06 August 2002 – Eric Thomson
How can I survive, with no drive-bys and no graffiti? The mestizo bandidos are destroying the trees in local parks by stripping away the bark and using the bare trunks for their gang slogans and insignia. This is also called girdling, and kills every tree. My experience in mestizo countries has taught me that there is some cultural need in the mestizo to kill trees and birds, for the sake of killing. Where mestizos proliferate, trees vanish. The gringos' once green lawns also vanish, since mestizos use front yards as parking lots, And often block the sidewalks with their vehicles. The enforcement of existing laws in this regard would be deemed "racism" , as is the enforcement of statutory rape laws, since mestizos deem pregnancy to be equivalent to "the age of consent". In France, the age of consent is 14, but in Mexico, it's whenever. Anglos' insistence that under 18 year olds are "jail-bait" is incomprehensible to the mestizos. Hence, the law is largely unenforced due to lack of complaints. All laws are strictly enforced when Anglos are involved, which is exactly as it is when one lives in Mexico! Welcome, gringos, to The Great White Hopeland of the Northwest!

I prefer to listen to the local reports on the police scanner, rather than kosherized talk shows and their pro-Zionist hosts. Thank you for summing up their specialties. It sounds like The Protocols of Zion, in which many viewpoints are advanced by the hebes, so as to control the direction and content of the Gentiles' discussions. Why am I not surprised? But do the Goyim even suspect the degree of jew domination and direction? My experience is that the Goyim identify the jews' views as their own, and Gentiles frequently believe that these are their own original thoughts! As we know, most sheeple only think they think.

In regard to ZOG's Big Iraq Attack, regardless of its outcome, I firmly believe that Bush will do the U.S.A. as much damage as Saddam would ever want, and Bush will hasten the collapse of "The Great Satan" by expending scarce resources on his endless series of crazy crusades. Remember, as we look upon the devastated U.S. cities and economy: these ruins were not the result of any enemy air raid, but the culmination of chosen U.S. policies. The jews use people the way people use toilet paper, but I think their destruction of the U.S.A. will be a kosher calamity, too. Bush is, of course, a puppet who can't even read his cue cards competently. Clearly, the authors of this oncoming disaster are the ones pulling little Bushy's strings.

I try to point out the fact that the kikes who imposed judeo-communism on Russia want to repeat this 'experiment' on a new batch of Goyim in North America. I also point out that the founders of world communism were also the founders of the present state of Israel. To this I receive cowlike expressions of incomprehension. I might just as well try to convince them that the fire in the hearth is the same as the fire which burns the house down. These sheeple can't connect like with like. Is this the result of hebrew hypnosis or downbred subhuman minds? We shall see as events unfold and the pressure comes to bear upon the seemingly mindless masses.

In regard to the female situation, if White men were to behave as men, they would have no trouble attracting White women. I have not achieved full manhood, for I still pay taxes to support my racial enemies. If White men could understand that they will not gain the respect of White women so long as they pay tribute to the enemies of the White Race. White women will continue to gravitate toward non-White might ant money. It's often true that problems have simple solutions and it is equally true that simple solutions are often the most difficult. In regard to "rules": right now the rules are being used to inflict genocide upon the White Race. When we seek the protection of the "rules" or the "law", as Whites have done in Black Africa, we will find that the rules and the laws do not apply in our case. Yes, might makes right, even though the White man has forgotten that most important lesson. One day, I'm sure he will remember, but as long as he obeys his enemies' rules, he doesn't stand a chance of survival. If we wish to survive, WE must make our own rules, and enforce them ruthlessly and consistently. The first step in our salvation is to know who we are and who the enemy is. Once this has been established, we can get our priorities into proper order, not before. To win, we must join together in purpose, before we may join together in a territory as a nationstate. A Great White Hopeland populated by sheeple is not a nationstate, but a corral, next to the kosher slaughterhouse. Baah, I say to that. DOWZ!