27 July 2002 – Eric Thomson
The Shape of Things to Come. As I type this in my overheated batcave, in the moments before I go to work, the lights flicker and almost go out, as happens more frequently over the past few weeks. Lightning was blamed for a half-day power outage, but frequent mestizo mobile collision, with power poles and transformers have been damaging the local grid. Who would have considered the automobile to be such an important factor in electric power supply problems? The power situation is similar to Whitey's political situation. I always have candles handy, as well as a couple of working flashlights and spare batteries. Let us imagine that I am a typical White critter, who is very dependent on my uninterrupted power supply, but being typical, I would make no contingency plans for a power outage, nor would I have an alternate light source before the crisis occurred. When the power goes off, I am left in the dark, in a dither. At that point, I might stagger and bump my way out to my car and drive around looking for a store that was not closed for lack of electricity. After finding an open store, I might find that they were sold out of candles, flashlight batteries, kerosene lamps, &c., but I might be able to buy a book of paper matches for $1, so I could light my way around my house.

On a far more serious matter, survival, Whites are oblivious to the growing dangers and don't even think about their prospects for survival WHEN the social upheaval occurs. As Dr. Oliver noted, most Ostensible White bipeds have the mental attributes of rabbits. They run into the weeds and hope the fox finds some other rabbit to eat. As you surmise, we may not have the luxury of choosing those whom we would really like to be with in our struggle for survival. Certain behavioral attributes will be in great demand, such as leadership, courage and teamwork. Those attributes will not necessarily coincide with race or class, as portrayed in "No Blade of Grass" and "The Magnificent Crichton". The latter film was about a group of rich drones and their servant who are marooned on a desert island, and could have been the inspiration for "The Survivor" programs. The head of the rich household is a lord, and as useless in this new environment as tits on a boar. The others are not a whole lot better but they can perform the necessary chores which Crichton, their de facto chief, assigns them. The lowly servant is a skilled outdoorsman and organizes his members of the leisure class into productive workers and a viable community. When a rescue ship arrives, Crichton quickly changes back into his former self and acknowledges the status of the Dominant Drone, who is self-congratulatory on having chosen such a magnificent servant!

I observe my local acquaintances in view of their possible roles in a survival group. The most capable leader-type I have seen is a Black pimp who sells pot on the side and otherwise hustles. He commands a stable of non-Black whores and does business with local drug dealers. In a survival situation, one might do well to team up with him, for aside from myself, none of my acquaintances, including my employers, have the makings of leaders. If White people refuse to organize their survival teams now, before the crisis occurs, they may just have to make do with the best they happen to encounter in their locality, and hope that their leaders will put up with Whites. White females will seek out their stallion, who will have a large number to choose from, in exchange for the possibility of food and security. It's a tough job, but someone will have to do it.

The Chinese figured that 1 out of 20 bipeds of North American origin had possible leadership abilities. Could a nigger pimp or an Al Capone cope with a collapse of urban utilities, fuel, food and transport? Could their gang members cope with securing the basic necessities of life and establish a warlord state to defend their people, territory and food supplies? I doubt it, but our criminals appear to be the best potential leaders in a survival situation. As for government, the drones who hold office are no more leaders than the officers of the U.S. military. The Chinese observed that leadership qualities had nothing to do with rank in the U.S. forces. I should state for the record that the Chinese were absolutely right in their negative profile of their "American" prisoners during the Korean War.

Survival in the short run will be far different than survival in the long run. The Black pimp I referred to has mulatto offspring, none of whom appear to be viable specimens in anything other than dependency on welfare. Successful parasites, like pimps and crooks, are also dependent upon the status quo, but they do have alertness, initiative, a healthy disrespect for rules and a canny sense of how best to survive in their environment. As I say, if that environment were to change drastically, would they be able to adapt?

Survival interests in a state of chaos and collapse would likely out across racial and family lines. No survival group can afford fools, nuts, weaklings, dimwits and the diseased.

If short-term survival problems can be solved, the group must consider the survival of the next generation. A reasonably steady source of food would be required and the means to defend it from marauders. The Yakima Valley is unsuitable for growing edible crops, for I understand that a century of growing fruit trees and hops has poisoned the soil with arsenic and lots of potent pesticides and toxic fertilizers. I read a recent report that it would be unsafe for kids to play on grass growing on a former hop field. Thus, a local survival group would need to leave in search of arable land. One can elbow through the hordes of Injuns and fish, but the jewsmedia publish repeated warnings that fish should be avoided, especially by pregnant women, because of toxic contamination from mercury, dioxin, &c. Game is available, but the Injuns would monopolize that food source. The takeover of a dairy farm would be the best step, since there would be meat, milk and fodder, as well as natural fertilizer for food crops.

It is my careful observation that very few ostensible humans here would have the ability to survive in an environment approaching "the state of nature", or the anarchists' paradise. The vast mechanism of institutional Marxism feeds a great part of the population who cannot feed themselves, so a radical change in the environment would require Lenin's dictum that "those who do not work shall not eat." A large portion of the young are dependent and demented, by drugs. Another large group is dependent upon drugs to appear sane and somewhat civilized. Then there is the huge U.S. prison population to consider.

It's 4:00 a.m. and the lights have flickered again. I am reminded of that great scene in "Lawrence of Arabia", in which the British and French authorities have arrived in Damascus, on the heels of the Arabs organized by Lawrence. The actor who plays General Allenby knows that the British could take Damascus by force, but he also knew that would be unnecessary. All they needed to do was wait for the lights to go out. When that happened, the Brits moved in to takeover the necessary public utilities and the city itself, while the Arabs argued amongst themselves about governing what was no longer theirs. When the lights go out and stay out in Yakima or elsewhere, who will turn them back on?

A landowner who has what people want could enlist their support, as the feudal lords did in the Middle Ages, providing he has leadership ability, but most landowners appear to be parasites and traitors who are responsible for the mud invasion. If one lacks loyalty to people and principle, he probably lacks leadership ability and will not attract followers.

Perhaps those least fit to survive are members of local militia or 'survivalist' groups. They hate government of any sort. Their objectives and their fears are insane and irrelevant. They are more worried about Israel's survival than they are their own, and the U.S.A. is of importance only in regard to its support of Israel. It is likely that their weapons will all be pointed in the wrong direction when Babel blooms in Judeo-America. A viable survival group must have the attributes of a state, a society and a community. It cannot be a nest of anarchists, for, contrary to Jefferson, Rousseau, Locke and de Sade, anarchy cannot exist in the state of nature, either. Church groups have the advantage of knowing the members of their group, but they have the disadvantage of Marxist Christianity. The Mormons are best prepared to survive, since they have their own theocratic government and largely self-sufficient economy. As for the non-Gentiles, they will seek to infiltrate any group which looks as if it can weather the storm brewed up by the jews and their lackeys. There can be one answer only to those creatures and it must be non-verbal.

A Great Culling of population will occur in North America as the ZOG's vultures come home to roost. A social breakdown will cause a sanitary breakdown and the endemic diseases in the population will become epidemics including AIDS. The question will be, who will inherit the continent after most of its denizens bite the dust? If China avoids political disintegration and economic disaster, Hitler's prophecy that they will inherit North America is likely to come true. If, by that time, there will be any Ostensible Whites left to resist them, that will be a miracle. I do not find these prospects discouraging, for doldrums and decadence are as deadly to our race as desperate combat. The constant struggle for life is more than a 401K plan. In my view, there is no difference between morality and realpolitik, as long as one knows what side he is on.

In regard to the self-styled 'leaders' of the blightwing and their fatuous followers, it is obvious that Whites do not take their situation seriously, just yet. When it finally dawns on then that there is a real, urgent need for action and organization, the leaders and followers will come together and great things can be accomplished. At that point our situation will be serious, but not hopeless. For now, it remains hopeless, but not serious.

When the world was largely ruled by White men, certain fallacies arose, such as geopolitics, communism and capitalism. These concepts assume that "all men are equal'. As we see in Black Africa, where judeo-capitalism chose Black Misrule over White Paternalism, the social infrastructure for the maintenance of large-scale capitalism has suddenly deteriorated, because Black values are different, despite their ability to ape White speech and consumption. The cause of capitalism on a continent run by Blacks is as forlorn as that of one who tries to herd cats. Yes, some people are 'more equal' than others. As you illustrated, capitalists ignore the inescapable results of their greed, and they are bound to realize that Nature is Nazi. In Nature there is no such thing as "equality" only quality. The body politic is about to shake off its parasites and leaders will arise to take over from the current wimps and traitors. They and their followers will have necessary determination to take all essential steps for survival, and they will be very exclusive! Those who do not work shall not eat.

Naturally, a White would be foolish to seek allies amongst the mestizo majority here, for they will be the ones who will support their own kind in a crisis. The majority is semi-asiatic and asiatic, including hispano-mestizos and anglo-mestizos. The latter two include the "Indians". As for the Ostensible Whites, I know of no pro-White group, nor individual other than myself. Since Blacks and Whites are such a small minority in Central Washington, they often help one another. In my case, a Black customer helped me subdue a berserk mestizo who'd flipped out on some drug of choice and started busting up the premises. The Black fellow grabbed the mongrel's feet and I grabbed the raving Injun, who was bigger than I am by his head, and we threw him out into the parking lot, where he somehow got a nasty gash on his forehead, just before the police arrived. I told the officer that the fellow might be rabid and that he was permanently barred from the premises. Had the Black not assisted me, I would have had to resort to my hand-to-hand combat training: heel of band smash to the nose, judo chop to the adam's apple, for starters, for the mestizo was over six feet tall and muscular, as well as wild. All in a night's work, as they say, on minimum wage, with no medical insurance nor 'benefits'. It's the New American Dream. Thanks be to ZOG, our living standard is sinking to Turd World levels.

In your area, where Blacks are the majority, you might need to seek allies amongst the mestizo minority. Whites are such zombies, that I don't even count them as potential allies. Only after the crunch hits them are we apt to find White allies in the struggle for survival. Not before! Jew allies are out of the question. It's a struggle for survival, remember, not for stock options. I trust Blacks far more than I trust jews. I was never betrayed by Blacks in Africa, but I had lots of run-ins with malicious kikes and their Freemasonic stooges. I don't need to learn about these vipers from books, for I learned all the basics at firsthand. I was greatly assisted by an ex-Palestine policeman who was jew-wise and knew the treacherous nature of the Freemasons, and he saved me from being put on a flight to Jew York City, despite their urgings to do so. No wonder I have so many gray hairs and I don't forget. The essence of politics is never to get mad, but get even!

To preclude any wishful-thinking on the part of Ostensible Whites who may believe that they can carry on as isolated individuals and join a group of non-Whites for survival, there is no guarantee that a White would be accepted as anything other than meat on the hoof. If we allow our social ship to sink and find ourselves in the seat there is no guarantee that a bit of flotsam will keep us afloat, nor that it will save us from sharks. Obviously, if we refuse to organize as Whites for our survival now, few, if any, will survive. If we do not resist the ZOG collectively, we shall certainly suffer individually.