02 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
I have photocopied the introductory page of "The Brucellosis Triangle", which includes the publisher's address, to which I have added the authors' names and a brief description of the brucellosis and biowarfare-related diseases, with instructions to contact the publishers if one has any Gulf War Syndrome symptoms. I have mailed these out to all my correspondents, several of whom are on the Internet, and I just finished handing them out to a local peace group.

In regard to your other envelope of goodies, many thanks. That column entitled "Internet Filth" by the ostensible Gentile, Linda Williamson, may have been an advertisement disguised as a complaint. The jews would 'silence' the matter, to avoid stimulating interest in non-kosher subject matter on the 'net. She may be a dumb shicksa who is out to please the hebes. If that is the case, I'm sure a friendly jew will advise her 'not to give Nazis a forum', &c.

The Law Society of Upper Canada is beginning to resemble that of Bombay or Harare. How quickly Whites abandon their cities and their institutions to the coloured invaders. Do we have an 'affirmative hiring programme' for Ostensible White jurists in non-White countries? Why not? Because that would be "racist" and "imperialist". Coloured racism and imperialism cannot be called what it is, for that would not be 'kosher'.

I had a chuckle upon imagining what the rebel, traitor, terrorist and illegal combatant Patrick Henry would say if he were to visit us today ."Do I understand rightly," he would ask, "that your rulers are having you pay to be invaded, and then pay again for your occupation and displacement?" "Yes. that is exactly what we are doing." I would have to say. "You people are hopeless wretches and you deserve exactly what you are paying for. As for me, give me libations, and I'll not waste my breath on such vermin. Thus my reason for getting drunk and I shall make the most of it!" In all of North America, I know of no people fit to hear Patrick Henry's original speech, unless he were to give it in Spanish. "Treason, treason," the gentlemen will whisper in the pews.

Israeli journalist Israel Shamir says all the things no White person dares say in the 'news' media, which he points out are largely jew-owned and controlled. I hope he remains free to publish the truth on the Internet. Although Shamir has described the. U.S.-Israe1i relationship well, I wonder if he knows how closely Ostensible Whites of the U.S.A. identity Israel's interests as 'theirs'. The 'up-side' is that most North Americans are non-White, including the population of the U.S.A., and they do not identify their interests with Israel. The ZOG has undone itself in its anti-White genocide programme. "Hate makes blind", it is well said.

The San Francisco Examiner internet article on the ADL espionage case, in collusion with police, confirms what ex-Mossadnik Victor Ostrovsky may have noted in his second book, "The Other Side of Deception." If you ever encounter a spare copy. I would very much appreciate reading it. I hope Victor is surviving in safety. A Righteous Hebrew is worth a ton of mindless Goyim. Most of us are indeed sheeple.

Many thanks for the background article on the JFK Assassination and the Zimmermann Telegram. During JFK's administration I noted the existence of large denomination United States Notes, which had previously been restricted to "unlucky" $2 bills. These were "unlucky" since jews got no interest from them. A Goy businesswoman told me that it was customary to 'circumcise' the United States Notes by tearing off a corner, which somehow removed the "bad luck". United States Notes were the "greenbacks" which were paid into existence, not borrowed at interest. Silver Certificates were based on actual silver held by the U.S. Treasury. In 1964, shortly after JFK's 1963 assassination, Federal Reserve Notes replaced United States Notes and Silver Certificates. I witnessed this monetary history at firsthand, having spent $l and $5 Silver Certificates as well as $2 and $20 United States Notes. I saw my first $l Federal Reserve Note in Panama, in 1964.

Now we can also look forward to weaponized psychopharmalogical agents. Maybe Big Brother will give us all something to take our minds off the nasty biowarfare toxins many of us have received. Does this mean that ZOG loves us? Winston Smith could relate to that, with enough Victory Gin under his belt. Fentanyl or 'designer heroin' has been linked to the early onset of Parkinson's Disease in young people who have tried it. I wonder if actor Michael Fox took fentanyl when it was a 'drug of choice' in Southern California, around 20 years ago.

Please keep me posted on Brucellosis Triangle developments. and keep well. All the best.

I have had dealings with Slavs & sheenies, usually with negative results. As you probably know, the word, "Slav", derives from the word, "slave", which is the nickname given those people by the Viking traders and invaders. I don't know what the Slavs called the Vikings, but I suppose "Master" would do. It is said of certain people that they are "either at your throat, or at your feet." Such persons don't make me feel comfortable nor confident in achieving any coherent results. The Russian population has become more Mongolian and less White as time and disasters have gone by, especially the genetic and intellectual disasters inflicted by the Khazar regime. After the kosher slaughter of the majority Russian population, it appears that "Russians" are either jews or part-jews. This will be the fate of White Americans, if these bipeds remain on their kosher course to extinction. In my travels, I have met large numbers of "Americans" who were kikes, and who quickly gave the "Americans" a bad name. The poor Russians are getting blamed for jewish depredations. If I ever find a non-jew or a non-Mongoloid Russian, I'll let you know. Russia is really a tragedy, the meeting place between Europe and Asia, and Europe is in retreat everywhere.

The glaring contrast between judeo-nigger reality and Aryan aspirations can make one very angry, especially when one sees Ostensible Whites willingly dive into the muck and degeneracy. I live and work in such place, but I see myself as a foreigner, a visitor who lives in this miasma on sufferance, aa a minority of one.

We are the proverbial strangers in a strange land, so don't fret, just wonder at all you see going on about you, being prepared to defend yourself at all times. Our situation reminds me of some Conan adventure, in which he finds himself in some evil culture whose denizens are subjects of its ambient dementia and degeneracy. As I have noted, we do live ia a magical world, in which some sheenie can write numbers on a piece of paper and cause Gentiles to kill one another for it. Maybe sheeple would understand this fact if everyone were to wear Conan-style garb and big swords. If only bizarre attire could snap these zombie sheeple out of their evil, deadly jew-daze! As you observe, the young people have no standard of comparison between past and present, and those of us who have experienced both worlds are either unheeded or silent, as befit Gentile sheeple. Can sheeple evolve into men? It is nice to imagine that they could, one day.

DeBussy is one of my favorite composers. Like him, I feel a kinship with the sea. La Mer captures all the images of my travels: sultry tropical ports, the play of light and sound in the carriage of a jungle railway; the swell of the waves accompanied by the rhythm of a steamship's engines, with the plaintive, insistent note of the engineer's whistle which signaled the stokers to work faster. As a boy, I was keenly interested in the operation of ships' engines. My parents would take me to Catalina Island on the steamer, and I would watch the twin, triple-expansion steam engines maneuver us out of berth by counter-rotating the twin propellors. I marveled at the instant response of the engines on command from the bridge:
Port engine, reverse; starboard engine forward, ahead slow. The ship's bow would gracefully swing out into the channel, while the band on the dock played tunes appropriate for a voyage to Hawaii, complete with confetti and paper streamers. A bit of adult fantasy, for the ship would return from Catalina Island in the early evening. The one and only time I heard the engineer's whistle was on a paddlewheel, wood-burning river steamer in Colombia. What a thrill of recognition I felt, having heard that note so many times in La Mer!

What do the Chinese worship? They remain basically Confucian, which boils down to the fact that they worship their people. It sure appears to work for them. One hebe defined God as "the jewish people", so this belief could account for the sheenies' survival and empowerment. Who do Whites worship? From what I see, they worship a grotesque schizo-deity: The Great God, Me, and the emasculated jew-dazed version of Jesus. No wonder Whites are in such a mess! With the jews' leadership and the White man's help, the Chinese will inherit the planet. Without the ZOG, the Chinese would have a much harder time to extend their empire onto the other continents. Any Ostensible White who receives status from the ZOG is a sellout and a traitor to the race which gave him the abilities he uses against his own kind for jew funny-money. I have seen lots of them, and they disgust me as much as the White women who fawn over their mud studs and mongrel spawn. No, there is no 'nice' way for us to win back our livingspace. It never is. What we have given up so easily will not be regained without desperate struggle. This struggle can be made easier if Whitey would wake up, acknowledge who he is and focus his mind on the task of organizing against the ZOG, as a state-within-the-state. The NSDAP did exactly that, before it came to power in 1933. DOWZ!