30 July 2002
Many thanks for your downloads. The one from RENSE.com by Col. Donn de Grand entitled "The Enemy is Inside the Gates" has a ring of truth in regard to the use of remote controlled aircraft as cruise missiles. My firm rule of thumb is to ask "cui bono?" when any such event occurs, as on 9-11. The triggermen are not nearly as important as are the beneficiaries of a crime. The Federal Reserve was definitely the chief beneficiary of the JFK assassination, for they took over all U.S. currency in 1964, with the retirement of United States Notes and Silver Certificates.

Yggdrasil's product is wondrous strange. Not only does he read jewish books, but he must smoke something stronger than tobacco when he dreams up his 'mood-swing theory' of human history. Once again, I see a series of 'uncaused causes' which generate 'cycles' of expansion and contraction of empires and human populations, the blightwingers' deus ex machine or diabolis ex machine, if you prefer. This approach to history resembles a 'theory' which posits that a certain unoccupied chemical laboratory will come forth with with table salt every hundred years or so, without specific decision-makers and actors. One could invent similar cycles for banks: that, eventually, the depositors will lose their money to theft, ignoring the fact thata thief must first be put in charge of the funds. Since 'no one' is responsible for human affairs, 'no one' can do anything about them. All is 'cyclical' and beyond our control, so we may as well drive our cars off cliffs and set fire to our houses. Why postpone the 'inevitable'? As for 'moods' determining cycles, rather than objective circumstances, that reeks of kosher crap.

Let us say that I get up one fine morning, broke, but my 'consumer confidence' is very high. I go to a restaurant for breakfast and cheerfully tell the waitress that I would like a big breakfast, but I don't have any zogbucks to pay for it. Assuming the waitress does not dismiss me as a local ambulatory nutcase, she might ask me why I thought I could have breakfast without paying for it. I could quote Greenspan et al. and say that my 'consumer confidence' is very high. Assuming she thought I was still sane, she would instruct me to leave and stop wasting her time. The only thing which gives me 'consumer confidence' is money, which I derive from my job. No job = no money = no consumer confidence in my case.

If the 'mood' theory held any validity, we might try phoning a psychotherapist instead of the fire department when our houses had their 'cyclical' fires. "I want to report that my house is on fire."  Psyche: "My, you seem terribly defensive. Do you have these feelings of insecurity often?" 'No, but I do because my house is on fire." "You exhibit a compulsion neurosis in which you feel required to repeat yourself." "Cough, cough! The smoke and heat are becoming, cough, uncomfortable." "Obviously, your delusions say a lot more about you than the  conditions you allege." Etc. Usually, objective conditions prompt moods, not vice versa.

Yggdrasil seems to buy the jews' idea that demographics has more to do with moods than economics. The postwar baby boom in the U.S.A. occurred because it was possible then, but not now. In the late forties and mid-fifties, wages were high and mortgages were cheap. There was no birth control pill. There were lots of pro-family social sanctions. I remember that private companies and government departments encouraged the male to marry, as marriage was a factor for promotion. There was a wage differential which favored men who did the same job as women, since men were expected to support their families. There was no women's lib. Once married, Nature would take Her course, plus a couple was expected by society to have more than one child. As a pre-baby boomer, I marvelled at the rabbit-like breeding habits of the denizens of the new suburbs. It seemed that baby-making was the new national sport, along with avid consumerism. Most people were "in the mood for love" because they could afford it. Even the raising of children was not as expensive as now, in real money.

When Yggdrasil writes of a population implosion because of 'mood', he is referring to Whites only. The non-Whites breed right up to the breadline and don't ever stop, until they ruin their agriculture and die from famine. The demographic constant was that described by Malthus, and it is obvious in every Turd World country, as well as former White countries, which the locusts are invading. In Africa, where most of the deserts are man-made from overlogging over-grazing and over-population, the deserts are getting much bigger, so the food base cannot support the present population, which became bloated under White colonial rule. White Order and White food surpluses sparked a Black population explosion. Since Black values had not changed, they are incapable of feeding their present numbers. Traditional Black agriculture produces little in the way of surplus, and that is usually consumed by the Blacks' own children, cattle and goats. Where Blacks settle, the land in ruined. Pre-colonial Africa could sustain a small fraction of Blacks, who kept on the move, as they wore out the land.

Asians rely on sedentary farming, but their population has overwhelmed their food base, and the Chinese have ruined their prime agricultural land from over-logging, over-grazing and overpopulation. The Middle East and the Iberian Peninsula show the same results of this process. The Western Hemisphere is not exempt from destructive land-use, and the importation of Turd Worlders and export of food will hasten our own agro-bust, and population crash, unless a new continent is discovered or the Martians come to our rescue with food shipments. I never thought that hunger was a 'mood', but I do know that lots of people are going to be in the mood to eat, and there will be nothing for them, regardless of their 'consumer-confidence'.

"Cycles" and "inevitability" are effects, and effects have causes. Human decisions cause most human problems, but they can also solve them. The Chinese, despite US insanity which protests their 'one child' policy, have ably demonstrated that population increase can be controlled. Singapore, which is run like a spaceship, because it has to be, not only has birth control policies, but favors eugenics. If space is limited, why not fill it with the best and most productive members of society? The U.S. idiots rave that this policy is evil. As far as I know, they have not yet called Singapore a "Nazi state". More Chinese Nazis! Obviously, the demented dervishes of America want the surplus Chinese to come here. These Americans should be sent to China or Bangladesh, and required to stay there!

Once deserts are created, it is unlikely that any moods can sustain the population which existed before it created the desert. So much for mood-swings and population cycles.

Yggdrasil is gradually coming around to my view that Whitey must organize his own state within the ZOG state, beginning with White families and communities of White Nationalists. He praises Dr. Pierce's mood of optimism, which will have to be carried on by his successor, if any, in this present 'cycle'.

In human affairs, nothing is inevitable, unless we choose to believe that it is. In this regard, the words of Col. Rudel are apt: "He is met defeated, unless he himself gives up!" Commander Rockwell summed it up best: "White Man, fight!

Many thanks for your letters of July 20th.  It is interesting to see how such time, research and paper was spent on relating people to temperature and humidity before the White man invented air conditioning! I'm reminded of a church on a mountaintop in Italy, which was repeatedly destroyed by lightning. The bell of the church was inscribed to the effect that every time it rang, a hundred or maybe a thousand prayers were sent up to The Big Sky-Jew to protect the church from lightning. But, to no avail. The church kept getting hit and demolished by bolts from the blue. Then, along came a White man who installed a lightning rod. After that, the church was struck hundreds of times by lightning, but was never damaged, and the congregation stopped praying against lightning. A fanatic would say that the prayers had been answered, but that is abysmally assbackwards reasoning. White men observe phenomena and spot patterns which reason can reveal as predictable. He experiments to see if other factors can vary the phenomenon, an did Benjamin Franklin with his lightning experiment, which equated lightning with static electricity. Wogs and nig-nogs prefer to invent gods or dozens with fables for dramatic effect. Then, they strive to alleviate the "god's" anger with offerings of babies and/or foreskins. The lightning rod is a good example of the White man's ability to understand Nature and work with Her. What is 'unnatural' bears the seeds of its own destruction. Long term heat and humidity may make smart people appear less than bright, and torpid to boot, but air conditioning reveals who really is stupid! Those who are blind reveal themselves when the lights go on. White man's technology has become far superior to the subhuman bipeds who use it. A Black ape using a cellphone is an example which comes to mind.

Having lived in the tropical regions, including the eastern areas of North America in the summer, I notice how damaging heat and humidity can be to books and papers. Knowledge written on paper is prone to rat and mildew. In South America, there were tiny critters which were avid eaters of cellulose, including books, papers and clothing. Been there, and had it done to my possessions. I have worked in such heat at hard labor jobs and clerical jobs, with no air-conditioning. It is very difficult to write a ledger entry in ink, when one is dripping with sweat, so that is one obstacle to intellectual activity and productivity before airconditioning. The Cauca Valley of Colombia has a perfect climate the entire year, but its denizens are not notably bright or productive. Environment, as you observe, can damage people with good genes, but environmental improvements cannot improve those with bad genes. Colombians are tri-racial mongrels who are generally stupid and vicious. They were just as stupid, vicious and 'poor' before they got their huge incomes from drug money, which proves that money cannot improve the status of mongrel scrubs.

I do not know why anyone would put up with Finkbone who is an obvious non-White, a jew, and appears to suffer from terminal syphilis. You people need to open your eyes and give the little jew the boot!

In regard to attitudes, those who live like cattle die like cattle. No problem!

All the Best & ORION!