04 August 2002 – by Eric Thomson
Hey, "all's fair in love and war", so throw away your 'White Knight' rule book. Man the Hunter. The problem which I experienced is that females come with a price. I would rather work from the top down and find a like-minded female, and then, enjoy the sex, which is greatly enhanced in the embrace of a kindred spirit. My correspondent who thought he had a kindred spirit got ripped off and betrayed by a female with a black widow mentality. Pretty scary! One fellow in Bulawayo drove a Jaguar, which attracted lots of females, regardless of the unattractiveness of its driver, he admitted. Whatever works is fine, but be careful you don't hook a stingray or a jellyfish. As far as stealing a nigger's White women, that sounds like an adventure in STDs. As far as I'm concerned, any female who goes down with a Black is off my dating list.

When I say that it may be necessary for immediate survival to find non-White allies, I am , not recommending this tactic if it can be avoided. My attitude toward survival and the completion of one's racial mission is similar to that depicted in the film, "Day of the Jackal". The protagonist has no scruples about choosing any port in a storm, whether it be a randy widow or a queer. When the whole world is looking for him, he cannot afford to be too choosey. I only mention such alliances of convenience in a real emergency, with the warning that Whites who seek such alliances may be deemed meat on the hoof by their prospective non-White allies. If Whitey continues to dither and fritter his precious time away, such desperate measures may be necessary, and there is absolutely no guarantee of our survival, regardless of our adaptability and cleverness, any more than there would have been if we remained on The Titanic, after the lifeboats had gone and the last life jackets had been distributed. The masses of asses are in a terminal self-indulgence mode which I can only compare to children playing in
a sandbox in the nursery of The Titanic. They have become infantile in their pleasures, their activities and their viewpoints. What sort of shock can make them wake up and grow up, without killing them? I don't know, but I'm sure I'll find out. Personally, I think these exciting times are too good to miss. Lots of mischief has been cause. by our excess baggage or illusions. If the hurricane of change can blow that overboard, we will profit by this needed opportunity to see reality with clear eyes. In a world of illusions, we can do nothing desirable or effective, as history has proven.

We must be genuine Odd Fellows, unlike the conformist members of that moribund social club for would be Freemasons. The Goyim notice something weird about us. The fact that "we can see" must affect our outward appearances. I, for example, do not wear baseball caps backwards, nor hug non-White men or women, nor shout and give 'high-fives' like niggers. Nor do I dress like a Mexican druglord or Black pimp. I guess most featherless bipeds would think that this is 'weird' behavior. I have always been myself, with my own likes and dislikes. One can call me an 'outsider', but I am really a sovereign individual, who defends his inner self by defending his borders and carefully choosing his alliances and trading partners. Without reading about "the social contract", I have been aware or it: the advantages of community include obligations. If the obligations outweigh the advantages, I withdraw within the realm or the possible and keep my involvement to a minimum. I have always felt this relationship to society from my earliest recollections, so I have never thought in terms or 'breaking out' or 'going back'. I have carried my freedom in my knapsack, with my home where I hang my hat, when I choose to wear one. Life and politics are both arts of the possible, so I have "made the best of what life has to offer", as the prison warden or Devil's Island advised the new inmates. We must pay a price for everything in life. Freedom and solitude often go together, although I have never considered the peace which comes from solitude a 'price', but a benefit, which contributes to the enjoyment of freedom. Freedom FROM and freedom FOR both have their price tags, and if we want them, we will gladly pay. Most people I know do not appear to consider that all aspects of life have their prices. Whenever we do one thing, we often cannot do something else, just as we cannot be in more than one place at once, unless we are jews who lie about it. Our ZOG likes to omit the price, say, for enlisting in ZOG merc forces, in which one can be hurt and/or killed, especially by "friendly fire". The majority seek' something for nothing', as with gambling and stock speculation. My experience has been that I get more out of life by putting more into it, in terms of work, courage and determination, which have paid me big dividends in the form or accomplishments, knowledge and freedom. No, I don't have much in the way of zogbucks nor property. Had I served the ZOG, I would have had more, but I would not want to live with myself. If I had not gained the necessary knowledge before I got a doctorate, and had I obtained a teaching career, only to discover that I had to lie to my students in regard to such important knowledge, I would have disliked what I was doing for a living. You can understand my further disgust if I had a family, i.e. hostages, to support as an academic liar-for-hire. That is what I would call too high a price for zogbucks and the specious status conferred upon me by other liars and hypocrites. Fortunately, my knowledge came at just the right time. Exile to Africa was no price at all, but a privilege, which  taught me more and did not cost my life or health in the process. I give no thanks to ZOG for that, of course. My attitude toward ZOG is much like that of Conan the Barbarian toward the villain leader of the snake cult, Tulsa Doom, played well by the Black actor with the great voice. At the moment of confrontation, Doom tells Conan that everything Conan is, he owes to his 'father', the snake-villain. It appears that Conan acknowledged this fact, as he chopped off the villain's head with his sword. Much of what I am I owe to the ZOG, for which I would desire a Conan-type ending. If the ZOG has taught me to desire its destruction, I am sure it has been equally effective at teaching more of same, while it feeds the ravening hordes who will devour it, before or after its destruction. No, I would not sell the ZOG a life insurance policy.

Your observation on the decline of baseball and football, with the darkening of the audience, is striking. A Chinese lacked any interest in such contests, which revealed the Oriental mind. Yes, baseball and football are vestigial White man's games. Soccer is by far the favorite sport of European Whites and the world's non-Whites, including myself, for it is more exciting to play and to watch. Moreover, anyone can play, regardless of size, height and weight, as long as he has skill, stamina and ability. Then, for bettors who want blood, there is dog and cockfighting, which are growing in areas with Asian and hispano-mestizo populations. More diversity, eh? All sports lend themselves to commercialization and corruption, so there is always a place for jews in sports. As the population becomes darker and more degenerate, their bloodlust will recreate the demand for Roman-style gladiatorial spectacles. The World Wrestling show has all the potential, plus essential camera angles and close ups to interest such an audience, for whom there are already suppliers of 'snuff videos' for their gratification. If we behave like decadent Romans, how do we expect our being spared the fate of decadent Rome? There is indeed a price to be paid.

It's always a good idea to plan your possible escape routes. One fellow plans to head out to sea on a long fishing trip, until things simmer down on land. That beats taking off in an aircraft and running out of gas, only to land at some Mau Mau-held airfield. I understand that there is an opening for Jefe Maximo of the so-called National Alliance. If you prefer publishing to politics, you might apply. My prediction, from what I know of the blightwing is that Pierce's money and property will bring squabbles and litigation, which may be entertaining for us and profitable to the attorneys. If the ZOG can allege any "Arab connections", it may just grab everything. Now's the time for Pierce's hebe infiltrators to wriggle out of the woodwork. Pierce did much of their work in the form of disinformation, such as, (1) Jews are White, when they are not; (2) Russia became, miraculously jew-free under Stalin, which it wasn't, since Stalin and his mentor, Kaganovich were both Khazars. (3) The "Turner Diaries" are great target selection materials for a guerilla movement, although none of the extant textbooks on guerrilla warfare support such tactics. My assessment of Pierce's life is that he created the illusion for some people that he was politically relevant as a political leader, while he was actually a publisher who had found a niche in the blightwing book market. Was Pierce really on the White man's side? That is hard to say, in view of the above mentioned pernicious disinformation he put out for so many years. Did he create a political movement? No, but he did supply consumers with politically-related reading matter, and made a profitable living thereby. The mischief was not in what he was, but what Pierce pretended to be: a political leader. Those who accepted him in that role likely did so, because they feared making real commitments to a real leader. Reading should be a guide to political action, not a substitute therefor, as events will demonstrate, probably sooner than we expect. Obviously, neither Pierce, nor any political leader can achieve more than his followers and supporters intend for him to achieve. If I discovered that my customers and supporters did not want to go beyond the consumption of reading material, then, neither I nor Dr. Pierce could achieve more than he did. I live in the naive hope that there are real activists within my White Nation, and not just sheeple and consumers. In the words of the World War II German newsreels: "Der Kampf geht weiter!" (The Struggle continues!). DOWZ!