01 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
The more we know about the Chinese the better. As I look around me I can count 8 large books from correspondents who would like me to read and review them and/or write introductions for them, at the same time that I have a blizzard of correspondence to answer, and not one single day off work! Did I offend the Gods? Is this why I suffer the punishment of Tantalus? Thanks for the interesting Maguire download. I am not sure where he is coming from in regard to correlating military combat status with civilian leadership. One kosher conservative told me that he would vote for Barry Goldwater because he was a fighter pilot. I replied that Hermann Goering was not only a fighter pilot, but an air ace, but does that qualify one for the presidency? I wonder what our combat-effective leaders were thinking about, as they let the hebes pour in and take over the country, then give it to Mexico. While military experience may be useful to the man of politics, it is doubtful that military experience per se is the prerequisite for politics. General Remer had an amusing idea about leadership derived from his own military experience: "Finding a leader is simple. You just pin the "Leader" badge on him and tell him to got on with the job!" In a military chain of command, such procedures may work, but not in politics, in which the leader must be a good salesman, without the authority of summary punishment or military tribunal. Of course, the wise Chinese say there are three kinds of leaders: the leader who coerces, the leader who inspires and the leader who teaches, so his followers can say, "See? We did it ourselves!"

As you point out, Hitler went very easy an the French, in view of their post-World War I niggerization policy in Occupied Germany. Perhaps it was Hitler who said, "Africa has its monkeys and Europe has the French." Of course, France was dominated by Judeo-Freemasonry and Communism, so one cannot really blame all of the French all of the time. Prior to the Normandy Invasion, Bomber Harris asked DeGaulle's "French" General Koenig (an Alsatian jew) if it would be all right to bomb the railway stations between the beachhead and Germany. The 'minor' problem was that the railway stations were in the centers of all the French towns. The jew, General Koenig, said, "If it is necessary to kill four Frenchmen for every German, it would be a bargain." Bomber Harris did his 'thing', and German hospitals were filled with French civilian casualties. From the "French" Revolution to the present, France has had severe ethno-political divisions of long duration, with the addition of its new status as a province of Algeria.

In regard to the jews' "invisibility", one only has to run athwart a jewish interest to see then come out of the woodwork, as I saw in Toronto. One fine afternoon, Samisdat Publishers' offices were surrounded by 2000 screaming, spitting hebes, who'd been bused in from the hinterland. What was our offense? We had sent German newsletters to German subscribers, and Wiesenthal did not like what THEY were reading! The jew Solicitor General of Canada ordered that Samisdat's postal 'privileges' be denied forthwith, and only a year later were we allowed to defend ourselves in a postal tribunal hearing in Ottawa! Fortunately, I arranged to open a U.S. postal address, but a year's worth of mail, book orders, payments, bills and tax forms were held by Canada Post, and lots of that was stolen in particular, Samisdat's German postal banking account stubs, which had no value, but revealed the names and addresses of book buyers who were sold to the local hebe authorities, for subsequent use in Zionist Occupied Germany. Samisdat's postal bank account was seized by Bundeszog and they broke their own laws, by conducting the biggest raid in German history against all Samisdat book buyers, subscribers and correspondents. A liberal Bundesdeutscher journalist had written one time to Samisdat, and he reported the "appalling" appearance of Bundeszog Gestapo at his door. Poor baby! I think he chokes whenever he must write about his "ever so free and democratic" regime, after that experience. In regard to Bundeszogland, I heard today on the radio that the German chancellor disagrees with FEDZOGUSA's "Big Iraq Attack", and that the U.S. Embassy has sent him a note of "disappointment". Will the mad dogs of ZOG try to destabilize Zionist Occupied Germany? Did the idiot of the fable kill the Golden Goose? Stay tuned!

On the Zionist biowarfare tonic, I am intrigued that the ZOG is shielding a kike anthrax purveyor and going after a Goy. That is typical. Now, let's be fair! The Whites got the brucellosis toxin and the homos and Blacks got the mutated ovine visna virus, alias AIDS in Rockefeller-ZOG sponsored "hepatitis B vaccines" and in Africa, with the WHO smallpox vaccine which were both purposely contaminated with the AIDS virus. It would not do to test all the ZOG's biowarfare agents on the same people, so the ZOG kept them separate for study purposes. In view of ZOG's track record of using aircraft to poison, infect and irradiate the North American population, a Civilian Air Defence Force would be recommended. I'm sure the Colombian druglord rebels are working on theirs, and they will purchase the latest high-tech toys from zoglings to do the job. Black helicopters are one form of air pollution which can be eliminated. "Black helicopters'' are dismissed derisively by the same knee-jerk scoffers who reject any unpleasant fact as "conspiracy theory". What is so strange or exotic or unbelievable about black aircraft? I live near Fort Lewis, and we see black helicopters quite frequently. I don't recall seeing them in any other color. I am sure green helicopters could do the ZOG's nefarious tricks just as well, but these happen to be black, like Model Ts.

I would recommend your getting a copy of The Protocols. I can make you a photocopy of mine but George Dietz may stock copies. Most bad things which are occurring are listed as programs for use against Goyim in The Protocols, and the motives behind the crimes are also given. What a wonderfully accurate and predictive "forgery".

In times like these, we should be glad that we are who we are. The ZOG has earmarked lots of Goy sheeple for destruction and distraction, as stated in Protocol No. 10, which specifies "The Inoculation of Diseases" as one more destabilizing-demoralizing-distracting weapon designed to kill, weaken, sicken and impoverish the Gentile majority of the entire planet. It reminds one of "They Live", eh? The Romans described (too late!) the jews as "the enemy of all mankind". When will we ever learn? Whatever a jew is given access to, he will pervert and convert to his own destructive, demented purposes. Why do we continue to do this?

Like my jew info source, Josef Ginsburg, the jews are hedging their bets. Suddenly, all the "anti-Zionist jews" are making their appearances. My word is BEWARE! If any group of people would survive, they must exclude the jews. "But these jews are different!" declare the addlepated Goyim. No. they are not. Let any Anti-Zionist jew prove his bona fides by strapping on a boombelt and detonating himself where it will do the most good. Otherwise, he is just spouting kosher crap. One activist has been turfed out of a pro-Palestinian group which is run by jews (!). He criticized their limp, uninspiring propaganda, which gained no sympathy for persecuted Palestinians. Lo, the face of the jew was revealed, and they denounced him as a "Nazi", which he is not. In The Protocols a passage states that "they will advance all forms of belief, even those they know to be false". In other words, a jew will lead all causes, if we let him. The LaRouchies are jews and their Judaism is becoming more apparent over time, as they proclaim the universal jewish dictum of "Man versus Nature!" One cynic described it as "the jews' struggle with reality", or "Man versus the Planet Earth": a lose-lose situation.

One race-mixing proliferator declared to me that there in "no water shortage" on the planet. I said, "You're right. The only shortage is in water fit to drink, fit for agriculture and sufficient for industry. Otherwise, there's all the water we need... somewhere!" In coastal regions, the pumping of fresh ground water for irrigation is allowing the infusion of salt water, which ruins the soil for agricultural purposes. Oilwell pumping has done the same thing in California and Texas. As things are going, the lifestyle depicted in 'Soylent Green" will be viewed an 'idealized social fantasy'. One good idea depicted in that movie was that great euthanasia center, in which one could go out in comfort, with the music and scenery of one's choice, in air conditioned, hassle-free cleanliness. Now, that would be something to look forward to! I suspect that "nursing homes" and "assisted-living centers" will give way to proper euthanasia facilities, once the money is no longer there for prolonging bodily functions when the mind is gone. When you're left dying on America's plains, and the jew-quacks are coming to carve up your remains, roll over to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your god like a White man! (With thanks to Kipling). Vigorous life and a quick death are the best one can wish for, and I have no quarrel with that arrangement whatsoever, because I am not a jew. In my experience, those who are most afraid of dying are those most afraid of living. When Greeks were Aryan, they advocated The Golden Mean of Moderation in All Things. Critics warned that this principle could land itself to mediocrity. All principles of behavior do have their scales of extremes. Jews accuse Gentiles of being 'cattle' in regard to lack of introspection, while jews practice it beyond the point of neurosis, like Dostoevski's "Underground Man." DOWZ!