodies after they had invaded Soviet territory in 1941.

1 don't agree with your generous defence of individual G.I.s who participate in atrocities, as ordered by their officers. The U.S.A. imposed the strict personal responsibility for alleged atrocities upon all individuals, no matter how low in rank. It is logical and lawfully just that the Allied precedents established at the Nuremberg Kangaroo Courts must apply to U.S. military personnel, as well as Germans and their allies. Every soldier who participates through omission or commission is 'guilty' of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and he or she should receive the same 'justice' as that meted out by the Allied War Crimes Tribunals in Germany. I believe the jew-book says, "Judge not lest ye be judged." If victors' justice was 'good' for the Germans, it should be just as 'good' for the Americans. 

I agree with your analysis of the NEXUS articles in regard to National Socialism alias "the Devil" in the
silly brains of British colonials who still think they 'won' the two world wars. What I saw in the articles, after reading the 'kosher' Kniebeugen Paragraphen was this: that the present powers that be are treacherous and dangerous to the people they rule. It is one thing to have false views of the past, which most Goyim don't care about. The important thing is to have a correct view of the present and to know that the ZOG is not to be trusted. If government exist in the minds of the governed, then the ZOG is besieged by these NEXUS articles. The gist of the articles is a bit NS, so the editors have tried to cover their rears by declaiming Hitler. I think one could criticise Israel if he included an obligatory defamation of Hitler. Some Goyim are comparing Bush to Hitler, which we know is twaddle, but Hitler is the worst person they can think of, so that tells us how popular Bush is! Hitler as Satan is useful, as I wrote back in 1976. If Judah is "God", and leads us ever deeper into the snake-infested swamp, we are always made aware of our Aryan "Devil" who keeps calling us to come back out. Once we have had enough of stinky swamp muck and poisonous snakes, snapping alligators, &c., we may at last heed our 'Devil' and save ourselves from the jews' oppression.

What you have amply pointed out about the Anglos is not only true, but illustrates their anti-White imperialism exactly, as is practiced worldwide and within Britain itself. Now, it looks as if the Irish are also betraying their race by letting in non-Whites The IRA which I strongly suspect has jew leadership, appears utterly silent about the mud invasion of Ireland. so I have composed a "new motto" for the IRA: Brits out. Wogs in. That's how we intend to win!

I have already covered the topic of Britain's anti-White rulers in my essay on Our Egregious Elite. The jews took over Britain with Cromwell's victory and the establishment of their "Bank of England". This new arrangement of power, which was on a class basis, rather than a race basis, is known as "Britzog", which the American colonial upperclass imitated. This meant the establishment of an Anglo-jew plutocracy disguised as "British" or "American", whose members aimed at the destruction of the White Race, who foolishly supported them, and mainly still do. Our first task is to unmask these traitors and impostors. If the Whites still want to be ruled by them, then it's their funeral. I would hope that it would be the ZOG's funeral, instead. Whites tend to believe anyone who says "I'm with you!" especially if the traitor does resemble a White man, as compared to a pure Black or Yellow. Jews resemble their host peoples by breeding with the host peoples' women.

The foremost enemies of Our Race are the Ostensible White plutocrats who front for the jews and do their dirty work. The movie, "They Live" describes the Anglo-kike relationship very accurately. All White Nationalists should see it.

All the Best, as always. DOWZ! (DOWN WITH ZOG!) & ORION! (OUR RACE IS OUR NATION)