29 July 2002  by  Eric Thomson
Many thanks for your letter of July 152 and your insights on the theory called evolution. I wonder if a sudden adverse change in the I environment does not call upon genes which are latent in a species rather than a mutation thereof. As you say, preexisting genes for long hair would enable such animals to survive harsher winters. I think you point out the inherent value judgment the term "evolution", which would support the thesis that all living creatures were evolving into humans, but some species are rather
slow. Some writers think that "man" can easily do himself 'in' with his follies and leave the planet to hardier creatures, such as cockroaches. Obviously, there is consistency in the adaptability of organisms, especially those which breed rapidly and prolifically, such as insects and microbes. Unlike most people who seem to have as emotional involvement in the matter, I can live with or without the evolutionary theory. My interest is in pointing out its political misuse by the ZOG, which wants things both ways: yes, it wants us to accept its version of 'evolution', but, no, it does not want us to seek improvement of our race or species by practicing the rules of evolution as we understand them. The more we know about
genetics, for example, in terms of hereditary illnesses and/or the propensity thereto, the less we are supposed to use such knowledge to calculate health insurance premiums or to determine a person's fitness for jobs which put that person at risk.

Please pardon the tardiness of my reply, but my seven day per week work schedule has been quite demanding and hectic due to employee absenteeism. My fellow bipeds just walk off the job whenever the mood strikes them, which is very "American" behavior, because they do not give a damn for the survival nor well-being of the enterprise which gives them undeserved employment. It is a serious matter, for they are required by law to be present, and a chance visit from an inspector could have us shut down immediately. These subhumans are definitely products of devolution, and I have repeatedly told them about their responsibility to keep their employer in business and thus retain their jobs and paycheques, to no avail.

In regard to your idea for a move to Mars, don't you think it is necessary to select the people worthy of such an expedition by establishing a 'spaceship colony, on Earth? I'm sure you must have considered that requirement as the basis for colonizing Mars. The Zud toyed with the idea of a Space Cadet Programme, as an outgrowth of his Nazi UFO book readers. Naturally, the Space Cadet candidates would all conform to the stringent requirements for SS recruits, and so on, from there. As usual, Zündel left off the project as soon as it began to show signs of success and ventured into the Holohoax Project, which was to become the basis of a political movement, as he alleged. As we know, he dropped that project and took the donors, money to live in comfort with his second Jewess down in Tennessee. Poor, trusting, hardworking Goyim, eh?

Obviously, the nation-destroying power of the jews resides in The Great Satan, alias, U.S.A., so things must be achieved on this continent before tiny, invaded Europe will have a chance to defend itself against the dark hordes. That does not mean a 'do nothing' programs for politics is the art of the possible. If we do nothing, we will never know what is possible, eh? Networking is possible and desirable, so we can do that, ZOG willing.

On the dismal female front, you have the correct order of priorities: If a man does not respect himself, he cannot expect others, including females, to respect him. Right now, the White whores seek the men whom the ZOG rewards with pay and perks. We know such men are unworthy of respect, but White women obviously prefer the zogbucks and what they can buy, as well as the symbols of status. As for their fascination with Black thugs, I think that in their female masochism showing. For some people, men included, danger can be a turn on. A bejeweled, mink-clad Black gangster represents power, wealth and danger to White females, for he appears to prosper powerfully, despite the laws, in defiance of the system. I once described "America!' as epitomized in "Miami Vice", in which the obviously successful, rich, glamorous and powerful were the druglords. I'm sure no 14 year old would aspire to being a scuzzy cop, any more than a White female would want to marry such a 'hero', in preference to joining the opulent harem of Juan Valdez at al.

I see similar 'nice people' in this area: people who willingly hand their enemies the knives with which to cut their throats. They give me the creeps, these Christians, and they make me angry, for their suicidal behavior threatens my own existence as well, as they welcome the alien invaders into my living space. They are our foremost enemies, and they must be dealt with before we can drive out the invaders. Without them, there would be no invaders.

Yes, the daring, ambitious young man would do well to stock up on all the MOS skills he can obtain, at ZOG expense, while keeping his own counsel and zeroing in an his own goals. My initial impression of the Green Berets of Vietnam was that many of them had had previous military service in foreign armies, such as the French Foreign Legion. It would be interesting to find out what percentage of the G.B.s were of foreign origin. As states disintegrate and loyalties change, I can foresee the demand for skilled mercs as bodyguards, hitmen and enforcers. The line between crime and business is now so blurred as to be invisible, and erstwhile states are going multinational with loyalty only to a fleeting bottom line. Plato and Yockey predicted that plutocracy would evolve into warlords and/or gangsters. The U.S.A. has long been such a power, but that power is disintegrating as interest groups scramble for immediate personal profits, as the oil banksters are now doing in Afghanistan.

I agree that the yids don't know where to go or where to stop with their "Nazi" bit. As you say, the Goyim don't really care, now that "Hitler" has been internationalized. A few years ago 'our' chosen man in Libya, Gaddafi, was dubbed "Hitler", but the title passed to Saddam of Iraq, another of 'our' hand-picked leaders. I believe the leader of Yugoslavia was accused by the U.S. president of being "Hitler", but the sly Serb retaliated by calling Clinton "Hitler". The debate ground down to, "No, you are!" "Am not!" "Yes you are!" "Hitler!" "Hitler!" it is indeed Orwellian: no matter who the U.S. hates, it always turns out to be "Hitler"! Big Brother remains the same and the 'villain' also. Are we really as dumb as ZOG appears to think we are? Not if the dearth of military recruits is any indication. On the other hand, maybe Hitler is gaining popularity: anyone the ZOG hates can't be all bad.

It is possible that White women have been thoroughly influenced by ZOG propaganda to the effect that the Whites are finished as a race, so they want to be on the 'winning side'. Hence their penchant for latching onto any non-White they can find. One ex-girlfriend of mine used to say that, and wound up with a jew husband who looks like an ugly, misshapen Chinaman, who treats her like property. The blessing is that they have no offspring, but he has from a previous marriage. I point out that jews usually have their kikelets first, and then choose a sexier shicksa to shack up with. Jew males are consistent in this behavior. As my German friend used to say, "Don't fret, just wonder." (Nicht ärgern nur wundern.) A correspondent of mine on the west coast is in much the same predicament as you are, in regard to jobs and females, so you are describing a picture that is much bigger than mere personal pique and individual exceptions. What you both describe is the rule: that the majority White females are basically anti-White male. But, as Col. Rudel used to say: "He is only defeated if he, himself, gives up." Therefore I also say, "Sieg heil!" and DOWZ!