07 August 2002 – Eric Thomson
Who believes that Christianity ever unified? As it infected Europe, it caused thousands of the best Aryans to be killed. Then, more were killed by the bloody Crusades, which culminated in the Western Christians destroying Eastern Christianity's capitol of Constantinople, which was taken by the Moslem Turks the following year. Then came the 30 Years' War between Catholics and Protestants, which killed a third of the White Europeans. Worse still was the fact that the rulers who imposed Christianity on White Europeans also brought in their "court jews", who often exercised power behind the thrones, as the film "Jüd Süss" reveals.

In regard to "Positive Christianity", as stated by Adolf Hitler, you may not have heard hs. speeches, with their salty humor. National Socialism reversed the Marxist tenets explicit in words attributed to Jesus, such as "So as ye do unto the least of these, ye do also unto me." This equates with Marx's "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Hitler declared, "It is insufficient for us to say, 'I believe'. It is necessary for us to say 'I fight'!" Contrast that statement with "The meek shall inherit the earth." NS promoted eugenics, the favoring of the fit over the unfit. Hitler described the state as  the vessel for protection of the race, without which, a faith was worthless. The people brought value to the faith, rather than the reverse. Christianity ignores race, if we observe the actions of its adherents, thanks to the jew, Saul of Tarsus, who universalized a doctrine which if Jesus said was "NOT" for Gentile dogs. Christian doctrine is particularly unsuited to National Socialism because of its lack of exclusivity, which is the only way races and nations can preserve themselves. The first politician to use the words "National Socialism" was Theodore Herzl in his Zionist book, "The Jewish State". As we know, Judaism is exclusive and forbids "adultery" (miscegenation).

The jew, "Lenin", was a "Marxist" until he took power over Russia. Then he declared that "those who do not work shall not eat!" This directly contradicted the Marxist dictum quoted above, but instead of calling his denial of fundamental Marxism "Positive Marxism", Lenin called it "Marxism-Leninism", another way of describing an oxymoron.

It appears to me that fervent "Christians" make up their religion to suit their tastes. Rather than attempt to cobble together something coherent out of the Christian junkyard, I prefer to start from scratch. Every cult which sought to "restore" Christianity merely added to the plethora of splinter sects, until the logical extreme is reached: Each believer has his very own religion. The problem comes when one attempts to universalize his own beliefs. Few people I know who seem like sincere "Christians" (whatever that may mean) can agree about the same words in the same bible. Although the words are in the same language, the result is Babel. Tertullian said, of Christianity, "I believe because it is absurd!" Nietzsche thought Christianity was good mental exercise, for sane people had to 'reason' all around Christianity to do what they wanted to do in the first place. That reminds me of all the commie contortionists who sought to justify their actions in terms ot Marxist doctrine. I do not think that the inculcation of delusions constitutes good 'mental exercise', even though the Red Queen could believe two absurdities every day before breakfast.

I am appalled at your statement that your grandson can "join the army" .You might as well recommend he become a Satanist. NO ONE should join ZOG forces. Remember FDR's sacrificial lambs at Pearl Harbor and Corregidor? Remember the good White men who where wasted in Korea? What of those ZOG victims of the Vietnam War? Does the USS Liberty attack which killed U.S. servicemen at the behest of Israel, with the complicity of the U.S. Commander in Chief not deter you from recommending such a course of action? It does for me. If we love America, we should NOT leave it for ZOG's imperial purposes. Our fight for freedom must be here.

As you have mentioned, the best anti-jew propaganda is written by the jews themselves, when it shows their filthy minds on parade. The Babylonian Talmud is one such, but there are many other kosher effusions of sadistic pornography, such as The Old Testament, with its sacred sheenie prostitution, treachery and incest. Remember "Lot's seed"?

By the way, have you ever heard of Ludovici's "Man's Descent from the Gods?" Remember the reference in Genesis to "the sons of God" who came to earth, and (possibly) bred giants or were giants themselves? So much for Jesus being "the only son of God". All the Best & ORION!