28 July 2002 – Eric Thomson
Peter Worthington is exactly the sort of Anglo jew-lover which Arnold Leese condemned in "Our Jewish Aristocracy", in which he pointed out the infiltration and amalgamation of the jews into the British upperclasses, including the royal family. I use this knowledge to identify our racial enemies; regardless of the name, look at the face and if one still has doubts, look at the class status and wealth of that person. The latter factor will be great, according to the "Anglo's" service to the ZOG. In this age of Total Politics, the rich are guilty of treason, unless they are jews, who would be guilty of plunder and extortion. The degree of wealth is an accurate indicator of the seriousness of their crimes.

How do we explain the perverse attraction of blondes to Black apes? I have tried to explain this behavior in my essays on genocide by race-mixing and the fallacy of race-mixing as a bringer of world peace. Under the Genocide Convention, race-mixing would qualify as genocide, and those convicted of genocide at Nuremberg were hanged. The ZOG uses the Genocide Convention selectively, and enforces it only to exterminate Whites, as we know.

I do not know what you mean by 'slamming the door' to hope amongst 'our people'. If I shout ''Fire!'', do I depress the timid rabbit folk? Do I deprive them of hope because it is their own houses which are on fire? I cannot offer these creatures a movement on behalf of their own salvation because they have not supported such a movement, nor such a leader. I can't blame then for being disappointed when they have supported leaders who betrayed them, but I can speak from hard experience that our salvation requires our participation, every day, in every way, on behalf of Our Race. We cannot sit and watch others do the job, for there are really no others, but ourselves, and there are no free rides. I cannot promise people a bright future if they are unwilling to make it for themselves by total commitment of their heads, hands and hearts to our race-saving task. I am one man and I cannot and will not try to kelp those who refuse to help themselves. I offered a way in which the Whites could win their right to remain in Africa. The only way to stay was to fight. Since Whites were already fighting, that objection was already overcome. So, why did Whites who fought the Black Marxist Plague give up and surrender to it? Because they said I was 'too radical' and they feared to be called "Nazis" worse than they feared privation and death. But the jewsmedia were already calling then "Nazis", so I thought that obstacle was overcome, too. The "simple people", as you politely call then, preferred to sit in their burning houses and plug their ears to avoid hearing my shouts of warning, danger ant emergency. The 'comfort' of lying words and illusions proved to be deadly, as I foresaw in Africa, and as I foresee now, in North America.

Whites must establish, within themselves, their White National Identity. If we don't know who we are, we will not know what is good or bad for us. Racially healthy creatures know that simple and all-important fact without having to put it into words. The "Simple" White folk appear not to know, so I will tell them again. Nothing good for the White Race can be achieved if Whites do not adopt pro-White attitudes and pro-White behavior. Only if we first change ourselves can we change the world in our favor.

It is well-known by very few that the percentage of leaders of any group is quite small, and that the majority can become good followers, at best, so a leader can realize his goals on their behalf. I urge the "simple", timid people to ask and answer these three questions, as soon as possible: (1) Who am I? (2) What is good for me or bad for me? (3) How do I best achieve what is good for White people in my daily life? I don't know how much time there is in which to answer these questions correctly, for I am not holding the stopwatch. Obviously, the White Rhodesians and White South Africans answered them all wrong.

The only hope remaining is to exercise wisdom in choosing your leader and your program for White National Salvation, and then to WORK and to ORGANIZE toward the realization of the Idea. Naturally, we must be willing and able to fight with all means available, for the enemy will not give up willingly what he has taken from us so easily. All of us are soldiers and our skins are our uniforms. Soldiers are always willing to sacrifice themselves, if need be, for the survival and the victory of our kind. With such determination and commitment, the enemy will become fearful and he will begin to make mistakes, which we may use in our favor. In the name of Our Race, I want your collaboration as White Nationalist agents, and I have demanded the very same from myself. Don't send your zogbucks to me. Put them to use in your own place, on behalf of Our Race. If you are alone and isolated, use the White Man's miracles of communication to network with others and inform them of the White Nationalist Idea. Forget the pseudo-politics of the ZOG. Start building our White Nationstate immediately. Our  loyalty is to our race, not to the butchers' banners of the ZOG's kosher slaughterhouse.


P.S.: After reading some of the excellent material which accompanied your letter, I am hoping that The Devil's Advocate does not suffer the fate of Dr. Charles Weber, who wrote a letter to a jewspaper editor in regard to certain facts on Germany. The ADL traced him to the University of Oklahoma where he taught German and pressured the university to force him to resign, despite the fact he was tenured! You may remember that the series of thought-crime trials in Toronto, the jewdicial persecution of Ernst Zündel resulted from a mailing of "Did Six Million Really Die?" to Canadian journalists and politicians. I explained the purpose of this mailing in a foreword and afterward, which was signed by Ernst Zündel. An ostensible Gentile journalist named Peabody allegedly gave his copy to Sabina Citron, and the trials began. My knowledge of those who prostitute their pens for the Zionist jew-supremacist media are aware of the truth, since they are liars-for-hire. To point out the very things they are paid to suppress is like telling a bank robber that he's robbing a bank. You won't receive thanks, but you may be punished. Perhaps our friend has never heard the old adage: "Whose bread I eat, his song I sing." The truth sets no one free if it is not acted upon. Those who read the truth and do nothing about it are no better than those who don't read. We need collaborators, not consumers for whom vital information is no more important than the current niggerball game on talmudvision.

Now that Germany is full of Turks and other non-Germans, Günter Grass, who looks like a close relative of Genghis Khan, writes about anti-German atrocities of World War II. In a few more generations, his book will be no more relevant to the non-German majority than a book on the U.S. Civil War published in Mexico. I hope White Germans will snap out of their jew-daze before that, of course. As the Swedish Nationalist writer said, USZOG must go before Europe can be defended for the Europeans. Of course, events in Europe could hasten the collapse of the FEDZOGUSA jew-bankster regime. Politics in the art of the possible and those who wait and do nothing will never know what in possible. We are in a world struggle and a cosmic struggle, as we must attack the ZOG on all fronts whenever sad wherever possible.

In Toronto, some of us wore ZOG buster T-shirts. If someone were to make them, using the ZOG buster logo of an encircled Star of David being smashed by a diagonal lightning belt, I'm sure they would sell, although the term, "ZOG" in banned in Soviet Canuckistan. Obviously, the Chinese would be able to make and distribute them, for they have the ZOG on the run in North America, especially in Soviet Canada. One day I was in the shop of our Chinese printer "Lucky", and I saw a Jew prowling about the promises, looking at everything. I told "Lucky" that a jew was snooping to find out if he was printing 'hate literature', which is defined as anything a jew hates. "Lucky" knew who I was talking about and said, loud enough for all to hear: "Don't give damn about fucking Jews. Don't need jew business. Got too much Chinee business! Is other words, a jew boycott of the business would have no effect, and some jew rough stuff would receive quick Chinese retaliation. What wimps Whites are, compared to the proud, courageous Chinese who look out for their national interests, wherever they may be. Whites would do well to follow the Chinese example (1) Have lots of children. (2) Be hardworking and enterprising and (3)Never forget who you are and where your loyalties reside. Local German printers were too scared to have our material on their premises because it was pro-German! If it were not so sad it would be funny.

At long last, I have, thanks to you, an official statement by the survivors of the USS Liberty. I shall make as many copies as possible and pass them out to my correspondents and anyone else who may be interested. You provide a treasure trove of important information. I also appreciate the statement on Blacks by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, whose motives I very much question in view of his knowledge of the Blacks who he was helping. Why would a sane person want to kelp such creatures? Was he doing some sort of penance? I see so satisfaction in such work nor any justification for it. I can live very well without being called Bwana, Boss or Master, and I prefer to do my own dishes, after eating a meal I have prepared myself, so that I know what's in it and what was done to it. I knew some foolish Whites in Bulawayo whose cookboy had it in for them. Conspicuously displayed on the dining room table was a large bottle of Enos, for indigestion. After a Sunday dinner at their house, even I would experience a stomach ache. When I excused myself from further dinners there, I never had indigestion. I have never understood how a White can know so much about Blacks, and still be so intimate with them. I would not want their cookboy in  my garage, let alone my kitchen'. In general, what Black cooks did not steal, they would contaminate. Bon appetite!