30 August 2002 – Eric Thomson
I enclose the Liberty Bell article by J.B. Campbell, which is also posted on FAEM, "Our People, the Aryans", in regard to an Aryan religion. Savitri Devi said that she would present us with an Aryan religion, after she got done removing all the mud-racial encrustation from the original Aryan edifice. The gist of the Aryan religion in that Man is part of Nature, and he must govern himself according to Nature's laws, which are the same for him as for other living creatures. The fact that Man thinks he has exceptional intelligence does not exempt him from the rules that bind other creatures. If Man pollutes his environment, he poisons other creatures and himself. Just ask the canary in the mineshaft. In the domestic world, Man controls the quality and quantity of his livestock, and since Man in also a domestic, social animal, he must control his own quality and numbers. If Man is remiss in his duties, Nature in not. Nature in The Big Nazi who sets Man's wrongs to right, in terms of Her rules on Spaceship Earth. Man is part of Nature, and he can vanish, along with the dinosaurs, if he offends Nature's Lawn sufficiently. The fact that Man's worst enemy in Man should give us the idea wherein the solution lies, for most of Man's suffering at the hands of Nature is due entirely to Man's folly, his sins of omission and commission. Any Aryan religion must recognize these facts. Even primitive, non-Aryan tribes have been able to recognize the obvious, on occasion, when they weren't deluding themselves with irrelevant religious mumbo-jumbo, as the White Man currently does.

In regard to race, the pure Whites have zigged, when they should have zagged, and vice versa. They were lions in killing off their own race and lambs when non-Whites invade their livingspace. A social context supports a certain ethos, and if the social context disintegrates,  that ethos and those who have it, go down to perdition with the sinking fragments of their civilization. Perhaps Whites are too well-adapted to the current ethos of degeneracy. We have become decadent savages, who lack the virility and stamina of savages, as well as the cultural refinements of civilized people.

As certain ways of living predominate, certain values and behavior patterns become relevant to success within the social context. In a jew-dazed society, the jew is predominant. In a warrior society, the warrior and his ethos predominates. In a theocratic society, the monk or priest in on top and confers his ethos upon the masses. I believe that Nietzsche observed "in time of peace, the man of war makes war upon himself." There is certainly a grain of truth in that, for peacetime soldiers tend to be drunks. I do not refer to drunks as soldiers, since most drunks were not and are not, but to soldiers I have known, real combat soldiers, who really were not fit for civilian life. The Man of War will come into his own, as surely as ZOG exists, provided he can stay sober long enough.

Can jew-dazed, socially-integrated Whites adapt to a radically-changed social context? We are observing their behavior, and so far, I see no relevant, survival-oriented changes in White behavior, just more conformity, submission and escapism: abject surrender to all racial enemies. It is quite possible that Whites are no longer viable as a race, and that they may go out with a whimper, as be fits all wimps.

Who is likely to survive a collapse of our Zionist version of Roman civilization? After the mass die-off, accompanied by famine, disease, rape and rapine, we would likely see types who resemble the Chechens, Uzbeks, Afghans et al. In a harsh environment, wherein only the fiercest can survive, a virile and vigorous ethos will be relevant, perhaps with warrior gods and goddesses, but definitely with a survival-oriented code of values for the preservation of the family, clan and tribe. These entities would include only those who can contribute to the survival of the group. Those unlikely to contribute would be excluded and mercifully killed. No Marxists nor Christians need apply, for the sustenance of the weak and unfit would be impossible and immoral. Civilization and decadence are the outgrowths of surplus production. As
we know, it is hard to have the one without the other. In good times and in bad times, a survival-oriented ethos must be maintained to preserve the group, be it a family, clan, tribe or race. The Whites have erred in thinking that such an ethos was out-dated and irrelevant. Not so! The Chechens are the fierce warrior-survivors we can study to see the ethos of the future, if there in to be a future: Chechen men are being killed in large numbers, so Chechen women are having as many babies an they can sustain in conditions of war and hardship. Whites can only gape in awe at such fierce national loyalty or recoil in horror with the thought: "Why do these people exert themselves so much to live, when it in so much easier to die, without a fight?" DOWZ!